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If you have heard about the building life wealth reviews, it’s in fact about the newest program that Russ Whitney produced due to the fact he wanted to give people an ultimate guide on how you can turn into rich in real estate business. This is really a home study course that can let you discover everything which is essential inside your line of enterprise.

This is one of probably the most efficient and much less expensive programs that entrepreneurs can surely take advantage of. This course reveals the secrets, methods and formulas that are recognized to support you bring success within your real estate enterprise. From the 2 CDs in this program, you will personally learn from the expert himself Russ Whitney. Here you will see him give personal instructions that you’ve got by no means heard prior to. All of the information included in this program has not been seen by the industry yet. It’s composed of two hours directions which will give you the chance to earn thousands of net cash flow in a month.

Russ Whitney has thousands of students who are now successful in their real estate careers simply because they select to understand from the master. In this new program, you will have the ability to discover timely information that’s easy to implement that one can start in less than three days. With the building life wealth house study course, you will also be able to acquire a manual that Russ Whitney wrote. This could be the most effective info you’ll ever require in real estate investing. Building life wealth reviews are proofs that this home study course is effective and dependable. Soon enough, you’ll realize that you have chosen the best program ever.

There are success stories behind every single program that Russ Whitney and he was able to make millionaires out of his programs. This current program will uncover the newest way on how you are able to be financially independent and to obtain success in real estate inside the present climate of the marketplace.

It’s not everyday that you can discover fantastic deals like this. A program like this is one factor that you can’t afford to miss given that these days earning money is one of the tough things to do. Should you want to generate higher money flow deals and make money inevitably, then this program could suit your needs for a consistent income. Pay attention to what building life wealth reviews has to tell you and see how you are able to learn life changing lessons from this program.

For more info please visit Russ Whitney at

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“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health.”- A. J. Reb Materi
When was the last time you went for a nice run? Or had a few glasses of water? Or ate a plate full of field greens and roughage?
So often in the quest for wealth and riches we can get side tracked on something so much more important than material success–our health.
If time is your most valuable asset because once you’ve lost it you can never get it back, then health runs a close second because it determines your QUALITY of life for whatever period of time that you have to live.
Make sure that even in your pursuit of an amazing lifestyle that you still MAKE time for things like regular exercise, eating right, detoxing, and just god ‘ole sleep (aim for 8 hours a night. I know! Hard for an entrepreneur, but I know you can do it!).
One of the traps that is very easy to fall into during any pursuit of success is feeling that you must “get somewhere” before you can truly experience happiness and fulfillment. Taking care of your health is one of the primary ways that you can ensure that you are experiencing happiness NOW.
Staying in shapes helps you to not only feel better and feel better ABOUT yourself, but it also helps you to exude a confident, succesful persona that will attract many of the people who will ultimately make you very successful into your sphere of influence.
Wealth is so much more than just money, freedom, and assets, but having the good health to be able to fully enjoy it all. So the next time that you’re in that all-out marathon to build your business, make sure to schedule a little time to take care of the business of your health as well.

The Mult-Million Dollar Mindset will show you how to discover ways to become rich, how to start a business, and how to join the wealth builders. It was created by Lawrence L. Cole, America’s Ambassador on Influence

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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and Wealth Building

STEP 2: Achieve Financial Freedom – Choosing Your Escape

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? For most people,
this is constantly on their mind. If you are reading
CashFlow Avenue’s 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and
Wealth Building, chances you are looking for ways to get
out of the rat race and to achieve financial freedom.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

With your Financial Goals firmly defined in Step 1, you
would now have to choose your “escape” investment
vehicle. There are plenty of investment vehicles in the
world. Let’s name a few most common form of investment -
fixed deposits, gold, bonds, real estate, stocks, stock
options, mutual funds, starting a business on your own, etc.

From experience, you might probably be able to tell that
every one of the above contains risk, except for fixed
deposits. Profit, simply defined, is your reward for
placing taking risk on your assets.

