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Robert Kiyosaki has a name that commands attention among those that serious wish to become successful entrepreneurs. There is good reason for this. Robert Kiyosaki is a man that knows what he is talking about and he knows how to break down all the important facets of how to succeed in business and instill them in those wishing to learn such components. This is most evident in the excellent The Perfect Business DualDisc. As the name implies, this is an excellent DVD and CD combination which covers a great deal of territory on the subject of devising the best business plan for your needs and achievements.

Does this mean The Perfect Business DualDisc provides a host of mysterious secrets that can help you become wealthy overnight? No, this is not a gimmick oriented product that claims pie in the sky results. Rather, it is an intelligent and logical approach to instilling the right attitude and approach needed to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner.

In many ways, this dual disc set instills a very serious and legitimate maxim: you will never be a fully independent and actualized person if you do not own your own business. Owning your own business opens the door to amassing great wealth without having the constraints of dealing with supervisors that make decisions on your income level, responsibilities, and individual freedoms.

Seriously, many of the people in life that consider themselves totally free are small business owners that have broken away from the traditional job market. Why not follow the advice found in The Perfect Business DualDisc by Robert Kiyosaki: A Quality Concept since it details may of the excellent components needed to attain such help.

The dual disc is quite well structured and covers subjects such as how to devise and effective level of cash flow, putting the “Rich Dad” principle(s) into work, and how expanding business education can be done in a very easy manner. In short, this remains an solid DVD/CD combination that covers its subject matter in a sincerely comprehensive manner.

This is assuredly a good thing because following the precepts present in The Perfect Business DualDisc by Robert Kiyosaki are the pathway to true personal and financial independence. Such achievements would be next to impossible when working for someone else. When you are not in charge of your own destiny, you will never find the freedom most desire in life. Previously, educational material detailing how this can be done was rare. With The Perfect Business DualDisc by Robert Kiyosaki, a solid guide is designed which enhances the potential to make such concepts work and work well.

And yes, Robert Kiyosaki does strike a commanding presence. While his written work is most definitely, seeing and hearing him speak allow you to absorb the material in the most effective manner possible. He is truly a commanding figure and this allows his ability to convey information do so in the most impactful way. That allows the audience to absorb the material easier which means it can put it to work a lot easier.

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This is a clip from RDTV which is part of Rich Dad’s Online Business School for INSIDERS, a monthly membership at

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It was just a matter of time before multimillionaires begin shining their eyes for this amazing business referred to as network marketing.  So it wasn’t a big surprise when people like Robert Kiyosaki of the rich dad fame and Mr Trump started to capitalize on and recommend the industry.  In actual fact Mr Kiyosaki has now called it the business of the 21st century in his brand new publication that is now out there at leading book stores.

I have been incredibly fortunate to develop the eyes for trends and before I made some cash of my very own.  I wouldn’t say it’s a skill.  Just upright favored.  That is certainly my story and I’m sticking to it.

What Mr Kiyosaki is doing is exactly what rich individuals do.  They are continually ready and when there exists a brand new trend they will jump in front of the curve.  Many people might see them as being lucky as soon as they begin mining the profits of the seed widely.  Those folks can see that job certainty is a thing of the past and many folks will certainly start looking for alternate options.  The most inexpensive with the biggest financial independence potential is network marketing.

Some yrs ago when I became quite involved in audio production, I assembled a three piece recording studio.  I recorded at least 3 albums on those techniques in my, then, studio apartment.  A lot of my buddies tried so much to persuade me that I needed a major studio using huge boards to be ready to perform anything professional.  I begged to differ mainly because I recognized where technology appeared to be going, and I guess I was among the first few to recognize for a fact that I could record professionally right inside my bathroom inside the projects on the tenth floor.

It really is very natural for many people to push away change.  Most times, they push away change and also just settle in their comfort zone.  Sometimes, they wake up if their back is against the wall.  These days, a lot of people’s back are against the wall.  Folks are getting laid off simply because our planet just can’t afford to keep spoon feeding people.  You are going to have to get yours.

Right now I have to break the bubbles.  Lots of people, like multimillionaire Mr Robert Kiyosaki are actually shinning their face on the network marketing enterprise.  It was okay to wait before but no longer.  You’re reading this, right?  There is a 95% chance you would be stubborn.  You will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you don’t find a good team within a good network marketing program and acquire a position.

Who is going to lose their employment? What can you do to change it?

Robert Kiyosaki shares what is happening on in the USA, Great Britain, and the world. To discover what you need do to put yourself in a good position, in the global economy, keep reading now…

Robert Kiyosaki – The US

Unemployment is currently reported to be 10% in the US. In actuality, it is much higher when you incorporate people that have been seeking a job for an extended period of time – and are now hopeless.

