Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Quit Your Job

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Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Quit Your Job

Your FIRED! I bet you would LOVE to look at your boss and say that. Well I am going to share some really great online business ideas to help you quit your job and fire your boss. But before you start to think this is another blah blah blah get rich sick scheme I am going to explain how to do this in detail. Now when I say detail I am referring to the type of detail that involves the truth. You see the truth is sort of scary because very few so called “GURUs” actually tell you the real deal. The real deal is that in order to leave you job you need to follow exactly (3) things.

1. Clearly identify what you love: No, seriously do this. Hey I know you have heard the BS age old “what is your passion” question but guess what? Your passion is simple not complex. What ever you are doing naturally and for free is your passion. Let me give you an example.

My wife is a natural born accountant. I am a natural born entrepreneur. How do I know? Because my wife is one of those people who always finds ways to save and can figure out the FREE out of anything. I know I am an entrepreneur because I am constantly thinking up both offline and online business ideas 24 hours a day. I was doing this long before I ever got paid for coming up with business ideas.

2. Ask yourself do strangers tell you what your talented at? Not your family or friends but the people who don’t even know you. Do they say things like “wow your really good at that”? That may be an indicator that you have a serious talent. People for example have always gravitated to me for ideas on how to promote or market their business. One of my first online business ideas I shared was with Limp Bizkits team to promote their concerts and market their albums. Frankly it just went crazy from there. Industry leaders, CEO’s, famous people kept asking me for business ideas. Take an assessment and ask yourself this key question. What talents are you always being complimented on by strangers?


3. Find the money spot aka Show me the Money! Now at this point you should have a list of several loves and talents that stand out. Again please don’t over think this it comes down to what you naturally do well. Now it is time to figure out how to use that love and talent to make some money online. One of the best ways to do this is to do a Google AdWords keyword search tool.

Though Google has been a little notorious for beefing up the numbers a bit, their count really isn’t that far off. You are searching for what people in your love + talent would use to search. Here is an example I like entrepreneurship online and creating online business ideas. So I would look up a variety of online business ideas for things I think entrepreneurs are searching for solutions to on search engines.

Now enter the keywords into Google search to find the top competitors. What you are looking for is whether these competitors are actually selling anything. If no one is selling anything move on to the next set of keywords you are using. The reason is because you don’t want niches that don’t have competition. You want a actual market. Once you find keyword and niche where your competitors are actually selling something. You then need to come up with a unique selling proposition. That means you need to have something that they are not selling OR something similar but with more benefits and a competitive price. Example, lets say your competitors are selling an ebook.for .95 in your niche. You should create a ebook and do an audio version or instructional Video for .95 – 19.95. The added video and audio will raise the value you are providing and give a more competitive price.

Congratulations you just found an opportunity to create a blog with your talent, from your love and something people are willing to pay money in exchange for value. Now what? Setup a independent non hosted blog.

So here is where the quitting your job part comes in. Now that we have had this frank conversation about how your going to make money in the future. Now lets talk about leaving your not so wonderful ever so boring job. Give yourself a 90 -180 day time frame and here is why. A goal is a dream with a deadline. If you don’t put a deadline on it you may slack off. Once your blog is up you are going to promote your blog like crazy by sharing it with the world.

It will take time but if you focus on two and three keyword phrases you will go very far. Out write the competition in your keywords. Out think the competition in your products and services. Out do the competition in connecting with readers with authenticity. Don’t sell products on your blog just provide the opportunity to sell. Meaning let people know your in business to do business. Whatever fits your niche. Talk about what you do and offer free information and advice. Also create opportunities to talk about your products and services benefits in a natural and organic way.

Will it take some time it sure will! Is the dream possible? It sure is.

Leading authority in Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs at Darren has developed thousands of online business ideas for Forbes, Nissan, Universal, McDonalds, Fox, Clear Channel communications, American Express, and even the Barack Obama 2008 campaign.

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