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If you wish to have a very thriving home based business, getting the proper knowledge really is a must!

If you wish to be an effective entrepreneur or have a profitable home based business, you do not want to get your business training from academics. You’ll want to learn from people with real life business experience to become a profitable small business owner.

I’ve assembled a small list of my personal favorite business books. Reading through these excellent business books will definitely help you develop into a well rounded and successful entrepreneur as well as help you to run a flourishing home based business.

How to Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie
The author discusses means of growing professional relationships, a crucial first step to any successful home based business. He starts the book with “If You Want to Gather Honey, Don’t Kick Over the Beehive”. I always like to reread this book every five or ten years.

Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert Kiyosaki
This is an educational storyline of a boy growing up with two dads; his father and his friend’s father who treated him as his own child. His Poor Dad encouraged him to perform well in school and to get a good job later in life. His Rich Dad encouraged him to master the power and practical knowledge of investing.


In general, this book is an excellent read. It will help you to build a solid foundational base for a long and profitable entrepreneurial career. I would recommend this book as a primer to your business understanding plus a must read for anybody who wishes to create wealth and financial self-sufficiency.

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill
The writer worked very closely with Dale Carnegie to develop this as well as other business books. Napoleon Hill shares with us the fifteen laws of success and thirteen principles of person achievement.

The One Minute Millionaire – The Enlightened Way to Wealth. By Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen
This misnomer titled book features a formula for creating wealth; it literally possesses a flow chart of “the one minute millionaire system”. The book lists a set of epiphanies that lead toward economic wealth.

The Millionaire Next Door By Thomas Stanley and William Danko
The authors compare and contrast “Under Accumulators of Wealth” to “Prodigious Accumulators of Wealth” to illustrate the main difference in habits and activities of rich individuals and everybody else. This is among the business books that will help you to get an introspective look at oneself.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Steven Covey
Steven Covey’s title truly does indeed say it all. He writes in regards to the specific characteristics and habits essential to be effective; this applies directly to owning a profitable home based business.

How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? By Robert Shemin
This book may well just top my list of Business Books as my favorite. Although the writer isn’t particularly eloquent , he really did strike the nail on the head for me personally. The question is, if you happen to be doing all of the correct things, why are you not a lot more financially successful? He does a great job of summarizing all the other books on the list.

So that’s my listing of business books that I personally suggest to help you become a profitable business owner and to operate a lucrative home based business. Knowledge is power.

About the Author:
Lee Spaziano is a successful entrepreneur working in several industries including Real Estate, Precious Metals and various other businesses.

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Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss? Think about that just for a minute. Ever thought of what it could be to write your own paycheck for life? Or spend more time with your family?

If you’re like most people that think ‘inside the box’ you may be thinking you need large sums of money to start a business. Let me tell you the truth, with the today’s modern day technologies such as the internet, all you need is a willingness to work ‘some’ capital and a willingness to learn a new set of skills that will allow you to write your paycheck for life.

Robert Kiyosaki said “it’s not money that makes you rich, its business skills” he could not be more correct.

Before we go any further I want to introduce you to the ‘CashFlow Quadrant” created by Robert Kiyosaki, and after I explaint to you, I want you to ‘seriously’ think about what you want for your life.

If you notice in the picture above, you have two quadrants. Lets concentrate with the 2 quadrants on the left, E & S.

E – Employee (thats probably you) – You work for someone and someone else leverages your knowledge, skills and efforts to multiply it by ‘atleast 5 times ‘ to make them a profit.

S- Self Employed (this could also be you) – All this is, it’s a glorified version of  the above. You are your own boss and own your job, ‘but’ work countless hours to earn a living.  This is a good start to where you eventually want to be.

Lets move on the the 2 quadrants on the right – B & I This is where the big boys play

B- Business – You own a system and make money by using a concept called ‘leverage’. ‘Isn’t this a great concept’ ?

I- Investors (hopefully you) – You’ve made enough money where ‘now’ money works for you by investing it.

