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There are two ways to make money; One way is to have money work for you…

I love people and money is my servant. I use money.

It takes a different mindset to have money work for you than say working for someone else to earn money. Like doing a job and earning a wage takes a different part of the brain than making money work for you. Hence, the rules are different.

Therefore, if one gets addicted to a paycheck that one can count on every two weeks then it is hard to break that addiction or think one’s way out of this cycle. If one gets paid once a week via dividends in stock funds, one may like this vehicle very much and exploit it to its maximum level.

Riding a trend in a stock is like filling up a cup. Its like a wave too. And let’s just say you’re filling up a glass ful of coke and a smile. There is ice in the glass and you just opened a brand new coke bottle. One fills that cup up to the top and the different color fuzz falls over the top and starts going down the glass outside of the cup and dripping onto the marble or stone counter top or whatever. Welcome to riding a trend to the top before it turns on you and drags you down to the bottom hence turning into a loser instead of a winner whom would pour the coke halfway or more and watch the fuzz get up to the top of the glass and take a sip or take a profit.

Working for money is the opposite of having money work for you. It is a different game and a different brain. The paycheck is the coke filling up to the top of the glass. The problem with earning money this way is that it is taxed first, the fuzz at the top or owners earn much more money than employees and this is especially true in very large corporations who tell our government what to do. I saw people protesting in the streets today complaining about this problem but would you rather have the glass break ? No, I didn’t think so. When working for money, performance in school is similar to the concept of it is wrong to make mistakes.

Investing is a fine art and speculation an even finer art. Billionaires share their strategies with the world and PHD’s as well. Mistakes are part of the game. You win a few, you lose a few, but you keep on keeping on. Ideally, you do not want to be addicted to a loser for very long. Herein lies the concept of cutting losses at say negative eight percent. One can be wrong and admit one is wrong and quickly move on to a winner if their position drops to a negative eight percent.

Working for money, when one is wrong, one could get fired. It happened to me. The management fired me because they did not sign off on a sheet to let me go on a vacation to save their behinds. Thanks Grandma, This shall make you proud, me not cursing. God bless the rich, super rich, and wealthy that know how to invest and learn from either their or others’ mistakes because mistakes are costly.

The point is that there are small mistakes and large mistakes. To err is to be a man or woman and to be a superman or superwoman, one must not err and seek perfection. One could do this with a twelve step program, for example. How does the sea relate to the superman? The waves come to shore and the tide rises and falls depending on what the moon is up to. The ebb and flow makes some sand wet but solid and some sand fluid and in flux. The wave itself has its own tide and when it breaks its similar to cause and effect or a chain reaction for it continues to break as it walks the line. Sometimes, the wave is so big that it starts to break from opposite sides. This is where reflexivity enters the picture.

At that job I was fired from, I had dreams of killing my boss. This was not the monkey manager that talked like a parrot or the nymph Echo but another manager, a neurotic narcisisus. This man was salesman 2010 back in 2000. He maneuvered his way through to being the boss thanks to me being fired by the atypical playboy White Devil manager whom is neither the monkey or the robot salesman 2010. Zeus and Hercules would hobknob on their private jets and talk about the business. I did not witness Zeus and Herculues for they were, perhaps, 2,000,000 year old men who spokoe through emissaries.

The way to take the guesswork out of investing is simple. The way a multi-millionaire explained it to me during Passover went something like this: Follow a guru. LOL. That is what his rags to riches Dad taught him. He’s right because institutional investors manage trillions of dollars and these gurus sometimes know what they are up to. These institutional investors are not market makers or even billionaires doing LBO’s. Rather, these folks are like managers managing the pyramid making sure all the money flows up to the eye of Horus which, as we all know, is seperated from the base of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

So working for money is to work for Horus. A God who just floats around up in the sky and when feeling the need, protects us, serves us, loves us, cares for us, but is warlike. This is similar to competing departments in a business, or colleagues jockeying for position in the corporate world, and construction companies vying for contracts from the government, or entrepreneurs trying to get venture captial from vulture errr venture capitalists.

It has been said that the only way one can make a living trading, speculating, or investing in the market is to sell the products. What about service? That is what guru’s do. They serve their people. What do billionaires and market makers do ? LBO’s ? Perhaps these rich folks are the elite who know how to make a buck in the market, hold on to it through tax law manipulation and other forms of “work.”

