5 Most influential business books to help your real estate business

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If you are like me, you cannot stop reading and learning about real estate and business. I listen to audio books while working on the computer, in the car, even at the gym or when listening to my IPod. No joking around here, my high school self would beat up my current self and put bubble gum in my hair for being such a dork. Anyone else out there that can relate? Here are the most influential books that have helped my real estate business. Please share with all of us, what are some of your most influential books?

The 4-Hour WorkWeek by Timothy Ferriss – I have read so many business books that I thought it would all overlap and my cup would be full. Not so fast. What I learned from the first half of this book will have a bigger positive impact on my life than every other business book combined.
Goals by Brian Tracy – If there is one thing I could recommend to every person in this world it would be to write down your goals and what it will take to achieve them every day and complete your daily goals. The progress I have made since implementing the knowledge obtained from this must read is mind boggling. My organization, time management, performance and ability to get things done is amazing. Everybody should read this book, those of you spinning your wheels, changing careers and can never decide on a path should immediately read.
EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber – We read this book in my MBA program and I think every light bulb possible in my head went off. Michael Gerber is the author and breaks down why most small businesses fail, details the 3 types of people in business and discusses systems, franchises and separating yourself from the daily processes and becoming a true entrepreneur. Absolute must read, it completely changed my thinking and I can’t even imagine my career without this knowledge. I felt smarter than 90% of business professionals after reading this book, go read it.
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – The original Rich Dad Poor Dad book really opened my eyes to a different way of thinking. The rest of their books are tremendous, too. Cash Flow Quadrants, Real Estate Riches, ABCs of Real Estate Investing, etc. Most have heard of them, they are tremendous books I recommend every real estate professional read.
The Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson – Don’t confuse this with the current movie where the premise is what you think will become reality. This is an old book that explains how 95% of people are followers. If they are making their own decisions they do what everyone else thinks they should do. It is the 5% that think outside the box, gather factual data and make the best informed decisions that become the most successful. These people control their own destiny and can achieve tremendous success. An eye opening read.

There is so much knowledge out there and so many great books to read. I encourage you to share with us your favorite books by leaving a comment  at http://www.realreturnrealestate.com.

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