Common Kids, What Are Waiting For? See How You Too Can Become The Latest Kid Entrepreneur Who Makes Money Online

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I have been making money online for quite sometime now and during this time, I have been fortunate enough to come across, or read about, some amazing kids – as little as 9 years old – making quite a bit of money either online or selling stuff they find around. Some of these kids are natural born entrepreneurs, and, some just cherish the idea of making small amounts of money, while others either are being pushed by their parents or just want to be like mummy or daddy.

All this time, I have never felt the need to write about kid entrepreneurs making money until today. I feel you have the right to know that you too can start right away and don’t have to wait till you turn teenager or an adult. It may be useful to know that my inspiration for this article came from watching my youngest brother who is only 13 years old – 11 years my junior – and the last of 8 kids (yes you heard right there are 8 of us in the family – just in case you are wondering).

So you get the whole picture here’s a few things about the little man (as we call him). This guy is so smart at everything he lays his hands on and never comes anything short of the best. He does everything at the right time and with a lot of energy and enthursiasm. He sleeps late (doing school work) and wakes up early (and usually is the first to arrive at school – (using public transport by himself). He plays soccer after school and is well known in the neighborhood for his excellent dribbling skills. The whole earth usually break lose anytime he comes short of first and he will remain in consolable for some time. He has is own money making strategies that seems to work for him 99% of the time. Since we are talking about kids making money here, we will focus more on his money skills and how it relates to others like him (you) and those who are already making it big.


His business model is simple. He buys little things (like mobile phone recharge cards at wholesale prices) and sells them to his friends and of course we the family. Sometimes his prices are high but because he is so cute doing it, most of us can’t help but buy from him – plus doing that will only push him to do more. Apart from that, why walk or drive to the stores for cards when you can just get one right there and then?

On top of that, he also goes around his classmates, friends, and the neighborhood buying cheap used stuff (like wrist watches, phones, and other little things) or getting others to path with items that is of no use to them. If they don’t work, he either fix them himself or get his technician friend (a much older guy) to do it for him for a very small fee or free. Once his items are working, he is into the money making side of his business. Believe it or not, he works extra hard to find buyers for this used stuff no matter what. Like I mentioned earlier, many a times, his pricing are ridiculously high but that is when his cuteness plays him a favorable role. Somehow, he can be so convincing that you only wonder what has hit you after you’ve paid him for the product.

Being actually from one of the relatively poor parts of Africa, my little brother has never (not for once) used the internet but somehow, he has managed to build a steady flow of income for himself. Also, our dad passed away about 2 years ago which might be the reason why he decided to make the money himself instead of asking mom. To me, I think he is well beyond his time but that is a good thing. Another thing he does is to lend us his siblings his money and charge interest on it – not per week, or yearly interest or something that complicated but say for .50 or there about – whenever payback is due. Do not forget though, that I said this guy is smart, one of the youngest in his class and also one of the best.

If you are a kid here in the western world with 24/7 power supply and internet readily available to you then, you have a much bigger chance of making plenty of money for yourself. The internet means you can reach a wider audience and sell more variety or products. Here are some of the ideas I think might work well for you as a kid:

You could be making plenty of money selling shirts (kids’ shirts maybe?), used shoes, your childhood story books, old toys, cookies you helped you mom make, and a host of others. Advertise them on eBay or have your big brother build you a simple website. It might help to get mom, dad, or siblings to help keep track of your financial dealings and other high techie issues.

To paint a better picture, here are some kids who started quite early and are still making it big. At 9 years old, Cameron Johnson started a card printing company after he charged his mom to print 50 party invitations.  Allyson Ames discovered her love for baking and serving her family sweet treats at the age of five and went on to start Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach, Calif.

The thing is, if my brother can and all these others we hear about can, what is stopping you now? If you have a PC at home and can read and access the internet, why not start now? If you start now (or moms get their kids to start now) you could be making a whole lot of money in as little time as you can imagine.

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