On surface, fixed deposits, look the safest form of
investment but are probably the most risky because
inflation rates are consistently higher that what the bank
would pay you – slowly eating away your purchasing power in
years to come. So, in truth, while your bank account is
growing in numbers, you are actually becoming poorer. If
there is no inflation (which will never happen in the long
run), fixed deposits are still not the best escape vehicle
because it takes just too long to appreciate. Who would
want to wait 30 years before they can be rich?

Without getting involved into too much detail, let’s jump
straight into action. When choosing an escape vehicle, you
probably would want to set a few criterions to screen out
what will and will not work for you. The ideal escape
vehicle or business should provide:

Liquidity – allows you to cash out within a few days.

Leverage on Your Capital – using only your capital can be
slow. Select a vehicle that provides leverage that
magnifies only returns but not losses.

Fast Results – should see return on investment within the 1
st month.

Easy to Set Up – should take no longer than 1 month to

Predictable Monthly Return on Investment (ROI) – be able to
forecast accurately your monthly

Low Risk – consistent and provides a high percentage for

Profit with Time – with each tick of the clock, you should
be making money.

Utilizes The Power of Compound Interest – snowball your
returns to accelerate your wealth building process.

After running these criterions over the choices of
investment available, most vehicles don’t make the cut. Of
all, only 2 investment vehicles would make the cut. 

Stay tuned for Step 3 for the Best Escape Vehicle.

CASHFLOW AVENUE is established to provide Low-Risk Options
Trading Recommendations to the common traders in their
pursuit of financial freedom and a better lifestyle.

Article from Eric Taylor reveals who can and how to get out of the Rat Race in Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow 101 and 202. It’s easier than most people realize, but it’s vital to listen to the rich like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. http
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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I remember starting my home based business, like it was yesterday! I had tried for months to create an income online, when I got home from work. A blog post here, a promotion there, some research on the weekend, working late into the night!

But it was hard, because I was working while my Wife and kids were watching TV, and I found myself constantly distracted. After a few months, I realized that to make it really work, I had to treat my home based business as a business.

I had to commit. After all, if this was a brick and mortar business I’d be very motivated to get sales happening just to pay the rent. I had to believe it would work and just do it!

The scariest thing was giving up the income. But on paper, the advantages of owning a successful home based business far out-weighed that constant income. And with time, my income would be far, far better.

I knew my home based business would be the ticket to my freedom!

The worst moment, like mine, in your home based business, will be starting. You will be wondering, How long will it take to replace the income I was so used to getting?

The short answer is – It is directly proportional to the effort you put in!

You see the strategy to owning a home based business is simple:

1. Research to find a hungry market that is buying,

2. Create a product that they want,

3. And then promote it.

But this strategy takes time to put into place. It could take 3 to 12 months to see income from this model, if you work hard at it. The income will come and then you’ll wonder where it was hiding all this time!

But you need to survive after your savings run out 🙁

So how do you survive:

1. Sell on eBay – It’s incredibly easy with quick returns. You have millions of buyers waiting to buy. Start by selling anything you have around the house that you don’t need or want. Then ask friends and family for stuff they don’t need or want. Once you become confident and know how to research and determine your profit margins you could buy product from markets and resell them.

2. Find work at – other website owners need people they can outsource to – blog updates, translation services, article writing, report writing, etc. Once you establish a reputation, this type of work usually becomes very consistent and profitable. You also get to see what other home based business owners are doing!

3. Sell other peoples products – There are an abundance of products out there (information and physical), which will pay handsome commissions if you sell them. They can be found with a Google search. Free blogs can be set up within minutes, providing you a base to sell these.

4. Take on a part time job – Find a job for a few days a week that will supplement the other cash flow strategies you have in place.