Moreover, we all know that working for money puts us right smack in the middle of the pyramid. After all, we do have families to support. We must communicate and have cashflow. We must have a product or service and we must be legally in tune with the trends that are constantly changing as our grand litigators bring us toward utopia.

Investing is sane if the investor has a higher power otherwise it is insanity in the form of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results or not knowing the difference between right or wrong. Therefore, one can make covenents with this higher power. We can not see this higher power with our eyes but it is more of an inspiration, reflex, unconscious feeling, and so forth. It is infinite power and is the source from which all things come because remember, the universe is expanding.

When I was fired, perhaps, instead of the money flowing up to the top of the pyramid toward Horus, the money flow stopped as my labor did not exist in the corporation’s eyes. Hence, a charge was made against me. Luckily, there were no judges and lawyers involved which usually is the case with a charge and money flowing in the opposite direction that is Horus, the eye in the sky floating around like trillions of dollars right above our heads because, after all, we can not see money and we especially can not see fiat money. They do not want us to be able to see it. That is why the deal is so important.

Holding investments forever is the way of the mega rich.

They wanted me back as the manager shuffled back and forth and therefore was promoted because of my back being fired.  Hence, I had an idea of how I could best serve them and provide the maximum value to their organization and they said “NO.”  Hence, I chose freedom not bondage.  Now the question is posed correctly.  Shall I choose liberty or death ?  Liberty, quite simply, is asking someone to do something before you do it;  Freedom is the ability to not have to ask before one does something and therefore that someone either benefits or suffers the consequences of one’s action or inaction.

What do you choose?  

Troy Coulon began….

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“Using Recruiters: Rules of the Game That Recruiters Won’t Tell You”
Top Sales Recruiters Reveal the Secret to Turning a Recruiter Into Your Most Valuable Asset in the job search. A resource for job seekers-We discuss how job boards are not the most effective avenues to getting a job. and much much more..
“Using Recruiters: Rules of the Game That Recruiters Won’t Tell You”

iPhone application development is the most ambitious program in the mobile development till date. iPhone has shown the actual creativity of developers who are known as iPhone app developers. Because of the extraordinary features, glossy look and multi functionality, the people are becoming fan of iPhone and they are ready invest a big amount for this product. The demand of iPhone is increasing like wildfire which is also increasing the demand of iPhone application development. The businessmen involved in mobile industry will miss a big deal if they do not focus on the iPhone application development. The investors have also concreted their on the companies developing iPhone applications. Thus, to gain the large business from the iPhone application development, many companies are hiring a team of iPhone app developers.

iPhone has brought a great revolution for the youngsters interested in the game application. Because of the rich internet application, the game played in iPhone becomes such an amazing experience that even adults have become fan of iPhone. If you want to launch your website which is also compatible with iPhone and iPad, you will experience rocking sales in your business. All you need to do is to contact a software development company developing iPhone applications. Businesses have realized the fact that they have to launch their business on iPhone platform to promote it and stay in the competition. Most businesses are redesigning their websites to ensure that their business product reaches to iPhone and iPad users. Now, you can realize why iPhone app developers are in great demand.

iPhone application developer or the software development companies need to identify particular need of their prospective buyers and develop an application that satisfies their need. Developer should be able to finish his task within stipulated time frame. If you are right in your understanding, you may get more than your imagination in this business. iPhone application development services can be used by all types of industry. iPhone app developers are introducing a new and unique application every day. Thus, buyers have option to choose the best application which can make their lives better and more interesting. Businesses need to hire best, expert and talented developers for iPhone application development to get high return on investment.

The responsibility of the software development company doesn’t end once iPhone application is created. iPhone application should be run as long as possible. The company should support iPhone app developer to set up debugger and stimulation tool to remove bug from iPhone applications then only their cashflow will remain continue. Moreover, company should design their marketing policy carefully which can attract more buyers. The market of iPhone application is too big that your application can be sold out easily in a given time frame provided iPhone app developer has developed application with intense care and proper method. The sales of iPhone have already crossed 4 millions and millions of iPhone applications are already sold. The friendly applications of iPhone are  increasing buyers day by day and iPhone application development is getting more boost.

Louis Burford is a software developer of the well known software development company which has recently started a new project of iPhone application development.

