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If you’ve ever seen a late-night infomercial featuring Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, or many others, you know that huge fortunes are being made every day in the real estate investing business.

What you may not know, however, is that many of those fortunes are being made by people with no cash or credit of their own. And many investors never have to deal with destructive tenants, rehabbing ugly houses, or going into bad neighborhoods.

They know the most crucial secret in real estate: how to get sellers to let you buy nice properties, for thousands of dollars less than their true value.

No matter how slow or how hot the market may be where you are, there are always lots of people who will sell you their homes for much less than they’re actually worth.

Why? Sometimes they’re desperate. Sometimes they’re cash hungry, or no longer care about the property. Sometimes they just know it would be a good financial move for them to make. But whatever the reason,

You DON’T have to deal with tenants. You DON’T have to buy and fix up some broken-down
shack in a bad part of town.

There are people in your area right now who will sell you a pretty home, in move-in condition, in a nice neighborhood, for much less than it’s really worth.

They don’t care how much money you make on the deal. In fact, they know you’re in business to make a profit – a nice profit – and they’re willing to help you do just that!

But I’ll tell you a secret; you will almost never find them in the places most people look!

Most investors never find the mysterious “motivated seller”, simply because they’re looking in all the wrong places!

Beating the competition to the punch takes a change in your mindset. Once you know where to look, you can find great deals every day that the realtors and other investors didn’t even know were available.

You have to be willing to look for sellers, instead of looking for properties. This is a subtle shift in thinking, but one that most of your competitors will be unable, or unwilling, to make.

One thing’s for sure, though; it’s worth it to make the shift. In many cases, all it takes is one good deal to make your year. By eliminating the rehabbing stage, you can concentrate on finding more deals – and bigger ones at that.

Lance T. Walker is the author of “Pretty Houses

Wholesale: 26 Ways to Buy a Pretty House Below

Market Value”. It was recently rated 5 stars

by the prestigious REIDepot organization. The book

is now available for immediate download at .

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I am sitting here listening to a lecture over the phone about how the economy is only getting worse before it gets any better. Actually, I am hearing 2010 maybe 2011 we will begin to see a rise. 2009 will be the worst many of us have ever seen as I keep hearing (and fearing if I am honest).

I have never really been interested in the economy or stock market or any of it. But right now I am working on a home based business opportunity that allows me to advertise online where I am able to generate serious income, so I need to be aware of what is going on. But back to my thoughts.

It makes me nervous starting a new business right now during this time in the U.S. But according Robert Kiyosaki, the Rich Dad guy, he says (and other economic gurus) marketing online is growing tremendously. The cost to advertise your business online has dropped about 40%, which is amazing if you think about it. We jump at the chance to buy anything we like at 15% or 20% off, right? If you can promote your business at a 40% discount wouldn’t you do just that? Also, there are tons of free sites that allow you post wanted ads, job ads, selling items, and just plain advertisement of your business. It is amazing what is out there in what I have found in just 6 weeks of advertising.

If you are anything like me, you ask, “Where do I go to advertise?” and “What sites are good ones?” There is an amazing site called that ranks websites from 1 to infinity. It just goes and goes. With 1 being the best with the most hits or views like and, and the higher the rank the least viewed site. Kind of backwards to me, but you get the picture. What I have been advised on is to stick with those sites ranked under 100,000. You can go to those up to 200,000, but any more you more than likely will not get any hits on your business site.

It’s pretty simple, take it from a guy who knew nothing about advertising, especially advertising online, until about 6 weeks ago. I already see the progression in my ad language and have had over 200 hits to my website during this period.

So in short, if I can do it I know you can. Take that step out there with whatever business you have and market like crazy…over the internet.

To see what can make you ,000 on every sale go to

First and foremost, I live my life in service to my God and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am learning daily how to rely on an this unseen God and putting my complete trust in Him. I have never gone without, and my family has always had enough. I am married to a wonderful wife with three amazing children.

I work in the retirment planning industry and running a home based business planning to quit regular “job” in one year.

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Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss? Think about that just for a minute. Ever thought of what it could be to write your own paycheck for life? Or spend more time with your family?

If you’re like most people that think ‘inside the box’ you may be thinking you need large sums of money to start a business. Let me tell you the truth, with the today’s modern day technologies such as the internet, all you need is a willingness to work ‘some’ capital and a willingness to learn a new set of skills that will allow you to write your paycheck for life.

Robert Kiyosaki said “it’s not money that makes you rich, its business skills” he could not be more correct.

Before we go any further I want to introduce you to the ‘CashFlow Quadrant” created by Robert Kiyosaki, and after I explaint to you, I want you to ‘seriously’ think about what you want for your life.

