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There are times when circumstances at your workplace prompt you to go in for a career change. Your frustration could arise from factors like working hours, the pay packet, your boss, sometimes even an annoying colleague. Now career transition is always your decision in the end, but sometimes you need to think things over and not jump the gun. Let us have look at some such situations.

A new supervisor makes many people rethink their career plans. The reason is not hard to find. A new boss often feels that they should quickly establish their authority over the human resources at their disposal. This makes them a bit difficult at the outset. Just hold off the urge to quit right away. Give it some time. You might be surprised to find your new boss displaying milder, even friendlier aspects of their personality as time goes by.

A common reason for going into a job search mode is the annoying co-worker. They may or may not be the person sitting at the next desk, but they have the habit of getting under your skin. It is unfortunate if the dislike of a colleague is strong enough to get you looking for recruitment services.


Under normal circumstances no one should make you quit your job, especially if someone else rather than yourself is in the wrong. Naturally if a fellow worker threatens your safety you need to take immediate action. But the first step should always be contacting higher ups and airing your grievances rather than running off to the recruitment agencies.

A poor appraisal of your efforts at work may cause you to want to quit your job. It might seem to you that you have been unfairly assessed. You might feel embarrassed and frustrated, even unwanted by the organization. The thing to remember here is that it can happen to the smartest and most hardworking of employees. You cannot be perfect all the time. It is important to take this setback to your career plans with a positive frame of mind. Let it be a wake up call to refocus on your workplace actions so that your efforts contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. Instead of resigning, the way forward should be to try for a better appraisal next time.

Being denied the promotion you believe you deserved can sometimes be hard to take, leading you to consider career development elsewhere. Quitting immediately is not the solution, though. A good number of factors come into play when the matter of promotion crops up. Try to figure out what went against you. Was there a more qualified colleague? Did a more experienced or senior employee get promoted instead of you?

You can also treat this as an opportunity to set goals for yourself, fine-tune your efforts at the workplace, and improve your skill set. If in spite of this you find yourself being repeatedly passed up for promotions that you deserve, then it’s time to seek recruitment advice and look for career advancement somewhere else.

In all the situations mentioned above, you might feel a strong impulse to quit your job immediately. Apart from extenuating circumstances, such as sexual harassment in your workplace or other dangerous situations, you would be better off thinking it over calmly and objectively before you make your decision.

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I have been wondering how to approach this topic because it can be a difficult one to talk about with your significant other. Even the slight mention of this topic can create an explosion between couples. I know. I have been there myself. But…if you can overcome the pain, come to a neutral place, than you both might be glad you took the risk to even discuss this subject.

What’s the big topic? Holiday Gifts ~ spending on something else instead. Why can this be a ticking time bomb to discuss??? Ladies…let me ask you this question and be honest…if your man comes up to you and asks… “Honey, what if instead of buying each other expensive gifts this year…ummm…we set up an account with Scottrade or Fidelity? (Or something along those lines)

Ladies…be honest…Spending on something “practical” is NOT what you want to hear. Am I way off? I know…something romantic and something that makes you feel beautiful, right? That sounds better?

Now…I am not trying to pick on the ladies for this topic or blame the ladies here. Guys… we are just as guilty. We buy a lot of “crap” on our sports, cars, and well…more “man” crap. So we are just as guilty on spending money on “stuff”.

Look, the thought of a backlash between couples in suggesting that you both spend money on an investing account or on some other assets, rather than buying some jewelry, some nice outfits, a new pair of golf clubs, or whatever “stuff” you might desire, can be a scary subject to bring up. Who likes to argue and fight with your significant other? It is not fun. So of course…we avoid it. Better to continue the debt?

But what about the debt that follows us when the holidays are over? Doesn’t that “debt” also create those “lovely” conversations about money? And then let’s talk about the credit card debt that we rack up over the holidays. Is it really worth it?

The holidays can be a wonderful time, don’t get me wrong, but the after effect of spending money we don’t have can create larger debt which can lead to late payments, collections, or even worse…short on the mortgage or rent. And if that starts to happen…then our credit goes down the drain. And trust me on this…that is NOT a conversation you want with your partner.

What if instead we took Robert Kiyosaki’s advice and we put that holiday money this year towards some assets? Or what if we listened to Suzi Orman and we put that holiday money to our emergency back up so we get a little closer to her 8 month cash reserve that she recommends?

I know…but then we have to “delay” our immediate gratification and that’s not very fun. Hence this topic is not a popular one for sure. Hmmm…but what if we could create some assets that generated money in the future? What if those assets grew over time and because of it, we could start buying those cute pairs of shoes and golf clubs because we learned to increase our financial IQ (as Mr. Kiyosaki suggests). Yes, I am a big fan of his if you cannot tell. But it really starts to make sense. Create assets to generate more cash and then we can have our “stuff” from the money generated by those assets.

It seems the difficult part on this idea is to delay our purchasing “stuff” like the holiday gifts because we are so used to satisfying our needs “today” as opposed to later.

But what if we could delay our immediate desires? What if we could get excited about buying some stocks, gold, silver, or some kind of asset that could get us closer to financial freedom?
Just a thought… I expect this one will be rejected by many but I prefer to face the topic head on and so I do think it is worth bringing it up.

However you decide to “spend” your holidays…Enjoy!

Some Conversation Starter ~ Suggestions

“Honey, suggesting this idea doesn’t mean I don’t love you…actually because I do love you, because I do love “us”, I want to ensure our family is secure.”

And maybe add the following ~

“Honey, in place of a gift this year…I would like to cook you dinner for a week”; or do laundry for the week, take her to a museum, a play, or cook a romantic dinner, etc.

Do something she would like to do so she knows that you do love her and that you do care and that you just want was ultimately is the best for your family.

I love to network in person and online. I believe being proactive is the key to overcoming these slow economic times. Being positive is great but without taking action, than there will be little results. I try to challenge myself by increasing my work load in increments of 10%. Each month I want to add another 10% to my plate. I refuse to let this slow economy define my life. I encourage everyone to keep getting up to the batters box and take another swing. Eventually we have to hit that darn ball right.

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