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Roland Horst

Orvana Minerals’ (TSX:ORV) Don Mario gold mine in Eastern Bolivia has proven this Toronto-based company’s competence in acquiring, building and operating a mine. In developing newly acquired assets – the advanced-stage El Valle-Boinás/Carlés gold-copper project in Northern Spain and the Copperwood copper project in Michigan, United States – Orvana Minerals applies the same ingredients that made it a success story: experienced team, quality projects and cash resources. CEO Roland Horst talks about these promising mineral assets and the company’s journey towards further growth and value-creation.

Resource Intelligence: You expect production at your El Valle-Boinás/Carlés gold-copper (EVBC) project to start this spring. Are things moving along as scheduled?

Roland Horst: Yes they are. We will be processing at about 70% capacity or approximately 70,000 to 75,000 ounces per annum starting in May and then we’ll go to into full production in early 2012, which would be another 25,000 to 30,000 ounces per annum. The full production will be 105,000 ounces of gold per annum and about 3,900 tonnes of copper per annum.

RI: How competitive is the project in terms of operating costs?

RH: It is very competitive. Before we put small hedges in place required by our bank facility, we were probably below the 50 percentile cost at about 0 an ounce. With the hedges we’re probably below 0 an ounce, including copper credits.

RI: Could you give us more details that would help investors evaluate the project?

RH: The mine life that we have outlined in the 43-101 is seven years, including the reserve base, which is 700,000 ounces. But when you look at the indicated and inferred potential, we think that the mine life could easily be doubled. We’re looking at a quick payback of 2 to 3 years based on current prices. We’ve paid million cash for this asset and we’re putting about million into it. Altogether that’s about 5 million for what could turn out to be 2.5 million ounces including inferred. So you’re looking at acquisition/development cost per ounce in the area of .

RI: What about the infrastructure, jurisdiction and expertise of the team?

RH: We’ve been mining in Bolivia for eight years and we’ve got the mining expertise: we kept some of the people from Rio Narcea that have worked on that asset for over 10 years. We have 225 people on site now and that will increase to 250. It’s a great team and a great asset. There is a mill, which we have refurbished, and there was substantial development already including a lined tailings pit.

RI: Could you update us on the Don Mario Mine upper mineralized zone (UMZ), which you are now working on?

RH: This is a new deposit that has a 10-year mine life. It will produce on average about 14.5 million lbs of copper, about 14,000 ounces of gold and 460,000 ounces of silver. The payback is fairly quick, probably less than a year. It has about 6 million tonnes so it looks to be a fairly finite resource at this point but it is very profitable. The only thing left to be completed is the sulfuric acid plant. We expect to be fully operational in early March. We’re still producing about 1,500 ounces a month from Los Tajos and will stop this production as UMZ begins.

RI: What other projects will you be advancing this year?

RH: The big one is Copperwood in Michigan. The PEA we announced last September reported about 20 million tonnes at 1.8% copper. We will be working towards a pre-feasibility study and permitting this summer. That’s one to watch and we’ve also got an additional roughly 8 million tonnes right next to that. We expect to combine those two and will have a new 43-101 resource report out very soon.

RI: What immediate opportunities are on the horizon for your shareholders?

RH: The immediate one is Bolivia, which will be in production March 2011, and then Spain with 70% production in May. Then in June we are looking at pre-feasibility and permitting for Copperwood. The fact that we are going from a low cash flow, low-income story to a high cash flow, high-income story will give us the opportunity to look for acquisitions.

RI: Where do you see Orvana in five to 10 years?

RH: We’d like to be an intermediate gold producer of 300,000 to 500,000 ounces per annum and a significant copper producer with over 30,000 tonnes of copper per annum as we bring Copperwood on stream. We anticipate revenues of over 0 million in the next five years. This is a very strong growth story in copper, gold and silver.

RI: Which three key points should investors look at when evaluating Orvana?

RH: The first point is that we’re a miner and this is a cash-flow and an income story so it’s not an exploration story. The second point is the growth potential of our existing projects particularly in Spain, where we think we could probably double those ounces in the measured and indicated category and then eventually look at increased production as well. So there is good internal growth. The third point is that this is a very strong developing copper story in both Michigan and Bolivia. The three key points are cash-flow producer, good growth potential, and copper/gold play.

RI: Is there anything else investors should know?