Where there is a will there is a way! Treat your home based business as a business. Wake up each day with a plan. Initially that plan may be ‘How can I add another cash flow stream today?’ But that plan should also include the overall strategy – The BIG Picture!

Is your home based business income a little dribble? I’ll tell you how you can solve your income issues, quickly and easily! For more FREE (but valuable) information about working at home go to

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I have always thought there’s only one formula in making money.  That is work hard and at the end of each month, you get your paycheck.  Growing up in a family of farmers, I have seen what working hard really means.  I’ve experienced waking up early in the morning, go to the farm, plant or harvest rice until the sun sets in.  When you go home after a long day of working, the aching muscles says it all.  It is HARD work.  I’ve learned from my parents that if you want to have some money, you have to work  for it.  Often times, I’d go along with my mom to harvest tobacco leaves from a nearby town, and afterwards, she’d pay me for how much I was able to harvest.  That’s always been my training in terms of making money.  That was my first money habit – work to earn.

When I was in College, I wanted very much to help my parents pay for my education.  I was fortunate to have been granted a full scholarship, so that took care of the tuition.  Even then, making money from a far away province, and spending it in the most expensive city in the country is no easy task.  It is an uphill battle similar to walking up to a going down escalator.  So in my own little way, I also tried to make money by applying as student assistant to one of the universities’ projects.  It doesn’t pay much since it is a government project but enough to pay some of my daily expenses and grow my confidence.

After graduating, I immediately started work as a mainframe programmer for a multinational IT company.  The offer I got then was around 16,000 pesos which was BIG money then for someone who’s fresh out of college and don’t have much working experience.  I worked very hard and was fortunate enough to be promoted almost every year.

As my paycheck increased, my appetite for consumption also increased.  I bought a refrigerator, a washing machine, gas stove, shoes, etc, ALL at the same time, EVEN when I didn’t have the money to pay for it.  I just used my new credit card!  That’s when my debt started to pile up.  The “easy” monthly payments never lived up to its promise.  No monthly payment was easy, especially when you only have your paycheck to rely on.  As my debt seemingly increased every month, I also had to worry about paying my monthly house rental, buying groceries, eating out with friends, and more.  There were times I was so out of money I even had to do “cash advance” on my credit card.  As some of you might know, you get to pay a hefty “fee” for doing a cash advance.  This is on top of the amount of money you actually “advanced”.  My already big debt, ballooned even more!  I was so ashamed of having to do cash advance, I promised right there and then, I had to pay for my debt no matter what.  It was like a having compound interest working against me.  I had to learn how money works.  I had to figure it out no matter what.  I had no choice.

While pondering my huge debt, I tried to look for ways to earn more money.  I tried doing some programming projects for friends.  I even entered the world of network marketing, tried selling wellness products and failed miserably.  I remember that my only “downlines” (a term indicating those you’ve recruited into the business) was my mother, my aunt, and a few of my friends.  It was a learning experience.  The thing that struck me most, was that my “need” for money, was being transferred to my “clients”, without me being conscious of it.  It was hard “selling” something you don’t 100% believe in and it’s even harder when your motivation is “making” more money without necessarily helping other people.  I think this mindset barrier is one of the reasons why I was not able to make it work.  Everyday, I had to battle with myself.  Am I here to really help other people?  Or is it just because of the money?

One time, while me and my friends were hanging out at a bookstore, I saw the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  I heard my friend say it’s a great book, so I bought it, took it home and devoured the stories and financial lessons in the book.   The book opened my eyes to the world of money I never knew existed before.  That’s when I realized that the rich have different sets of money habits from the poor and the middle class.  For the first time, it finally made sense why I can’t seem to be making a dent on my credit card debt; why I can’t seem to sell anything at all.  Because I had the wrong money habits.  I had to learn rich money habits to achieve financial freedom.

