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Self help books have become quite popular of late, as more and more people become interested in personal growth and development, which is turning out to be the only key to survival in this competition-ridden society.

1. Thought Vibration, Walter Atkinson – Attract Your Desires through the Vibration of Your Thoughts

Another one of the many self help books that focus on the law of attraction, the Thought Vibration explores the subject using a different and more radical perspective, making it quite a controversial self help book from an equally controversial author.

The main purpose of the book is to enlighten you on how to use your thoughts to attract what you want to get in life. It says that if you really set your mind on your desires, your thoughts will create such a powerful vibration that will simply magnet the subject of your desires straight to you.

Thought Vibration also teaches how to go through the process, which should begin with a clear and calm mind that is not limited by negative beliefs. The book is closely linked to the benefits of positive affirmations to train the mind and to remove limiting thoughts.


2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki – Welcome Money and Prosperity with the Abundance Mindset

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the most talked about self help books around. The book became a hit especially since it dwells mostly on money issues, which all people, regardless of age or background, can relate to.

The self help book dwells on how to invite money and prosperity into your life by seeing money making opportunities clearly instead of focusing on the negative state of the economy. It’s all about developing an “abundance mindset” rather than get drowned by the “scarcity mindset” that is so prevalent today.

3. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey – Change Results by Changing Perception and Interpretation

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People turned out to be one of the most influential books in the popular self help reading list. Although it was published way back in 1990, ripples of its influence can still be felt today.

Like the other books in this self help reading list, the 7 Habits revolve around the importance of changing your perception and interpretation of the world in changing results. This phenomenon was dubbed by author Covey as the “paradigm shift.” Covey wrote that the right perception can do wodners for your productivity and time management skills, making you an able and effective person.

4. NLP (Collins Need to Know?), Carolyn Boyes – Change Results by Changing Action

Another intriguing self help book is the NLP by Carolyn Boyes. The book revolves around NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. The book teaches another way of changing one’s mindset, and how this simple act can pave the way for goal achievement.

The unique thing about the concept of NLP is that it begins with a change in action, which brings a change in results, which therefore changes one’s thinking. This is a modified version of the law of attraction, which begins with a changed thinking leading to a changed action and then changed results.

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this is a pretty long introduction to the intro and chapter 1 of rich dad poor dad, but try and listen to it so you get a drift of what is going on when i am actually talking like i know what im doing. i am probably going to explain things in my next video about this. book: rich dad poor dad they did not ask me to do this. they do not know i exsist or an uploading this, i just really like the book, because it is wise and i know i will try the stuff in this book because it makes sense

If you are like me, you cannot stop reading and learning about real estate and business. I listen to audio books while working on the computer, in the car, even at the gym or when listening to my IPod. No joking around here, my high school self would beat up my current self and put bubble gum in my hair for being such a dork. Anyone else out there that can relate? Here are the most influential books that have helped my real estate business. Please share with all of us, what are some of your most influential books?

The 4-Hour WorkWeek by Timothy Ferriss – I have read so many business books that I thought it would all overlap and my cup would be full. Not so fast. What I learned from the first half of this book will have a bigger positive impact on my life than every other business book combined.
Goals by Brian Tracy – If there is one thing I could recommend to every person in this world it would be to write down your goals and what it will take to achieve them every day and complete your daily goals. The progress I have made since implementing the knowledge obtained from this must read is mind boggling. My organization, time management, performance and ability to get things done is amazing. Everybody should read this book, those of you spinning your wheels, changing careers and can never decide on a path should immediately read.
EMyth Revisited by Michael Gerber – We read this book in my MBA program and I think every light bulb possible in my head went off. Michael Gerber is the author and breaks down why most small businesses fail, details the 3 types of people in business and discusses systems, franchises and separating yourself from the daily processes and becoming a true entrepreneur. Absolute must read, it completely changed my thinking and I can’t even imagine my career without this knowledge. I felt smarter than 90% of business professionals after reading this book, go read it.
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki – The original Rich Dad Poor Dad book really opened my eyes to a different way of thinking. The rest of their books are tremendous, too. Cash Flow Quadrants, Real Estate Riches, ABCs of Real Estate Investing, etc. Most have heard of them, they are tremendous books I recommend every real estate professional read.
The Secret of Success by William Walker Atkinson – Don’t confuse this with the current movie where the premise is what you think will become reality. This is an old book that explains how 95% of people are followers. If they are making their own decisions they do what everyone else thinks they should do. It is the 5% that think outside the box, gather factual data and make the best informed decisions that become the most successful. These people control their own destiny and can achieve tremendous success. An eye opening read.

