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There are times when circumstances at your workplace prompt you to go in for a career change. Your frustration could arise from factors like working hours, the pay packet, your boss, sometimes even an annoying colleague. Now career transition is always your decision in the end, but sometimes you need to think things over and not jump the gun. Let us have look at some such situations.

A new supervisor makes many people rethink their career plans. The reason is not hard to find. A new boss often feels that they should quickly establish their authority over the human resources at their disposal. This makes them a bit difficult at the outset. Just hold off the urge to quit right away. Give it some time. You might be surprised to find your new boss displaying milder, even friendlier aspects of their personality as time goes by.

A common reason for going into a job search mode is the annoying co-worker. They may or may not be the person sitting at the next desk, but they have the habit of getting under your skin. It is unfortunate if the dislike of a colleague is strong enough to get you looking for recruitment services.


Under normal circumstances no one should make you quit your job, especially if someone else rather than yourself is in the wrong. Naturally if a fellow worker threatens your safety you need to take immediate action. But the first step should always be contacting higher ups and airing your grievances rather than running off to the recruitment agencies.

A poor appraisal of your efforts at work may cause you to want to quit your job. It might seem to you that you have been unfairly assessed. You might feel embarrassed and frustrated, even unwanted by the organization. The thing to remember here is that it can happen to the smartest and most hardworking of employees. You cannot be perfect all the time. It is important to take this setback to your career plans with a positive frame of mind. Let it be a wake up call to refocus on your workplace actions so that your efforts contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Instead of resigning, the way forward should be to try for a better appraisal next time.

Being denied the promotion you believe you deserved can sometimes be hard to take, leading you to consider career development elsewhere. Quitting immediately is not the solution, though. A good number of factors come into play when the matter of promotion crops up. Try to figure out what went against you. Was there a more qualified colleague? Did a more experienced or senior employee get promoted instead of you?

You can also treat this as an opportunity to set goals for yourself, fine-tune your efforts at the workplace, and improve your skill set. If in spite of this you find yourself being repeatedly passed up for promotions that you deserve, then it’s time to seek recruitment advice and look for career advancement somewhere else.

In all the situations mentioned above, you might feel a strong impulse to quit your job immediately. Apart from extenuating circumstances, such as sexual harassment in your workplace or other dangerous situations, you would be better off thinking it over calmly and objectively before you make your decision.

James Utterson is a writer and publisher specializing in self-help and internet marketing subjects. He is passionate about helping others fulfill their life’s ambitions and dreams.

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Have you been frequently hearing from that modest voice within that you’re tired of your own job or wish you quit?  Well, you are definitely not alone.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, writer of the Rich Dad collection, provides the answer and shows us how to distinguish and select our CASHFLOW Quadrants.

There are four categories of CASHFLOW Quadrants that people fall into.  Kiyosaki’s way of thinking uses income and how people make a living to state each category.

E     Employee, a man or women that obtains their particular income from a job with a conventional paycheck from a company they do not own.  This is the E quadrant.

S     Self-Employed, also comprises of a small business owner.  If you are a professional such as a physician or attorney, or a commissioned sales person like a Real Estate Broker you are part of the S quadrant.

B     The B (Business Owner) Quadrant person is the owner of a company that has above five hundred employees. You solely have to own it, not show up every day, to fall into this particular group.

I     Investor, this particular person makes the mass of their money coming from personal investments.  As an investor you fall into the I quadrant.

An unique point in relation to these Quadrants is that men and women inside the same group usually share central values.  The individuals in the S quadrant share a importance of self-sufficiency and having the independence to do exactly what they want. Many have a work from home business. The B’s tend not to possess the “John Wayne Approach” of business wanting to do all the work themselves.

The I Quadrant defines those people that have their money working for them instead of them working for their money. They love financial freedom and have invested so that their money grows without them having to manage it or work for it.

Now that you have been introduced to the Quadrant philosophy do you continue to require to find a new job for success or can the answer lie in your quadrant?

Now that I have presented you to CASHFLOW Quadrants I know you’ll want additional info so I propose Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, The Business School For People Who Like Helping People. Recommended to me by successful Network Marketer, founder of Yoli and my friend, Corey Citron, Robert’s book is 120 pages of easy to read info to assist an individual determine if developing a work from business opportunity, MLM or Network Marketing is for you.

“Keep working fulltime to make your income while you develop a Network Marketing Business and work part time to generate your fortune.” –Jim Rohn (paraphrased)

To understand more about Quadrants and discover where you want to be, secure a copy of Kiyosaki’s book, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People. I did and it transformed my views and assisted me switch my quadrant.