From Forex Trading to Rich Dad’s Passive Income Investments

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Although Forex Trading can be an ideal business and an amazing way for some people to build capital quickly it is not exactly a passive income investment. We do still have to work a little studying charts and occasionally clicking a mouse to enter or exit a trade. Yeah, that’s pretty grueling work but someone has to do it. While you are enjoying the freedom of lifestyle and the enormous excess fund from trading (if you ever figure out how to get consistent profit) you may want to also be planning to use part of that capital for other investments. Robert Kiyosaki, author or Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the guys who first got me interested in the concept of having a path in life that leads to passive income. I have seen people create passive income at least temporarily from things like owning a dozen latte stands that they don’t work in. But believe me there is no way to do that without still constantly working to manage them. I’ve seen people create big passive income checks from Network Marketing. But again they still work their butts off to replace the turnover and keep recruiting new people and train them. One guy told me about buying RV storage facilities. It’s basically a vacant lot with a fence around it that you use to let people rent out space to park their giant RV’s which they never use. Hmmm. Interesting. Well if you currently have a business in Forex trading or in trading stocks, commodities, futures, etc, you might be thinking about how you can use part of the
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