There is so much knowledge out there and so many great books to read. I encourage you to share with us your favorite books by leaving a comment  at

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One of the most important things that you should learn as a parent is how to understand your child. You need to know  that your child has a unique personality that will remain for the rest of his or her life. By observing  your child as they play, eat or even sleep you can get an understanding of your child and the developing personality. Do you find that adjusting to changes comes easy for them, or do they take time to adjust to changing patterns or circumstances? What are the types of activities that they prefer? You should note the type, and not simply the activity, because this is the type of activity that they will prefer for the rest of their life.

As often as you can you should make time to talk to your children. By doing so a stronger bond will develop and you will gain a greater understanding of their pattern of thinking. Ask questions that will allow them to share their feelings with you, but never ask a question that will make them feel you are prying. It should always be as a friendly dialogue. Instead of asking if they played with their classmates at school, you should ask them about the games they played.  


To understand about a certain behaviour, either good or bad, that you have observed, it is sometimes worth checking out their environment or friends, teachers, relatives, child care providers etc.  Any one of these can play a crucial role in the behaviour of your child. You can also observe other children in the same age group as your child as they may give you an insight as to the reasons for your child’s behaviour.

If for example, your child is showing aggressiveness towards other children at school, you will need to find out all the possible sources of their aggressive behaviour. Your child may be associating with another child who is showing aggressive tendencies as well. .There may have been arguments or conflicts at home that was seen by your child. These are some of the things that you should consider when trying to find the reason behind your child’s aggressive behaviour.

You must Learn Smart Parenting so that you can become a responsible parent. It is difficult today because many parents spend more time working and can not spend as much time as they want with their children. Spending quality time and learn to really understand your child  is one effective way of becoming successful in the art of parenting.

By understanding your child’s development, you will be able to provide them with opportunities that can boost their development and prepare them for the next phase of their life.

Check out to learn how to become a Smart Parent and prepare your children for their life the 21st century

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Various Self Help Books
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Various Self Help Books

Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Quit Your Job

Your FIRED! I bet you would LOVE to look at your boss and say that. Well I am going to share some really great online business ideas to help you quit your job and fire your boss. But before you start to think this is another blah blah blah get rich sick scheme I am going to explain how to do this in detail. Now when I say detail I am referring to the type of detail that involves the truth. You see the truth is sort of scary because very few so called “GURUs” actually tell you the real deal. The real deal is that in order to leave you job you need to follow exactly (3) things.

1. Clearly identify what you love: No, seriously do this. Hey I know you have heard the BS age old “what is your passion” question but guess what? Your passion is simple not complex. What ever you are doing naturally and for free is your passion. Let me give you an example.

My wife is a natural born accountant. I am a natural born entrepreneur. How do I know? Because my wife is one of those people who always finds ways to save and can figure out the FREE out of anything. I know I am an entrepreneur because I am constantly thinking up both offline and online business ideas 24 hours a day. I was doing this long before I ever got paid for coming up with business ideas.