After that, it got me excited to learn more about money. First, I signed-up for our company’s savings plan.  I started really small. At first, only about 2% of my paycheck is automatically deducted and kept under my savings account.  I don’t even get to hold the money.  After a month, I increased it to 5%, then to 10%. After a year of saving, I was able to set aside 20% of my paycheck without necessarily scrimping myself too much.  That was rich money habit #1 – pay yourself first.

With the savings, I had, I was able to pay my debt slowly buy surely.  More than that, it gave me confidence to know that I can do it, with the proper discipline and rich money habit.  When the opportunity came for me to be assigned to the US for a 6-month stint in my company, I was able to save even more and pay-off the rest of my credit card debt. That was rich money habit #2 – get out of bad debt as soon as possible!

I also started to take serious notice of the numerous calls I got from insurance agents offering life insurance.  Before, I would always make up numerous excuses just to avoid talking to them.  But now, I wanted to know more how I can use the different insurance products to protect myself and my family.  I also started reading more on business, money, investing and personal finance.  After a few years, I managed to save up for an emergency fund.  That’s rich money habit #3 – Get some protection!

I’m still a long way to go from financial freedom.  That is my goal.  I am in the process of learning how to build passive and semi-passive income, and I am loving every minute of it.  In this website, I will share whatever I learned so that you too can build your own rich money habits and ensure your financial success and freedom!

Allan Inocente is the owner of Rich Money Habits by You can learn more about him at

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Our company buys houses across the United States and we are constantly asked, “How do you do this successfully and live so far away from the properties you buy? How are you handling the rehab living so far away?” and “How are you so successful at this and not even living in the same states you’re investing in?” Here is my answer: I have an awesome power team of people that I trust in each and every market we go into. This team includes lenders, contractors, handymen, property managers, appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents and brokers, sign companies, insurance agents, tenants and buyers! It can sometime take a while to put this team together and yes you are probably going to go through a few not so great ones to get to the ones you like, know and trust. As your portfolio begins to grow, you will need more people on “your team”. The very BEST place to find these people is by a referral. That referral can come from another investor, a local real estate investment group member, a member of a local landlord association, a realtor, a friend or anyone else that you trust. Just be sure that they are “In the Business” and understand what it is that we do as investors. Always remember, the due diligence end of things is always your responsibility. Just because an investor recommends you use a certain agent, appraiser, lender or contractor does not mean they are the best person for the job. You should always get references from anyone you are even thinking of using.

Property Managers – Like your real estate agent and attorney, you need to find someone you can get along with. Interview them, as if you were going to rent a property to them. You want to make sure your property managers will handle your house like a landlord not a slumlord.

Insurance Agents- Shop Around to find an agent who can do non owner occupied (NOO) properties and give you a fair rate! I always look for a broker who can give me a competitive rate and is fair and most importantly, honest. I like to find insurance agents through referrals-that usually seems to be the best!

Lenders – This can be a tedious process. However, once you find just a couple of lenders in a specific area and they understand Investment property and NOO (Non-owner occupied) loans, you’re set! First and foremost, you will need to find someone that can loan in the area you are looking at investing in. There are private money and hard money lenders that are available in every state there is and sometimes using private money or hard money loans can be the easiest way to buy and rehab a house without using your own cash, especially if you don’t have good credit or much cash to put into the deal. Most private and hard money lenders charge anywhere from 4-8 points to originate the loan and 10-18% interest. This is not cheap, but it’s not really a horrible price to pay for the convenience of having money in 1-2 days. Sometimes, its not the cost of the money but the availability of the money that is most important. As long ad the yield is higher than the cost….that’s all that matters. In other words, if you are going to make more than what you spent to get into the deal, it should be a no-brainer! Here is the difference between lenders: Private and Hard Money Lenders are quick and can provide you with the cash you need quickly, but you are going to pay more. They provide a service that mortgage lenders and banks cannot typically do. They give you the money to purchase the house as well as provide the money to complete the rehab on the house. However, you must remember that you can’t keep a hard money loan on your property for any long period of time and expect to make any money-the money is expensive and will eat up your profits quickly. When taking out a private or hard money loan, you should not plan on keeping it more than 90-120 days at the most. If the project cannot be completed in that timeframe, don’t use hard money! To get a copy of our Hard Money Lender Rolodex, go to or and enter your name and email on the popup that comes up.