If you notice in the picture above, you have two quadrants. Lets concentrate with the 2 quadrants on the left, E & S.

E – Employee (thats probably you) – You work for someone and someone else leverages your knowledge, skills and efforts to multiply it by ‘atleast 5 times ‘ to make them a profit.

S- Self Employed (this could also be you) – All this is, it’s a glorified version of  the above. You are your own boss and own your job, ‘but’ work countless hours to earn a living.  This is a good start to where you eventually want to be.

Lets move on the the 2 quadrants on the right – B & I This is where the big boys play

B- Business – You own a system and make money by using a concept called ‘leverage’. ‘Isn’t this a great concept’ ?

I- Investors (hopefully you) – You’ve made enough money where ‘now’ money works for you by investing it.

Which of these quadrants hold your values & priciples? Are you looking for financial security or financial freedom? These are two different types of mindsets.

I ask you this, After reading this small explanation – which quadrants do you fall under? ‘Most probably’ in the 2 left qudrants if im not mistaken.

And I’m sure that you would want nothing less than to be on the 2 right quadrants? And if you’re reading this article ‘i know’ for a fact my assumption is correct.

‘You’re right Isaac, but how I do become a business owner?’

The best way to get ahead is to beomce a business owner.

With the development of the internet a new set of rules no longer apply for traditional businesses. The internet has leveled the playing field for everyone and it allows ‘You’ to have a real chance at becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Robert Kiyosaki said “In many ways direct selling, to me, is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth”

The Direct Sales Online Business Model allows you to generate wealth while at the same time teaching other’s how to do it. Conserving your core values and principles and achieving lifelong success.

So… What would hold you back?

You watch a video version of this article here.

Isaac Tobelen is a home business professional. His talents and passions allow him to help others that are seriously seeking to start a virtual online business in order to leveragae their time and create passive incomes using the internet. Learn more at

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The Ultimate Real Estate System
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The Ultimate Real Estate System

THE ATHENS CASHFLOW CLUB – Meeting 14 (21/Mar/2010). Presenting CASHFLOW@ 101 E-Game. (Here is a small part of the presentation). 5 ways to connect with HELLENIC CASHFLOW CLUBS ASSOCIATION (HCCA) Blog (for direct communication). YouTube (watch videos from our activities). Flickr (look pictures from our activities). Facebook Page (to interact with us). Facebook Group (for more interaction).
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Cashflow Game Join Us! “cashflow” board game cashflow 101 cash flow 101 rat race game robert kiyosaki

If I knew then what I know now, I never would have voted for the war.
Ken Lucas

For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing – stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses – makes more money for me than making movies.
Jackie Chan

I have 1900 units, why do I need a 401K?
Robert Kiyosaki, recent interview Time Magazine

To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.
William Shakespeare

From Robert Kiyosaki to Donald Trump, from Robert Allen Carleton Sheets, from Dolf de Roos to Diane Kennedy, investing in real estate is touted as a way for average people with time, money and patience to build wealth.

But is investing in real estate right wealth vehicle for everyone? If this were a one-size fits-all-world the answer would be yes. But, then, stocks would be the perfect investment vehicle for everyone and the discussion would end there. I have had investment real estate since 1994. I have had tenants attempt to squat in my properties, I have been sued, I have had a unit vandalized, someone drove into one of my buildings and I gave gone through my fair share of property managers.

If I knew then, what I know now, would I have bought my first property? The answer is yes. Real estate has done more for me than the stock market has with less overall financial risk despite the headaches and they have been many.

Five Ways to Know if Real Estate Investing is Right for You.

1. Are you a good manager of your personal resources or do you have significant amounts of short term debt?
If the answers are no and yes, in that order, do not invest in real estate until you address these issues. Real estate is illiquid. Once purchased, the hold time on your new property may be significantly longer than you anticipate. This means that your potential exposure to unplanned expenses on your property may be longer than anticipated. Significant amounts of short term debt or the inability to plan your finances in anticipation of expenses may turn your real estate investment into a financial nightmare.

2. Are you a team player and can you captain that team?
Investing in real estate means partnering with others to ensure your success and recognizing that your partners may know more than you. You will encounter brokers, property managers, attorneys, handy men, plumbers, electricians, contractors, roofers, inspectors, mortgage brokers and appraisers. If you are a control freak, prefer to work alone or cannot be direct in your communication when working with people, real estate investing may not be right for you.

3. Do you understand the kind of investing you will be doing? Will you be investing for cashflow or speculating for appreciation? Do you have the analytical tools necessary to help you work up a pro-forma for the property you will be buying?