RH: We are in a strong financial position and have drawn down a -million loan from Credit Suisse. We’ve got million on the balance sheet right now so there’s really no issue for us to finance Spain. With the cash flow from Bolivia and Spain we can then look at financing Copperwood as well as additional acquisitions.

Investor Highlights:

Growing pipeline of development projects
– El Valle-Boinás Carlés(EVBC), Spain (Au/Cu)
– Don Mario Upper Mineralized Zone (UMZ), Bolivia (Cu/Au/Ag)
– Copperwood, Michigan (CW), USA (Cu)
Experienced management team and board, focused on building long-term shareholder value
Strong financial position

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If I was to say that I wanted to buy one hour of your life, one hour that no matter what happened, or how successful you became in the real estate investment future, you could never get that one hour back, how much would you sell it to me for?
Most of us would come up with a very high number. Our time is valuable. The reality is that we really don’t push for that asking price. We allow ourselves to be undervalued, by getting stuck in the nitty gritty of daily real estate investment, such as painting that house instead of finding someone else to do it for us. We constantly do jobs that as business people, as executives we just shouldn’t allow ourselves to do.

Many new real estate investors let themselves be undervalued and over involved. Give yourself a chance to create really successful, long lasting business by planning a little, getting others to help you out and establishing your self-worth.

I’d like for you to ask yourself the following;

How much am I going to set my value for this week?

Answer this question. By establishing how much you are worth now, you’ll find it much easier to stick to that hourly wage in the long run. Making you more money in real estate investment and helping you manage your time better.

I want you to stick to your value no matter how difficult it seems. If cash is tight, then maybe your hourly wage will be or an hour. Any activities you have coming up that you could pay someone else less to do for you, such as /hr, you find someone to do that activity. You’ll be saving money even as you spend, because it frees you up to work on projects with higher profit margins.

Outsource your Drudgery to the Internet

The invention of the internet has allowed us to cut down on just about any daily task that we don’t want to do by finding a very eager person that would like to do them for us. is a personal favorite of mine for placing ads looking to outsource some work. Try this, I dare you. Take something that you need to do this week, something you hate doing, and put a free ad on Craigslist to hire someone to do it for you.

Your dishes may be stacked up and your closet can be a wreck, but you can put up an ad for someone to help you. You’ll be amazed by number of people that love doing dishes or organizing other people’s closets and are willing to do it for next to nothing. Think it’s cruel? It’s not right for others to do parts of your life that you dislike? Well deal with it. These sites exist because the people using them are looking for work that they enjoy and it’s great to hook those people up with it.

Besides, outsourcing your drudgery keeps upping the value of your time. By concentrating more on activities pertinent to real estate investment such as; talking to sellers, networking with others, and crafting new marketing strategies, you will create huge real estate returns.

Ego and Macro-Management

Ego is what keeps people stuck in the Self-Employed (S) Quadrant and unable to move over to the Business (B) Quadrant. I’m going to assume you have all read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, (if you haven’t, read it).

I think moving from the S-Quadrant over to the B-Quadrant is the most difficult switch of the three quadrant moves and ego is the reason.

People who are self-employed or have a ‘real estate investment business’ in which they do the majority of the work usually have major ego (I include myself because a good portion of my life was spent in this quadrant). We have dreams of having others help us and may have even tried it but when we’ve hired someone, we felt like they weren’t doing it the ‘right way’ or that some of the quality or talent was lost. This is because they probably do something really well. They are great in sales; they are the talented accountant, or maybe an expert dentist. Our belief is that no one can do it as well as we can. We don’t want to spend time writing out what and how we do our jobs because we just do them or we feel like it can’t really be ‘taught.’

It really comes down to thinking that no one can do ‘it’ better than us. This behavior forces us to do it all ourselves. Unfortunately, that ‘ego’ actually works against us by taking on things that we shouldn’t be touching and be focusing on more, higher value tasks.

Accepting the fact that no matter how much more education we get or experience gained, we still cannot create more hours in the day or get it all done alone, is the first step to real estate investment success. We have to realize that without us in charge of our businesses rather than working in our businesses, we have no business and we will never have a great business that runs practically by itself. The pain of this vivid realization can alone be enough for people to take action, it was for me.

Colin Egbert is an experienced Real Estate Investor with plenty of short sale techniques to aid fellow investors in their quest to succeed and make huge profits. He’s the author of the ebook “Getting Started with Short Sales” providing the tools needed to start your own real estate investing business. Colin is also the CEO of a website dedicated to helping investors make the most of their business.

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