Conventional Lenders are much less expensive but usually require better credit-at least decent credit. There is definitely more documentation and it takes a lot longer to complete a deal-typically 30-45 days to close. It’s nice to find a funding source that can provide both; however that’s usually not your typical scenario.

Whatever type of lender you decide to use, be sure to always line them up before you go searching for properties. It’s always best to have the money in place BEFORE you need it. Then, when you go to make offers, there I no delay. The last thing you want to do is get a property under contract only to find out you can’t get the money to purchase it. The investment market is a very small one and you definitely don’t want to develop a reputation for not being able to close deals!

Sign Companies – You can pick any sign company out of a phone book or wherever. I have previously used sign companies to put out and pick up signs in addition to showing my vacant properties to prospective tenants.

If you are going to manage your own properties, while living in another state, you will need a person to show the property to potential tenants. Realtors, Handymen and sometimes even appraisers can be great people to use for this, but sign companies are going to put out your signs in front of the house anyway. For a nominal fee, they may be willing to let someone in and show them the property. Don’t try to use a large national company for this. Call a local one-man type of shop. You can sometimes find them through referrals from other real estate investors or realtors.

Real Estate Agents & Brokers – This is not the easiest person to recruit for your team! You should never put all your eggs in one basket (ie…one realtor) However, you definitely want to develop strong relationships where agents know you, know you are a serious investor and that you are serious about purchasing multiple deals in one given area. You need to be on a mission to find a buyers agent who is willing to put in some legwork and then be compensated accordingly. If the agent knows you are looking to buy properties in this same area over and over again, they will almost always do whatever they can to accommodate you (take picture, email you comps in a timely fashion, for research, run the financials, etc) There are a lot of gents out there doing the real estate thing part time-those are not the ones you want. You also want to din agents whoa re investors themselves or who work with investors frequently and understand how to “play the game.”

After, you have a property in mind and you are calling an agent for the first time, you need to know a couple of things about the property. What work does the property need? What will it be worth once the work is done-that is the ARV (After repaired value)? What will this property rent for-what are rents in the area for properties similar to this one (Have them send you a rental analysis or something on paper-don’t just take their word. Alternatively, you can look in a local newspaper for the area and calla few local property management companies to verify local rents) What is the average time on the market if I were to resell the property? What do the ¼ mile and ½ mile comps look like? If the agent can’t give you this information on a property , they are not the right agent. Also, you will want to make sure you find an agent who will go to the properties you are looking at buying and take several digital pictures and send them along to you. If they are not willing, find another agent! These agents need to understand that the chances are that you are going to buy this property without seeing it. They are acting as your eyes and ears on this purchase and its important that they look at this as if they were going to buy the property themselves and pay close attention to detail. After you purchase a home or two from one agent, they are going to be more willing to work with you and do what you need them to do. They want to see that you are serious and then they will usually perk up, pay attention and do whatever it is that you need them to do. This is the type of relationship you are seeking.

Attorneys – You need to employ the services of any attorney when wholesaling houses to other investors. We won’t get into the legalities and tax issues of “double closings”. This is where you use your buyer’s funds to pay the seller. You don’t spend any money out of your pocket. Your buyer writes a check to the attorney, the attorney pays the seller and writes you a check for the difference. Some attorneys will do this, some will not. If you don’t have the cash to fund the purchase, it’s nice to identify an attorney who will allow this. It can be as simple as asking. “Will they do a double close? And can you use buyers funds for your deal?” I recommend the honest approach, tell the attorney what it is that you want to accomplish and if he can make it work, great!

