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Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your Job: 10 Real-Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building a Multimillion-Dollar Business / by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter (Time-Warner AudioBooks, 2005), 3 CDs read by Jim Ward and Deanna Hurst. ISBN: 9781594830778

In 2005 when the economy was booming, Before You Quit Your Job helped many people make the transition from employee to business owner. With today’s high unemployment rates, people may need to make the transition from unemployed to business owner.

It may be more difficult under current conditions, but some basic principles remain the same. Chief among them is that an entrepreneur must face up to some tough questions, and it is much better to deal with them before starting than when in the middle of trying to make it work. Equally true, everyone makes mistakes and successful people learn from them and keep going.


Robert Kiyosaki is author of the Rich Dad series of books on personal finance and business. Many of the same ideas occur across the series, but this title is especially concerned with new beginnings. Kiyosaki has had his share of successes and failures in his career and does not hesitate to tell how and why he failed and what he learned from it.

Kiyosaki does not offer an easy way to get rich. Instead he presents readers with hard questions that they must face and answer. The greatest ideas can fail for lack of any of the key ingredients for success. Fortunately, there are ways to obtain these ingredients once an entrepreneur has identified them.

The audio version of Before You Quit Your Job is not something to have running in the background while multitasking. Sit and take notes. Gain a clear understanding of the principles. Face the questions and act on them. The All-Purpose Guru Alert features one selected title every day. Stop by regularly.

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There are times when circumstances at your workplace prompt you to go in for a career change. Your frustration could arise from factors like working hours, the pay packet, your boss, sometimes even an annoying colleague. Now career transition is always your decision in the end, but sometimes you need to think things over and not jump the gun. Let us have look at some such situations.

A new supervisor makes many people rethink their career plans. The reason is not hard to find. A new boss often feels that they should quickly establish their authority over the human resources at their disposal. This makes them a bit difficult at the outset. Just hold off the urge to quit right away. Give it some time. You might be surprised to find your new boss displaying milder, even friendlier aspects of their personality as time goes by.

A common reason for going into a job search mode is the annoying co-worker. They may or may not be the person sitting at the next desk, but they have the habit of getting under your skin. It is unfortunate if the dislike of a colleague is strong enough to get you looking for recruitment services.


Under normal circumstances no one should make you quit your job, especially if someone else rather than yourself is in the wrong. Naturally if a fellow worker threatens your safety you need to take immediate action. But the first step should always be contacting higher ups and airing your grievances rather than running off to the recruitment agencies.

A poor appraisal of your efforts at work may cause you to want to quit your job. It might seem to you that you have been unfairly assessed. You might feel embarrassed and frustrated, even unwanted by the organization. The thing to remember here is that it can happen to the smartest and most hardworking of employees. You cannot be perfect all the time. It is important to take this setback to your career plans with a positive frame of mind. Let it be a wake up call to refocus on your workplace actions so that your efforts contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Instead of resigning, the way forward should be to try for a better appraisal next time.

Being denied the promotion you believe you deserved can sometimes be hard to take, leading you to consider career development elsewhere. Quitting immediately is not the solution, though. A good number of factors come into play when the matter of promotion crops up. Try to figure out what went against you. Was there a more qualified colleague? Did a more experienced or senior employee get promoted instead of you?

You can also treat this as an opportunity to set goals for yourself, fine-tune your efforts at the workplace, and improve your skill set. If in spite of this you find yourself being repeatedly passed up for promotions that you deserve, then it’s time to seek recruitment advice and look for career advancement somewhere else.

In all the situations mentioned above, you might feel a strong impulse to quit your job immediately. Apart from extenuating circumstances, such as sexual harassment in your workplace or other dangerous situations, you would be better off thinking it over calmly and objectively before you make your decision.

James Utterson is a writer and publisher specializing in self-help and internet marketing subjects. He is passionate about helping others fulfill their life’s ambitions and dreams.

His career and recruitment website has loads of useful information including a free report on preparing and planning your career change.

To obtain your free copy please visit

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Do you hate your job? Or are the workplace dynamics toxic? Thinking of leaving?

If you’re seeing the signs of possible downsizing or you feel that you’re being pushed out because you’re not popular, it may be time to resign. However, before you quit, exercise caution not to burn bridges and to keep your reputation intact. Continue to present yourself professionally and you’ll be able to leave on a good note rather than a sour one.