Which of these quadrants hold your values & priciples? Are you looking for financial security or financial freedom? These are two different types of mindsets.

I ask you this, After reading this small explanation – which quadrants do you fall under? ‘Most probably’ in the 2 left qudrants if im not mistaken.

And I’m sure that you would want nothing less than to be on the 2 right quadrants? And if you’re reading this article ‘i know’ for a fact my assumption is correct.

‘You’re right Isaac, but how I do become a business owner?’

The best way to get ahead is to beomce a business owner.

With the development of the internet a new set of rules no longer apply for traditional businesses. The internet has leveled the playing field for everyone and it allows ‘You’ to have a real chance at becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Robert Kiyosaki said “In many ways direct selling, to me, is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth”

The Direct Sales Online Business Model allows you to generate wealth while at the same time teaching other’s how to do it. Conserving your core values and principles and achieving lifelong success.

So… What would hold you back?

You watch a video version of this article here.

Isaac Tobelen is a home business professional. His talents and passions allow him to help others that are seriously seeking to start a virtual online business in order to leveragae their time and create passive incomes using the internet. Learn more at

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Attention: Legitimate, Affordable, High-Income Home Based Business Seekers!


“Attention Home Based Business Seekers! Are you seeking a business that is legitimate, affordable with high income potential? Then this report could be the most important you ever read!”

In 1989 the World Wide Web was born, and we entered the information age. Young entreprenuers were becoming millionaires but the baby boomers were getting laid off because they were technically ignorant. They didn’t know how to work the computers and companies didn’t want to shell out the money to train them. In todays economy it is getting worse. Baby Boomers are at retirement age and depending on social security to bail them out, while illegal immigrants are taking over out workforce. America is in debt and our people cannot pay. What do we do about it? Do we print up more money to pay it off? No, money won’t solve the problem. Even if we pay off the debt there still lies a real problem with the leaders of our great country, and that is financial education. We need to understand our money and how to use it properly to fix the economy by starting to fix the money problems in our own lives first. It is a step in the right direction toward financial freedom.

Donald Trump said, “Ignorance can be more expensive than education, and that certainly includes your financial education.” The government wants you to feel you cannot handle your money properly so they can tell you how to spend it. And since you do not know any better you will “go along with” their advice for your money. The best thing to do is learn about your money and how you can make it work for you, and that’s the easy part. For starters, you can pick up a copy of Kim Kiyosakis’ book Rich Woman. Even if you are not a woman, it is a great read. Kim teaches you how to increase your financial IQ.  Another great resource is David Bachs’ book Automatic Millionaire where he shows you baby steps you can take today to get your footing on the right financial path. Your future and the future of our country depend on it. Thankyou always for taking the time to read and learn.


Isabella Fiorentino

Pro Internet Marketer


Top Earner Isabella Fiorentino

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As the popularity of owning a home based business continues to rise, it is clear that there are more and more people desperately searching for another way to make money and survive. Recent reports on the population of the USA puts the number of people who want to start their own home based business, using the Internet, at over 70 million.

Even a recent MSNBC study says that 75% of all new jobs being created right now are as a direct result of small home based businesses.

On top of that, the US Census Bureau says that home based businesses account for 49% of all businesses in the USA. The number of American citizens who own a home based business is put at over 45 million by some industry analysts.

Numbers which possibly don’t mean a great deal to you right now, but which do point to a growing trend for starting an Internet based home business, in spite of the ongoing economic problems. As if this point needed hammering home any further, Yahoo!® interviewed it’s user-base, and found that 75% of them claim the Internet had helped them to start their own business.

Even though all we hear on the news and in the media is more and more bad news about the economy from around the world, people are still trying to start their own businesses, as they’re forced to take matters into their own hands to ensure their survival. It’s now obvious to most that nobody else can help, least of all any government.

Although more and more businesses are being started by people, who are to be applauded for taking action, far too many are still falling short, with the failure rate standing firm at an eye-watering 97%!