2. Ask yourself do strangers tell you what your talented at? Not your family or friends but the people who don’t even know you. Do they say things like “wow your really good at that”? That may be an indicator that you have a serious talent. People for example have always gravitated to me for ideas on how to promote or market their business. One of my first online business ideas I shared was with Limp Bizkits team to promote their concerts and market their albums. Frankly it just went crazy from there. Industry leaders, CEO’s, famous people kept asking me for business ideas. Take an assessment and ask yourself this key question. What talents are you always being complimented on by strangers?


3. Find the money spot aka Show me the Money! Now at this point you should have a list of several loves and talents that stand out. Again please don’t over think this it comes down to what you naturally do well. Now it is time to figure out how to use that love and talent to make some money online. One of the best ways to do this is to do a Google AdWords keyword search tool.

Though Google has been a little notorious for beefing up the numbers a bit, their count really isn’t that far off. You are searching for what people in your love + talent would use to search. Here is an example I like entrepreneurship online and creating online business ideas. So I would look up a variety of online business ideas for things I think entrepreneurs are searching for solutions to on search engines.

Now enter the keywords into Google search to find the top competitors. What you are looking for is whether these competitors are actually selling anything. If no one is selling anything move on to the next set of keywords you are using. The reason is because you don’t want niches that don’t have competition. You want a actual market. Once you find keyword and niche where your competitors are actually selling something. You then need to come up with a unique selling proposition. That means you need to have something that they are not selling OR something similar but with more benefits and a competitive price. Example, lets say your competitors are selling an ebook.for .95 in your niche. You should create a ebook and do an audio version or instructional Video for .95 – 19.95. The added video and audio will raise the value you are providing and give a more competitive price.

Congratulations you just found an opportunity to create a blog with your talent, from your love and something people are willing to pay money in exchange for value. Now what? Setup a independent non hosted blog.

So here is where the quitting your job part comes in. Now that we have had this frank conversation about how your going to make money in the future. Now lets talk about leaving your not so wonderful ever so boring job. Give yourself a 90 -180 day time frame and here is why. A goal is a dream with a deadline. If you don’t put a deadline on it you may slack off. Once your blog is up you are going to promote your blog like crazy by sharing it with the world.

It will take time but if you focus on two and three keyword phrases you will go very far. Out write the competition in your keywords. Out think the competition in your products and services. Out do the competition in connecting with readers with authenticity. Don’t sell products on your blog just provide the opportunity to sell. Meaning let people know your in business to do business. Whatever fits your niche. Talk about what you do and offer free information and advice. Also create opportunities to talk about your products and services benefits in a natural and organic way.

Will it take some time it sure will! Is the dream possible? It sure is.

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An absolutely incredible journey!

We quite literally joined  TriUnity International  simply to purchase Acai Plus at the wholesale price. This one product has more than replaced the dozens of vita-min capsules & supple-ment tablets that we were taking every day, and that were also costing us many hundreds of dollars a month. Even after one whole year of taking this product, we continue to feel better each and every day!

Just how powerful is the TriUnity International compensation plan? When we started getting great results on the TriUnity products, we told a few people about them. These few people enrolled to try the products for themselves, and shared their results with many more, and this easily duplicatable process has now caused our team to grow into the thousands. In short… we feel healthy, have a steady TriUnity income (about ,000 a month now) that just seems to double every few months, and have developed many strong friendships that will last a lifetime! Thank you Greg Gunderson for bringing us all these awesome one-of-a-kind products, and the best compensation plan in the industry.