4. Do you truly understand that wealth-building in real estate occurs over many years and that you have to “survive” your first couple of properties to build wealth?
Over 20 years ago I started baking bread. The guide book I bought featured a “loaf for learning”, a basic loaf that I could practice kneading, mixing and still turn out an edible product. Your first properties will be “buildings for learning”. As you move beyond the initial learning curve, you will move on to create wealth. In certain markets, real-estate can produce appreciation returns beyond expectations and create the illusion that real estate produces instant cash. In my life I have seen two such markets. Frankly I would not want my future financial well-being to rest on my ability to time markets. Sophisticated investors have as their core investments, cashflow properties, properties that perform during hot or cold markets.

5. How do you react to unpleasant business news?
Is your overall reaction anger that dissipates into a sense of helplessness or do you become a problem solver? Being able to solve problems is the key to having a successful business and investing in real-estate is a business. Real-estate is also a people business, by this I mean your tenants are people and the service personnel who will work on and market your properties are people. If the failings of others afflicts you with moral indignation and heartache, real estate investing is not for you. Tenants will fail to pay the rent and you will have to evict them, your property manager will charge you market or above market for repairs and will fail to market your properties properly in order to keep them full.

While real estate investing is a great way to build wealth, investing in real estate isn’t for everyone. It is easy to “catch the fever” and jump without looking, the first step is to make sure that you know yourself; these five points of consideration will assist you to that end.

The next step is to educate yourself about your local market, financing options, price and rents. You can start by finding a local Cashflow or real estate investing club. If you join a local real estate investing club make sure some of the members actually own investment property. That way the club won’t just be a club of “wannabes”.

Next assemble your team of property managers, accountants, brokers and agents. You will do this by interviewing prospects. Once you decide on a team, you will still have to trade the members out from time to time.

Finally do your first deal.

Ouida Vincent is a physician, active real estate investor and entrepreneur who has made more than her fair share of mistakes on the road to wealth. Ouida has made many of the mistakes she writes about and has come out on the other side. To find more interesting articles, business tips and key success philosophies go to

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Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash
Discover How To Turn Your Computer Skill Into A Constant Stream Of Cash. This Step-by-step Guide Reveals My Trade Secrets For Starting A High-Earning Computer Consultancy.
Turn Your Computer Skills Into Cash

Over the last few months I have been learning to think rich.  It seems that once you train your mind to think rich, things begin to change.  I can actually testify to that given that I have added several thousand dollars to our family income over the last year.

The rich think about money differently than the poor or middle class

There are several key differences to how money is viewed.  The following is a simple but powerful example.

Poor people say, “I can not afford it”.
Rich people say, “How can I afford it?”.

“I can not afford it” is actually a very negative statement.  It takes responsibility away from the person making the comment, and leaves little room for creativity.  However, the act of turning the statement into a question stimulates the brain to begin coming up with ideas!  It puts the onus back on to the person asking the question.

Another example might be of someone who would like to buy a new car.  The poor or middle class person does not have the required ,000 saved up to make the purchase. So they sign a lease agreement or take out a loan.  Either way, they get into debt in order to purchase the vehicle.

The rich person, on the other hand, thinks differently.  He or she will 1st buy an asset.  When that asset produces enough cashflow to cover the cost of the lease payments, the rich man or woman will then go and ge the car – but not before!

What does it mean to buy an asset that produces cashflow?

An asset is typically thought of as something that is purchased that will appreciate in value over time.  An example might be an antique vase.  As the years go by, if it is kept in excellent condition, it will become more valuable with age.  However this is not the kind of asset that the rich try to aquire.

Those who are wealthy do aquire assets, but they buy assets that generate income (or cashflow).  Take a house for example.  If someone buys a home they might spend 0,000.  Of course they only pay the downpayment of say ,000, the mortgage covers the rest.  Then the house is rented out to someone else.  The mortgage payment of 00 per month is then covered by whoever is renting the property.  But since the house is being rented for 00 per month, the owner is making a profit of 0 per month.

This is a simplified example that does not take account of property taxes, insurances etc, but hopefully helps explain why the rich buy income producing assets.  This is what cashflow is all about.

Of course it is not just real estate that can produce cashflow.  One can also purchase paper assets such as shares, and rent them out using covered call options.  Another option would be to generate income from royalties of songs or artwork.  Someone else might choose to buy a business that is creating a healthy profit every month.

For a more detailed look at the kind of assets the rich buy, visit my website at

Rob is on a journey to becoming financially independent. Having read many books and articles on wealth building, passive income streams and cashflow, he is now putting the knowledge into practice.

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