Super Rich by Russell Simmons & Chris Morrow (audiobook free download)

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The visionary entrepreneur and author of the New York Times bestseller Do You! delivers a powerful guide to true abundance.

Russell Simmons knows firsthand that wealth is rooted in much more than the stock market. True wealth has more to do with what’s in your heart than what’s in your wallet. Using this knowledge, Simmons became one of America’s shrewdest entrepreneurs, achieving a level of success that most investors only dream about. No matter how much material gain he accumulated, he never stopped lending a hand to those less fortunate. In Super Rich, Simmons uses his rare blend of spiritual savvy and street-smart wisdom to offer a new definition of wealth-and share timeless principles for developing an unshakable sense of self that can weather any financial storm. As Simmons says, “Happy can make you money, but money can’t make you happy.”

In straight-talking inspiring chapters, Simmons provides unforgettable true stories from his own road to riches, delving into the principles and practices that have kept him energized and focused. Whether we’re in the boardroom or on a yoga mat, Simmons says, we have to be able to listen to our inner voices. Finding our unique potential, we can make the right moves, ruled not by money but by the joy of conscientious living and giving. With these philosophies and more, Simmons brings us a stimulus package of consciousness that will never run dry, backed by the power of the higher self.

>>>Super Rich by Russell Simmons & Chris Morrow (audiobook free download)


Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All Review

I loved this book. I have written well over a hundred reviews for Amazon, and I have read 8,000 books in my lifetime. I simply cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Super Rich: A Guide to Having it All. Very simply, a book like this has influence, and it can help you change from where you are, to where you want to be. The author Russell Simmons is known as the godfather of Hip-Hop. He didn’t rap himself, but he created Def Jam Records, a leading label in the industry and ultimately brought to life many of the rappers you know today, including Public Enemy, LL cool J, Ludacris, and Jay-Z. The man has made a couple of hundred million starting with nothing. He is therefore someone who should be listened to seriously. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he has walked the walk.

In this book Simmons takes us through what he views as his spiritual journey after taking the business world by storm. The title Super Rich may not be appropriate because most of us would think we are talking about money, but he is not. Super Rich to Simmons involves spiritual richness. It involves the state of consciousness you are currently in and how to transform yourself, so that you can see the miracles of life unfolding right there in front of you. As the author likes to point out, you don’t need money and toys to be truly happy.

The key to life is to break free of the boundaries that you have either imposed on yourself, or allowed to be imposed on you by others. Get rid of the constraints or feelings of the need for money and toys. Keep in mind this is coming from a man who lived in a 50,000 square foot house. He’s telling you to give it up, and get with a new program. You’re already rich if your SPIRIT IS RICH. He believes that each of us has a gift given to us by God. It is crucial to identify your gift, and pursue it in every way possible. If you do not pursue YOUR gift, you will suffer. It’s as simple as that. But wait, there’s more. You must take every opportunity to share your gift with the world, and don’t worry about receiving money for it. The money will come. It is the residual product of the sharing of your gift with everyone who passes through your life.

There’s just one more absolutely vital point that I think he’s got nailed down. If he was sitting with you in a room and looking at you right in the face, he would tell you to STOP MAKING EXCUSES. You have to go do what it is you are supposed to be doing, and only YOU know what that is. So go pursue your happiness, and forget about pursuing the money. Time is short, and life is not a dress rehearsal. There are no second acts, and thank you for reading this review.

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