The main reason, Robert states, is because salaries in the USA, the UK, Europe, and Japan are substantial. Today, wages in the US are notably higher than emerging countries. Personally, residing in Mexico, for the last 4 years, I found out that the incomes do not compare to the USA.

Think about it, why in the world would business leadership teams, attempting to slash costs and strengthen profitability, pay so much more for similar services they can outsource to people in emerging countries? Therein lays the main issue.

What is amazing to see, these days, is that workers in the federal government, not state and local, are being pay higher salaries and receiving many more benefits than employees in the private realm. This makes economic matters worse.

The United States needs to print more currency and raise taxes to afford these new high-paid people. (Remember the value of the US dollar is no longer attached to gold, so the Fed can print as much as they require.) That results in a swell in inflation.

Robert Kiyosaki – The UK

Robert Kiyosaki was in the UK, this June, and talked about what he found out. He tells us that England’s government has declared war, in a manner of speaking, on the poor, parents, and the middle class by eliminating several of the social programs they have depended upon.

England is taking these actions to cure their financial circumstances. They must, in order to prevent going bankrupt in the next 5 years.

The United States ought to learn something from Great Britain. Unfortunately, they are increasing the danger of economic disaster if they keep on their present course. (Bankruptcy is projected to happen within ten years unless changes are made.) Yet, government officials are more focused on what takes place between elections instead of implementing the best course of action for the long run.

What Can You Do To Change It?

Here is what Robert Kiyosaki said…

“Rather than looking for a high paying job, I continually recommend starting your own business, educating yourself financially, buying silver rather than saving cash, preparing for the worst. If the bust never comes, you’ll still be better off in the long run.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Many people are acting on Robert’s recommendations. They are getting into network marketing. Why is that? Because this gives everybody an opportunity to be rich. And you only need a small investment to get established.

It was shocking to hear the numbers. One of my mentors, Dave Wood, stated that there are over 175,000 people getting into network marketing companies, all over the world, every week. That is astonishing. Talented folks seeking ways to add to or replace their wages.

And the reality of network marketing is that about 95% do not attain the results they want. They struggle, go out of business, or basically stop. It does not have to be like that.

How would you feel, if you could lie in bed, tonight, thinking that your family’s future was secure?

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Back in 2005, my father gave me Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I was so intrigued by the Network marketing content of this book I couldn’t put it down.
When I finished “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” I knew immediately I was an entrepreneur in the making!
If you doubt the power of network-relationship-attraction marketing I would advise you to take the time reading the content of Robert Kiyosaki’s books. You will be inspired and motivated.

He has written at least 15 books so far and sold over a whopping 26 million copies! In his younger days he served in the Vietnam War as a helicopter gunship pilot and was awarded the Air Medal.

Creating wealth in network-relationship-attraction marketing is one of Robert’s focus points. He has been very successful himself in several areas, and he is well qualified to teach us.
Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert Kiyosaki is one of the best financial educators in the world. After reading the Rich Dad series in 2005, I learned a lot about money, investment and wealth creation and I decided to make him my mentor. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with like-minded people and aim to inspire and help others.
By creating your own residual and passive wealth through network-relationship-attraction marketing you are making a wise decision. You are making the decision to be responsible for your own financial future and that of your family. It is highly unlikely that you will EVER get rich from working for someone else and remaining in an employee mindset.

It’s ok if you prefer to let your life and your family’s life be in the hands of someone else. As the last few years have shown, with the unemployment rate over 10% and home foreclosures at an all-time high, why would anyone not want to create a life of wealth and freedom for themselves.

The business of network-relationship-attraction marketing has revolutionized free enterprise and opens the door for many people to create for themselves a stable financial future. The investment required with a network marketing business is easily reached for most people, whereas with a traditional business venture you would normally without question be looking at investing thousands and thousands of dollars.

Once you choose your MLM business you need to get the ground work done, and the first and most important thing is to get your mindset right!

Ok, you have your mind in the correct place, what do you need for your business? Two very important things in any MLM business are leads and cash flow. You must have leads or obviously your business will go nowhere. There is a fact that the average life span of a distributor is around 90 days. This can be a killer when it comes to building a team.
If you have the right marketing skills, both of these problems can be resolved for you and your team. Many network marketers like me are using the internet to build their business.

My question to you is:
If you were generating 30 or more leads each day plus earning an affilate income almost daily, would that help to improve your situation?


To your success and happiness

Krystal Philippi

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