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Game Texture Sales :200 Hair textures

Multiboxing software for WoW – Play 5+ games at once!
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Cityville Guide – Neighborhood Hijack Guide

Get most out of your current Facebook friends. There might be lot of your friends who currently don’t play Cityville to much. Poke them to let them know about you. They will more likely approve you faster in Cityville as their neighbor. You can then ask them to help you with those simple tasks in you City! Utilizing your neighbors well means you’re not wasting your own energy. Visit this and this Facebook fanpages, like them and paste your add me ID on their walls. Visit these fanpages often and like and comment other add me messages to attain more attention. I was able to skyrocket my neighbors in 2 weeks using this specific tactic.


Cityville Cashflow – Simple Guide To Peak Cityville Economy

You can boost your coin by building many coffee shops just like what my friends did in their cities. Coffee shops can convert low prices to high profit well and that is why they are good for the starting line of the game as they don’t cost that much.


Pay attention to franchises. Your neighborhood franchises will be having best pay out rates in the game. Accumulate your neighbors using the tactis above and activate your franchises with your neighbor’s cities.


Shipping is profitable than farming. Expand your docks from the beginning of the game as they will be huge asset to your city in week or two.

Cityville Building Placement – Guide To Efficient Grid

In order to acquire the highest amount of money from rent of your city’s households, it is wise to place the several decorations nearby the location of your households. Having decorations next to your households pay attention to the blue box around it. As long as the decoration is inside that area you gain bonus payout of gold coins when collecting rent from those households.


Important thing is proper placement of your business buildings. Remember to leave several free blocks nearby – that’s where you will put decorations as soon as possible for higher income gain.Place your business buildings near to residential areas of your city and keep them tight, so the citizens will flow properly from their homes to stores.


Trust me, there is more to explore in Cityville guide I’ve read. These were just few tips that helped me in this game. If you’re asking yourself, if this Cityville guide can help you in your Cityville ventures, let me assure you and uncover you more from this in my Cityville guide review. You can learn the basics and the secrets at the same time and become a real Mayor of Cityville, just like I did with this Cityville guide.

Read my review on Cityville guide that helped me. Then go and climb up the rankings fast, get huge amounts of energy, coins and neighbors, simply and effectively.

I’m avid Facebook user and big Zynga fan. I hangout on Facebook ever since and I’m advanced player of most Zynga games on Facebook. Amongst other Facebook games, I devote my time mostly to Cityville. Read my Cityville guide review for more tips and tricks in this awesome social game.

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More The Cashflow Game Articles

Mafia Wars is an online game designed to let you experience the life of a Mafia gangster. If you want to command much lots of money, respect and power in the game, however are clueless as to how you can achieve that, then you must read this article now. In this article, you will learn some of the best tactics that you can make use to become one of the very respected Mafia leaders in Mafia Wars.

1. Developing Your Mafia Gang

Your Mafia family is the very crucial part in the game. If you want to dominate and bully other Mafia Wars players, you will need to have a strong mafia family to support you.

Powerful Mafia family allows you to take control other Mafia gang from winning the game. There are many ways to recruit top level players to be part of your team.

You can go to online discussion forums and boards where avid gamers meet and post requests. By visitng these online communities, you’ll be able to recruit many experienced players. Once you’ve recruited lots of experienced players, you will be able to solidify your mafia organization’s strength greatly.

2. Making A Cash Generating Machine

It’s very important to have an excellent set of properties as well as businesses in the game. Some weapons need certain amount of cashflow as upkeep. The fastest means to generate strong cash flow is by taking hold as many Mafia Mike’s bars as possible. It’s cheap, and generates a lot of money for your Mafia family. The downside here is that you should have more players in your team in order to take hold more Mafia Mike’s bars.

Once you have enough money, invest more on big properties like huge stores, beach resorts, hotels and entertainment complexes. These properties are the ideal money making machines.

3.Energy Pack Rules

You can get and use an energy pack daily. When using your energy pack everyday, you will be able to improve your level and perfect your jobs and also stages quickly. The energy pack should only be used when your energy is completely finished. Never use the boost item when you are just about to increase your level because when you move to a higher level, your health, energy and stamina all get refilled. These rules will allow you to gather the maximum benefits of the energy pack.

Looking for tactics for Mafia Wars, kindly check out this article now.

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