Rich Guru Poor Guru Review – Power Course Or Rip Off?

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Rich Guru Poor Guru, the collection of ebooks designed to raise new internet marketers and experienced marketers to the next level is finally out. Launched March 9th, 2010, this package has been the most talked about marketing guide in a long time.

But is Rich Guru Poor Guru really a must have for internet marketers who are looking for success? Let’s discuss what RGPG is and whether or not it will be of any use to you…

Rich Guru Poor Guru Review

So, what exactly is this book called RGPG (acronym)?

It is an entire course for both new and weathered marketers who are looking to move up in the internet marketing world. Norb Czufis has spent over a year developing this package with the intention of producing the most valuable guide on the market.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced marketer you’ll find loads of information in this package that can help to either kick-start your earnings or boost your online business to the next level.

I’m New & Don’t Understand Anything About This Yet, What Exactly Will This Guide Help Me Achieve?

If you’re asking yourself this, don’t worry. Many people who know little or nothing of the online marketing world will find themselves asking the very same thing.

With that said, why don’t we take a peek at what RGPG has to offer you?…

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30 Day Power Course – This is a month long course which, if followed correctly, can take you from being a complete marketing beginner to being a successful, money-making affiliate. Hell, do it right and you could be quitting that crappy day job.
Guide to Quick & Dirty Product Launches – This is a 15 page ebook and video discussion on how to break into the world of being an online vendor by launching small products to turn a quick buck. These quick launches are designed to bring in a lump sum of cash at once. This guide will show you how to make successful campaigns for these short term products.
Guide to BIG & Detailed Product Launches – This is a 16 page guide and accompanying video on the process of planning out huge product launches. These are designed to be large scale products which will be bringing you in loads of cash for the long-term. The guide will show you how to build up products & campaigns that will fill your pockets not just for a month or two, but potentially for years.
Audio Interviews with the Big Dogs – Audio interviews with the biggest names across the internet marketing world. Not only will this help you realize how real this is but it will also give you insight on how to create and maintain a business that will be with your for years and produce high volume income. You’ll get to hear discussions that reveal info that isn’t typically shared. These are golden secrets of the internet gods!
Major Bonuses to Help Develop Your Marketing Skills & More – We can’t tell you ALL of the great bonuses that you’ll get with the Rich Guru Poor Guru package. But we can tell you that you get free access to a forum that is comprised of some of ClickBank’s biggest vendors and affiliates. And these guys spill the beans on a ton of techniques that they used personally to achieve their level of success.
FREE Copy of DubTurbo – DubTurbo is Norb Czufis’ “next big thing”. It’s a massive audio production software that is going to rival even the big names in the industry. And guess what? It’s not even out yet. But you’re getting a FREE copy to play with before anyone else gets their hands on it.

Click Here NOW to Check Out Rich Guru Poor Guru!

The Rich Guru Poor Guru system is great. I picked up a copy myself. And even coming from me, an experienced marketer, this course has shed light on techniques and business models that I haven’t been introduced to. And these aren’t crappy, do this and you’ll make money techniques, this is a massive learning experience that will benefit anyone who takes the time to read it in it’s entirety. The internet is full of “internet marketing guides”. I’ve read several of them myself and what I can tell you is this… They won’t help you. Why? Because they aren’t designed to really be informative and be a reference guide that you can keep coming back to that will lead to your success. The sad truth is that they are designed for one thing… To make someone else money. Norb Czufis’ Rich Guru Poor Guru isn’t designed to make him a load of cash. It’s designed to be a guide to start you in the right direction when you’re just beginning, to develop your business once you’re off your feet and finally to further your success for years to come. If you’re looking for the key to becoming a top dog in the world of internet marketing, Rich Guru Poor Guru can take you there and beyond.

For more information on the internet marketing package known as Rich Guru Poor Guru, be sure to stop by our site that is dedicated to reviewing it in detail –

Rich Guru Poor Guru Review

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