For any business to survive, irrespective of the economy, there must be a steady flow of prospective customer leads, which in turn drive sales and income. These leads will inevitably come from a variety of marketing activities, which makes the ability to market well, extremely important; lacking this ability can, and will, severely and fatally harm your business.

The absence of effective marketing to drive up revenue and sales has been at the root of nearly all business failures, and is a path that you too may find yourself following if you lack these same vital skills. All marketing costs money in some way, shape, or form, and bad marketing will not see any return on investment. Bad marketing is worse than no marketing and only serves as a financial burden on your business that can’t be sustained. Some may blame ‘cashflow’ for failure, but the root of that lack of ‘cashflow’ is often a result of the heavy financial drain from bad marketing that brings a business to its knees and ultimately causes failure.

However, on the other hand, there are many businesses that see great success, and these all have two things in common:


Being able to market your business properly is one of the most important ingredients in having a successful business. Some businesspeople may claim that they don’t market their business, but rely on the endorsements and testimonials of their customers. But it is as a result of receiving quality and value that these customers are ‘spreading the word’, and as such, referral marketing is still marketing, whether these businesses see it that way or not.

Giving value to the customer is the first step in setting this whole process in motion. How often have you recommended someone’s services to a friend based on the experience you have had? The more exceptional the service, the more likely there will be positive recommendations and so some companies will strive to provide exceptional value which whether they know it or not, actually becomes part of their marketing strategy. This is a very powerful marketing tactic, because most people will accept the word of a friend’s recommendation over anything else, which when combined with the greater reach and power of the Internet, becomes explosive!

The description I’ve given above can easily be applied to the mechanics behind social networking websites. These websites effectively take the social interaction that has always been there between people, and puts it on steroids! Tapping into the power of these websites such as Twitter® and Facebook® is enabling a great many Internet marketers to exploit the power of this marketing strategy on a completely new level.

Customer will naturally be attracted to any business that provides real value and it is taking this first step by providing value to your prospects that results in more customers approaching your business. Sometimes known as providing a ‘loss leader’ to attract customers, it is one of the most valuable marketing techniques that all Internet marketers should be making extensive use of. If this is new to you or you’re not sure how to implement it in your own business, then you should seek out some training and get a good marketing education.

Without a good marketing education, you will never really be able to keep up with those who power ahead using the same strategies that you are in the dark about. Worse than that, your business may completely fail as you fail to capitalise on this lead generating strategy.


The World Wide Web is now littered with examples of online businesses that have come out of nowhere to completely dominate a market in no time at all. The leverage that the Internet provides, means that there are now many businesses such as Twitter®, Facebook® and YouTube® who just didn’t exist not that long ago.

However, whilst the Internet has helped to move things along at a much faster rate, it’s not the only major factor in their success. There are many more ‘traditional’ businesses such as McDonald’s® or KFC® that have another core element that is vital to their success:

A System!

The power of a system is its ability to allow tasks and processes to be standardised so that even unskilled workers can undertake them. McDonald’s® is a prime example of how a system allows you to deliver a consistent product and service despite massive differences in staff qualification. To make fries only requires the most basic of skills because the system of standardising the equipment, the ingredients and the cooking process removes the human variable from the equation. This practise of employing a system that can quickly be rolled out is at the heart of all successful businesses, particularly those employing the franchise strategy for expansion. If you are in any doubt as to whether your business needs a system, then you only have to make a comparison between those successful businesses with systems, and those without.

So how does this work in a small home based business? Well, combining the need for marketing and a system is going to allow you to leverage your time so that it is not spent taking on the tasks that are not generating revenue directly.

The ‘telling and selling’ processes of your sales funnel are prime candidates for a system. Sales is just a game of numbers, where the more prospective customers you’re able to push through your system, the more sales you will make.

If this is all news to you and sounds complicated, then your prospects for succeeding in any home based business are going to rely heavily on you getting educated in how to market effectively online. Even if this is all old news to you, and you’ve heard it all before, then proceeding without a system is only going to mean you exerting lots of time and energy unnecessarily.