Before you decide who you are going to use, speak with a few different attorneys via telephone. Make sure are clear about your investment goals and what you are trying to achieve. Also make sure they are experienced attorneys who are used to working with investors because if the attorney understands you as an investor and what you are trying to accomplish, he or she can better protect you in the long run!

Tenants – If you are planning to buy, fix and rent out your properties, then you need to have tenants for your properties. Two great places to look if you want to rent your properties out through Section 8 is and They will allow you to list your property in their databases for free and then those properties are marketed to tenants with section 8 vouchers who are looking for housing. This program is great and has saved me thousands of dollars in advertising costs to get tenants! If you decide not to rent your properties through section 8, you can run ads in the local newspaper. Also, be sure and put a sign in the yard letting everyone who drives or walks by the property that it is for rent. You will be surprised how quickly the word will travel!

Buyers – If you are going to wholesale a house here and there to another investor, you need to have a list of people that you can sell to and who buy houses wholesale to rehab and rent or sell. Its best to develop this list of people BEFORE you go out and put properties under contract.

As a company,, we have thousand of people on out list that say that they “Buy Properties.” However, our core list of really serious buyers who have lines of credit lined up and can pay cash for a property on a days notice is less than 100 people long. In your area, you need to know who that core group. You can always find buyers at your local landlord association or investment group meetings. You can also find buyers via referral through other investors or even agents. WE find a lot of our buyers online in local news and chat groups like yahoo as well. Ask local appraisers and title companies who the “Serious Investors” in the area are. They are usually more than willing to share this information with you. As you develop a reputation in a given market, the buyers will come to you for the deals. This is the best case scenario!

Appraisers, Handymen and Contractors – With these contacts, you not only need to find professionals that you trust and can work with. But you also you need someone that is preferably an investor themselves but if not, understands investment property and the end financial result you are seeking. A ,000 home in a lower income neighborhood would be rehabbed differently than a 0,000 house in an expensive neighborhood and your appraiser and rehab crew need to understand those differences. Also your appraiser must understand the need to go through the house and give you an after repair value (ARV)as if any needed repairs were complete. In other words, he need to give you an AS-IS appraisal and at the same time a solid professional guesstimate of what the ARV will be when the property has been rehabbed completely.

You may need to go through a few appraisers to find a good one who is honest. You can usually call your bank or lender you are planning on using. This is sometimes best as they have specific lists of people they will and will not work with.

Take the same approach with your handymen and contractors. Tell them you need the job done for 00, when you know it will cost ,000. Make sure they are not cutting costs when they give you a bid, just to get the job. Some trimming is fine, but cutting the price in half, just to get the job, will almost always end up in a poor quality job as far as workmanship is concerned.

When identifying a new contractor, be tough. Ask for the moon and stars. Tell them that you want a rehab quote with pictures and estimates broken down by labor and materials as well as room by room. If they offer to give you this, then you have someone who is flexible and is willing to work with you.

Since time is the biggest factor when rehabbing a house, make sure your contractor gives you a firm date that the job will be completed. Also, when getting bids,make sure you get them back from the contractor in a timely manner. If you have a 7 day inspection clause in your purchase contract, tell your contractor “We are rushed and need thi back within 48 hours. Can you get this done for us right away and fax the bid to me within 48 hours?” You want to make sure they follow through on what they promise.

Also, send more than one handyman or contractor to a job, unless you’ve worked with them before. If you are working with someone new, make sure they are not the only quote you get. They may be too high or may do poor work and you will have no idea-even if they have been referred. If you get three or four bids for that same house, you will have a really solid idea of the scope of work and an accurate price of what it’s going to cost you to rehab that property.

Please feel free to check Charrissa Cawley’s websites at REI Conferences or REI Training Center for other great Real Estate Investing Resources, tips and trends! Type in your name and email address and then click on Free Resources. You will find a tremendous amount of FREE and useful information! Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-2500-6616.

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