Make sure that you manage the final impressions that you leave, because your last weeks or months of work are what people will remember about you. And this can affect your future career prospects, especially if you work in a small industry or town.

You can always redeem or improve your work reputation, even if the general opinion is unfair and you really are more professional than those around you.

Three Things You Need to Know Before You Quit Your Job

1) Exercise Discipline.

Don’t speak ill of your fellow associates, work colleagues or your department within the company. If you have been, stop now.

Be professional in all of your dealings, especially with customers and colleagues outside your specific department. Your customer is the person that receives the results of your work – and this is not necessarily your boss or even your department. The quality of your work should speak volumes about you as a professional and as a person. Don’t allow yourself to become embroiled in office politics or idle gossip. You’ll stand out above the rest. And when your customers see your work, they just might be the ones giving the excellent referrals to a new potential employer (for you).

2) Become Self-aware and Savvy.

Know and understand what you have learned working in your current job before you quit. Do you know how you contributed positively to your work environment and to the company? Pinpoint the times you have had to exercise your conflict resolution skills. Did you do a good job or could you have improved? Can you admit honestly to yourself your part in a toxic situation? If you can become more self-aware, you are better prepared for whatever life throws at you.

If your analysis includes the bigger picture, such as how systems at work caused people to conflict, you’ll be able to vet potential employers for their likely workplace dynamics. When you go to your next job, you’ll be able to ask pertinent questions about the company’s expectations, how your work will be evaluated, who your customers will be, what policies are in place and how they’re enforced. A debriefing analysis will put you in a better position to decide where you’ll work if you know what you’ve learned or what you have yet to learn.

3) Focus on the Future and Be Positive!

Now that you’ve made the decision to quit your job, think about how you’ll live life. Will you get another job? Or will you choose to spend quality time with loved ones or pursue that elusive passion of yours? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you really move on, and enjoy the journey!

If you plan to do things that make you smile just thinking about them, your positive outlook will add to the final impressions you leave at work.

When you follow the three tips above, you might turn the workplace dynamics around for yourself. You may even decide to stay! Whatever you decide, good luck, and to your success.

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Quitting one’s job always entails a lot of courage, determination and ample reason. A person with a job that keeps him satisfied would almost never leave it, unless under unavoidable conditions. But for a person who is not contended with his job it is difficult to survive with it and he is often tempted to leave it. Following are some of the circumstances under which one might wish to quit the job:

The pay is not consistent with the amount of work/ you have a feeling that you will be soon laid off/ it is very difficult to get along with your boss/ the job has become stagnant/ your job gives you no time to breathe, too stressful, its getting you ill/ discrimination on some basis or the other against you or you have recently given birth to a child and have little children at home to take care of.

Circumstances under which quitting might be the choice:

Your job may not be paying you a satisfactory salary. You may have to work a lot more in comparison to the pay and you are aware that you are capable of bagging a job that should pay you more. In this case, very less amount of financial risks are involved, since quitting the job means you can now peacefully find jobs of your choice.

You could quit and start finding a job if your job is dead-ended or does not offer you medical insurance.

Not having 40 hours a week job makes the process of looking for another job, posting resumes and appearing for interviews, way easier.

The risks that re involved in quitting the job:

Before you come to the conclusion of quitting your job, you could just once again ask yourself – Should I quit my job? Supposing your job pays you well but you cannot manage to accommodate with your boss. Then it might be a little risky to quit since you would then deprive yourself of the benefits and perks and the constant pay check and the medical insurance.

Again if your boss files a complaint of willful misconduct against you then it might get difficult for you receive the monthly check for the unemployed. If have a feeling of getting laid off soon, it might sometimes not be the right choice to quit.

The company may have plans of paying the severance package that you could miss out on if you quit, and quitting may make you ineligible for the checks for the unemployed. If not anything else quitting a job before finding work in place of this one could leave you with no resources to support your family. Finally it may tarnish your reputation in the employment circuit.

The bottom line is that until you have found another job that you are interested in and have made arrangements for being able to support your family and yourself and the job has not become an emotional burden for you or is making you suffer physically, the spirit of quitting should not affect you much.

Silas Reed, Writer for Hound, writes articles that inform and teach about different job profiles and career advice.  Please visit for a list of some of the many job listings we offer in various fields.

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