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Bob Proctor was born in 1935 in a family of humble folks as the middle child in Ontario, Canada. While growing up, he wasn’t what you would call an exceptional youth. Due to the wide-reaching depression during his growing up days, Bob wasn’t fascinated by studies. Consequently, he didn’t excel at studies and eventually dropped out after barely a handful of months in high school.
He then entered the Canadian Navy and served for four years. After this stint, he went to Toronto and found employment with the fire department. During this period he was penniless, unwell and despondent. Around this time he got a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. This made him all set for a revolution in his life.
He decided to use the thoughts summarized in that book. Firstly, he set a figure he desired to earn, noted it down, focused on it and kept that in a pocket. To achieve this target sum of ,000, he quit his job, in spite of protests.


Soon he started a janitorial service specializing in cleaning workplaces. This grew within a year into a nationwide chain. He had earned much more than his original target. Shortly, he became a millionaire. As he felt that the book had an effect on him, he felt obliged to share his achievements with people. During this period, Bob read numerous self-help books. Proctor made a decision to become a life-coach. In the consequent years, Bob has trained managerial staff at a lot of companies.
Apart from this, he started writing his own self-help books. Most of these went on to become instant best sellers and had a major impact on the leading lights in the intellectual community. His most influential book of all times is You Were Born Rich. This is among the best individual progress books written yet. This book can actually help anyone in the pathway to success.
The most significant principle outlined and highlighted in this book is the Law of Receiving. This exhorts people to give up the frenzied pursuit of wealth, as this can only be counterproductive. It asks them to slow down and take a moment to comprehend what they really require in life. This can lead to the point where people can do what they want when they want. It implores the readers not to hanker after wealth, as it will only lead to discontent and dejection.
In conclusion, Bob Proctor has made it to the top by using self-help principles. He has conveyed these lessons in the book You Were Born Rich.

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Network marketing is known to have a notorious reputation despite its immense success. It received a major credibility boost when a world famous financial expert like Robert Kiyosaki came out in support it.

So what did Robert Kiyosaki find in this industry that made him say that if he were to start all over again, he would start a network marketing business. In my opinion the best person to answer this question is Robert Kiyosaki himself. Actually he did answer it (wonderfully) in his network marketing book called “Business School – For People Who Like Helping People”.

Robert Kiyosaki has his own unique way of explaining stuff. People who hold a job (employees) form the first quadrant. Job security is of paramount importance to them. Self employed people form the second quadrant. Business owners fall into the third quadrant category and investors in the fourth quadrant category.

Now if you want financial freedom, then you must be a part of either third quadrant or fourth quadrant. The reason is simple: only those who make money work for them can be financially free and only the business owners and the investors do that. True wealth is not created by working hard, it is created by making use of leverage to get things done in an effective manner.

Now what if an average Joe wants to become financially free? Let’s say he has a very limited capital. Enter network marketing.

In network marketing, a person has a realistic chance of building serious wealth by investing just a fraction of the cost that it would take to start a traditional business. Creating wealth is not the same as having a huge income. True wealth is about earning money in a leveraged manner (you get paid for work done by other people). That is the secret of the rich. The rich own companies which employ people. They work for a steady salary. The rich reap the rewards of their work (profits) thus fueling further growth of the company.

You see, its like a cycle. A system is set to produce money through the efforts of others. When the money is made, some of it is taken for personal use while the rest invested back to make even more money. That’s how true wealth is created. I know this may seem like a very simplistic explanation but I guess you get the idea.

With all being said, I must also add this. A lot of people think about network marketing only as an opportunity to earn some money. Yes it is a great vehicle for creating a residual income but there is something more to it. And it is my personal belief that this is the most important reason as to why one should start a network marketing business.

What is it? Its education.

The real education that one gets from being a part of the network marketing industry is nothing short of life transforming. The real education is not some team meeting where people are simply motivated to recruit others into the business.

The real education comes experience. It comes from learning skills (marketing and communication skills). It comes from understanding what works and what doesn’t work when you try implementing what you have learnt. It comes from the real interactions that you hold with your uplines, downlines, crosslines, etc.

The real education is what enables a person to truly believe in himself. It is what enables a person to go reaching for his dreams, whatever it may be. It is what enables him to develop his sales skills which is pretty much needed everywhere (though many won’t realise it, if you want to become good at selling, then you need sales and communication skills).

Robert Kiyosaki saw value in the education being imparted in this industry. He always says that education imparts skills and skills helps a person to carve a niche for himself in any endeavour that he chooses to undertake. That is why network marketing gets a big thumbs up from robert kiyosaki.

Visit this robert kiyosaki network marketing page if you are interested in learning how to get build your network marketing business by attracting eager prospects. Robert kiyosaki network marketing articles.

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Robert T Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling Rich Dad books, shares his reasons he believes network marketing is The Perfect Business to start building wealth.

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