We have found a home with TriUnity…
See you at the finish line!
– Doug & Denise Hulse


In February 2007, Pricilla, my wife, and Denise Hulse (our daughter and upline Triple Diamond) were looking for supplements to replace what we had been taking for 7 years. We felt great, but the cost was becoming unaffordable. With the help of our son-in-law, Doug Hulse, he went on line and found Acai Plus! The ingredients were superior and the price was less than half. However, we did not want another distributorship. Doug showed us there were no fees other than the cost of the product!! We were excited and signed up with TriUnity. We love the products and would take them even if there was no business opportunity. As Pricilla and I grew an extremely part time business, in one year we now have over 2300 distributors! Each month our checks grew and grew. Denise and Doug talked to us this morning to share some extremely good news! Our check for February 2008 is over 00.00!!! I told Doug that can’t be, is there a mistake? Something must be wrong for our income to increase so rapidly! Pricilla cried because she has been praying for our finances to improve. She thanked God for this financial blessing and for Greg Gunderson’s belief in God for us all to prosper. We feel the same way, this truly is a way for anyone to prosper with Triunity’s pay plan for their distributors.

So come join us and be blessed! God Bless.
– Jonathan Gould and Pricilla Gould from New York



Doug & Denise Hulse are successful Triple Diamond distributors with TriUnity International.

TriUnity offers: Acai Plus: This is original product that TriUnity launched with. Acai Plus contains Acai, Goji, Mangosteen and over 100 nutritional ingredients in one bottle.

Feed My Brain: This product is based on many years of research of the effects that poor nutrition has on school age children. Feed My Brain is designed to increase the innate IQ of children and adults alike. FMB is available in an adult formula as well as the children’s chewable formula.

White Lightning energy drink: This product is the “healthy” alternative to the sugar and caffeine laced energy drinks commonly found in supermarket and convenience store coolers. I personally love the fact that White Lightning energy drink gives me a mild energy boost, as well as a mental clarity that lasts for hours. (with no crash)

Clear Heart: An Oral Chelation product containing EDTA. The Clear Heart product is what I personally consider a real life saver. Imagine, a product designed to help clear 20, 30, 40, or more years of plaque from hearts and arteries. That is why I am sold on this product, and will never go another day without it.

Also, an incredible home-business-opportunity is available with TriUnity that is helping avaerage people make unlimited income.

Please visit our website at  and give us a call if you have any questions at all!

Make it a GREAT DAY!

Doug Hulse is a successful Triple Diamond distributor with TriUnity International.

He can be reached using the contact information on his website at:

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A few rich dad rich kid products I can recommend:

Bright Confident Kids – Powerful Self Help For Kids
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Model Train Help Ebook 4th Edition
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As a real quick refresher, residual income is where you get paid on an ongoing basis for work you have already done. As a matter of fact the right residual income program can even pay off in such a big way that you might be able to quit your full time job. In this article let’s take a closer look at two important things that come into play here.

1. Beyond a shadow of a doubt the most important thing your residual income program must contain is a product that people need today and will need in the future. There is no sense of pinning your dreams of quitting your full time job on a product that sounds good today but could go out of style tomorrow.

Today there are many membership programs that offer excellent opportunities for residual income. There are also products that do the same thing such as domain names and website hosting.

Website hosting is a particularly interesting product to consider selling as a residual income program. Everybody needs to host their website somewhere, and this presents an opportunity for you to create residual income.

The nice thing about website hosting is as a website develops the odds of someone switching to a different hosting company diminish. It reaches a point where it’s just too much work to switch over a mature website.

2. The other important thing that your residual income program must offer is commissions that allow you to create a full-time income. Again using website hosting as an example, there are companies that will pay you – a month for every sale that you make. If you do the math on this you will see that you will need to sell somewhere between 500 to 1000 sales to create a ,000 a month income.

This may sound like a lot, but when you consider there are billions of websites online today this is a very small number. It may take you a couple of years to achieve your goal, but you could quit your full time job and work for yourself just on the income you create selling website hosting.

In summary the right residual income program can you help you quit your job if it contains a product that people need today and in the future, and will pay you over and over for selling it one time. Residual income is a fantastic income opportunity that is worth pursuing if you would like to quit your full time job someday.

Want to make money online now?

Sign up for our FREE Internet Business Training Program and learn more about a residual income program to help you become a successful work at home professional!

David Ogden is an online marketer who specializes in website resources and advice.

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