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As China’s New Year Festival is approaching, mobile phone suppliers in Shenzhen, China focus their attention on developing kids cell phones market. Besides coming with Cartoon feature in their appearance, such kind of China cell phones for kids adds specific features for constraining kids from overdo with their phones.

I. Parent control friendly

1. The new cell phone for kids applies real GPS technology. If parents want to know where their kids are, they will get know the detailed position by simply sending a message. Kids’ track information including recent moving track is accessible at any time and any place for parents. It’s easy for parents to know if their children are late, absent or leave early for their class.

2. “Electron fence” of the cell phone allows parents to set acting scope to restrain their kinds activity area. If the kid goes beyond the scope, parents cell phone would send an alarm immediately.

3. If the kids press SOS key for a long time, their phone will send “help” information as well as their position to family members.

4. Parents could also control what time their kids should not use their cell in certain time period like class time by setting specific time intervals according to curriculum.

5. Many more…

II. Smart cell phones for kids also extends to be intelligence friendly cell phones

Although cell phone for kids is not so widely spreaded especially kids smart cell phone, many business men has foreseen its great potential like brand China cell phone manufacturer Konka. Manufacturers in Shenzhen, China are not only developing cell phone for children, but also transforming these phones to intelligence friendly mobile. The electronics gadget could be tutor in kids growth and study. Kids could learn poems, listen to stories, etc. via these mobile electronics device.


GPS, 3G and other communication and network techniques support is the key to the success to smart cell phones for our kids to use. China carriers also play an important role in such cell phones use like phone call, position tracing and so on.

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Science tells us that when beautiful sounds or light signals which are consistent with our heart, such as the beautiful music or happy dance, entering into our brain, the brain will have the pleasure to feel satisfied, while the corresponding neuroendocrine system and immune system will also function organized under the control of this brain state and make people feel physically comfortable and be full of vitality.


Conversely, when noise signal which is more than healthy DB often gets to the brain, the excitatory and inhibitory in the cerebral cortex will gradually offset. The brain’s memory, thinking, emotional center would be disturbed.


In order to passively adapt to this change, there will be tinnitus, hearing loss, memory loss, inability to concentrate, palpitation, dizziness, headache, insomnia, malaise and other bad state.


To avoid this change, our mental will have a series of stress defense reactions, like panic anxiety, irritability, low self-esteem, pessimism, and other negative emotions.


Meanwhile, the noise will decrease the secretion of saliva and gastric acid and gastric motility. It will also cause a loss of appetite, and a lot of gastrointestinal diseases.


Tell parents a little common sense, in our home, the noise generated by the TV and home audio is up to 60-100 db, washing machines for the 42-70 db, refrigerators for the 32-50 db. And the standard of national health is not exceed 50 decibels during the daytime and should be less than 45 decibels at night. If more than this standard, it will harm the human body.


So, moms and dads, please considerate more on the home appliance placement.


Then, how can we to reduce the influence to children’s health by the noise?


1. Effectively improve the living environment at home


For the noise caused by the external environment, we should take timely scientific actions to prevent it. We need do a lot to the doors, windows and other key parts of preventing outside noise, like sound bar and double glazing.


2. Correct the child bad habit of listening to music


Do not allow the headset to become the child’s “killer”. The children like to wear headphones when eating, walking and sleeping. Moms and dads must make it clear to children and help children get rid of this bad habit.


3. Pay attention to the working state of home appliances


Sick household appliances’ noise is much greater than normal ones, so in the event of failure, it should be immediately removed.


4. Try to avoid using a variety of household appliances at the same time


Try not to make household appliances set in a room, do not put appliance with a high sound pressure level, such as refrigerators and so on.


5. Pay attention to diet cooking


Please timely and appropriate for family members to add some protein and foods rich in vitamin B class. That also can decrease the harm by noise to families and children.


6. Often close with nature


You should often accompany your child to go out into the nature so as to relax mood, let the natural beauty of rivers and mountains help children to be optimistic, cheerful and bright.


I sincerely hope that these will help moms and dads away from the noise “killer” and create a safe and comfortable environment for their dearest children. is a very good online store.



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