A good marketing system combined with a proper education in how to market your business ef


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Movement Based Games For Sport
This best-selling Dvd now converted to an ebook reveals sixteen fun & challenging games perfect for athletes of all levels and ideal for adult fitness bootcamps. This ebook is perfect for consumers in the target niche of fitness bootcamps!
Movement Based Games For Sport Rich Dad adviser Mike Maloney has a deep knowledge of both Gold and Silver. He shares his predictions for Gold and Silver in relation to the overall Financial Market for 2011. Robert Kiyosaki — Founder of Rich Dad. “Mike has a tremendous financial IQ. … Take a Home Library Tour with Mike Maloney December Tuesday 21, 2010 … 19 Feb 2008 … 2008 Prediction — Mike Maloney on Gold and Silver. 31 Mar 2010 … Rich Dad’s Michael Maloney, author of Rich Dad’s Guide to Investingin Gold & Silver, talks with Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin about his … Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future (9780446510998): Michael Maloney: Books. 5 Jan 2011 … Mike Maloney endorsing Wealth Masters International … His financial education book series Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated to over …4 Feb 2008 … Author: alan | Categories: Buy Gold, Educational Videos, Gold, Precious Metals Investing | Posted: 4 February, 2008 | Tags: Buy Gold, … Mike Maloney and Richard Duncan are the financial wise men of this era in history. … Since 2005 Michael Maloney has been the precious metals investment … 18 Feb 2010 … The Rich Dad Advisor: Michael Maloney offers in-depth insights on the important of gold and silver in business since ancient times. 22 Jun 2010 … Robert Kiyosaki, along with friend, and author of the Rich Dad Advisor Book, Guide to Investing in Gold and.
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I remember starting my home based business, like it was yesterday! I had tried for months to create an income online, when I got home from work. A blog post here, a promotion there, some research on the weekend, working late into the night!

But it was hard, because I was working while my Wife and kids were watching TV, and I found myself constantly distracted. After a few months, I realized that to make it really work, I had to treat my home based business as a business.

I had to commit. After all, if this was a brick and mortar business I’d be very motivated to get sales happening just to pay the rent. I had to believe it would work and just do it!

The scariest thing was giving up the income. But on paper, the advantages of owning a successful home based business far out-weighed that constant income. And with time, my income would be far, far better.

I knew my home based business would be the ticket to my freedom!

The worst moment, like mine, in your home based business, will be starting. You will be wondering, How long will it take to replace the income I was so used to getting?

The short answer is – It is directly proportional to the effort you put in!

You see the strategy to owning a home based business is simple:

1. Research to find a hungry market that is buying,

2. Create a product that they want,

3. And then promote it.

But this strategy takes time to put into place. It could take 3 to 12 months to see income from this model, if you work hard at it. The income will come and then you’ll wonder where it was hiding all this time!

But you need to survive after your savings run out 🙁

So how do you survive:

1. Sell on eBay – It’s incredibly easy with quick returns. You have millions of buyers waiting to buy. Start by selling anything you have around the house that you don’t need or want. Then ask friends and family for stuff they don’t need or want. Once you become confident and know how to research and determine your profit margins you could buy product from markets and resell them.

2. Find work at – other website owners need people they can outsource to – blog updates, translation services, article writing, report writing, etc. Once you establish a reputation, this type of work usually becomes very consistent and profitable. You also get to see what other home based business owners are doing!

3. Sell other peoples products – There are an abundance of products out there (information and physical), which will pay handsome commissions if you sell them. They can be found with a Google search. Free blogs can be set up within minutes, providing you a base to sell these.

4. Take on a part time job – Find a job for a few days a week that will supplement the other cash flow strategies you have in place.

Where there is a will there is a way! Treat your home based business as a business. Wake up each day with a plan. Initially that plan may be ‘How can I add another cash flow stream today?’ But that plan should also include the overall strategy – The BIG Picture!

Is your home based business income a little dribble? I’ll tell you how you can solve your income issues, quickly and easily! For more FREE (but valuable) information about working at home go to

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