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Online Business Ideas That Will Help You Quit Your Job

Your FIRED! I bet you would LOVE to look at your boss and say that. Well I am going to share some really great online business ideas to help you quit your job and fire your boss. But before you start to think this is another blah blah blah get rich sick scheme I am going to explain how to do this in detail. Now when I say detail I am referring to the type of detail that involves the truth. You see the truth is sort of scary because very few so called “GURUs” actually tell you the real deal. The real deal is that in order to leave you job you need to follow exactly (3) things.

1. Clearly identify what you love: No, seriously do this. Hey I know you have heard the BS age old “what is your passion” question but guess what? Your passion is simple not complex. What ever you are doing naturally and for free is your passion. Let me give you an example.

My wife is a natural born accountant. I am a natural born entrepreneur. How do I know? Because my wife is one of those people who always finds ways to save and can figure out the FREE out of anything. I know I am an entrepreneur because I am constantly thinking up both offline and online business ideas 24 hours a day. I was doing this long before I ever got paid for coming up with business ideas.

2. Ask yourself do strangers tell you what your talented at? Not your family or friends but the people who don’t even know you. Do they say things like “wow your really good at that”? That may be an indicator that you have a serious talent. People for example have always gravitated to me for ideas on how to promote or market their business. One of my first online business ideas I shared was with Limp Bizkits team to promote their concerts and market their albums. Frankly it just went crazy from there. Industry leaders, CEO’s, famous people kept asking me for business ideas. Take an assessment and ask yourself this key question. What talents are you always being complimented on by strangers?


3. Find the money spot aka Show me the Money! Now at this point you should have a list of several loves and talents that stand out. Again please don’t over think this it comes down to what you naturally do well. Now it is time to figure out how to use that love and talent to make some money online. One of the best ways to do this is to do a Google AdWords keyword search tool.

Though Google has been a little notorious for beefing up the numbers a bit, their count really isn’t that far off. You are searching for what people in your love + talent would use to search. Here is an example I like entrepreneurship online and creating online business ideas. So I would look up a variety of online business ideas for things I think entrepreneurs are searching for solutions to on search engines.

Now enter the keywords into Google search to find the top competitors. What you are looking for is whether these competitors are actually selling anything. If no one is selling anything move on to the next set of keywords you are using. The reason is because you don’t want niches that don’t have competition. You want a actual market. Once you find keyword and niche where your competitors are actually selling something. You then need to come up with a unique selling proposition. That means you need to have something that they are not selling OR something similar but with more benefits and a competitive price. Example, lets say your competitors are selling an ebook.for .95 in your niche. You should create a ebook and do an audio version or instructional Video for .95 – 19.95. The added video and audio will raise the value you are providing and give a more competitive price.

Congratulations you just found an opportunity to create a blog with your talent, from your love and something people are willing to pay money in exchange for value. Now what? Setup a independent non hosted blog.

So here is where the quitting your job part comes in. Now that we have had this frank conversation about how your going to make money in the future. Now lets talk about leaving your not so wonderful ever so boring job. Give yourself a 90 -180 day time frame and here is why. A goal is a dream with a deadline. If you don’t put a deadline on it you may slack off. Once your blog is up you are going to promote your blog like crazy by sharing it with the world.

It will take time but if you focus on two and three keyword phrases you will go very far. Out write the competition in your keywords. Out think the competition in your products and services. Out do the competition in connecting with readers with authenticity. Don’t sell products on your blog just provide the opportunity to sell. Meaning let people know your in business to do business. Whatever fits your niche. Talk about what you do and offer free information and advice. Also create opportunities to talk about your products and services benefits in a natural and organic way.

Will it take some time it sure will! Is the dream possible? It sure is.

Leading authority in Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs at Darren has developed thousands of online business ideas for Forbes, Nissan, Universal, McDonalds, Fox, Clear Channel communications, American Express, and even the Barack Obama 2008 campaign.

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Is gift-giving a right way to express how much we love the others? Some says no. They think buying gifts is a complete waste of money and a way to flaunt one’s riches instead of portraying one’s true love. But the rests oppose to this view. Even if you are unquestionably committed to a relationship, sometimes it becomes imperative to make the person feel how much you care for him/her. Whenever you run short of words, the gift ideas for dad can convey your pent-up emotion to your father in the best possible way.
Many emotive thoughts are attached to the fleeting moments. The pleasant moments at present are the golden memories in future. We love to visit them often. There are so many fond memories that both you and your father share with each other. After all he is your first pal and may be the best one till date. Mere gift-giving is not a must to please him but may be a way to silently express your reverence for your father. So, fascinating gift ideas for dad are worthy of your attention.
Most of the time, we brainstorm unique gift ideas for our father on the eve of father’s day only. But do you really believe that occasion is the best excuse to express your love and gratitude? Unfortunately, most of you do so. But in reality, any time is the best time to buy gifts for your dad. The gift ideas for dad must be unusual ones. You can also pick up funny gifts for him from a galaxy of eye-catching items.
Uncommon Gift Ideas for Dad: Most probably your dad has nil idea regarding the massive progress in the arena of technology. So, you can shoulder the responsibility to introduce him to technological development. If your dad is a retired person, then chance is high that he spends most of his time enjoying TV. So, the latest video games may be the best gift ideas for dad. Playing the video games will be a new and funny experience for him. He will also get a trustworthy techie friend to accompany him during lazy afternoon or most of the day. Video game is a good source of “time-pass” for the aged individuals. This sort of game is also a right learning tool to enhance the logical thinking and analytical abilities of the children. So, it may be a good baby boy present. But then the baby must be more than 4 years old.
More Gift Ideas for Dad: If your dad is a regular movie-goer, then buy him the DVDs of the latest releases. He will certainly enjoy watching the movies within the calm and comfy ambience of his home. If he considers his computer as a canvas and love painting on it, then load the latest software tools to help him make the most of the advanced techniques. He can not help but get overwhelmed with such unusual gift ideas for dad. But the greatest idea is yet to come. In all probability, your dad will refuse to enjoy a spa session. But once he receives the luxurious and rejuvenating spa treatment he will sinfully greed for more.

Adam Jacobs who is a freelancer writes articles on gift ideas for dad and baby boy present. For information on them he suggests to visit

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You could buy dad another tie for Christmas, his birthday or Father’s Day, but why be boring and unimaginative when there’s a whole world of fashionable gifts out there that he’ll love instead? The many options you can find include apparel, travel bags, sunglasses and wallets. Stores like Eddie Bauer and Fossil are good places to find merchandise made with high-quality leather, fabrics and other materials from brand-name manufacturers. Here are some fashionable ideas for buying a gift for your dad:

1. Sunglasses

There’s always a place on dad’s dresser for another great pair of aviator, wrap or unique sunglasses. In addition to protecting his eyes from damaging UV rays, sunglasses outfit dad with some instant youth and the cool factor.

2. Watches

These are handsome and functional gifts made from a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, nylon, silver and gold. Plus, some models do a lot more than keep the time and date. A chronograph watch, for instance, would make a great gift for the active dad who needs to keep track of his jogging time or the duration of his workouts. Or, buy a mechanical watch for the more scientifically minded dad who would be interested in observing the inner workings of the watch.

3. Bags and Wallets


Moms aren’t the only ones with a lot of “stuff.” Dad needs a place to keep his money and other valuables, making a new wallet or bag a great gift idea. For long-lasting quality, look for a soft or slick leather wallet. There are a variety of styles, from bi- and tri-fold to front pocket and traveler styles with multiple pockets and card slots. Men’s bags come in a slew of fashionable styles, too. A professional-style, leather messenger bag or backpack can give dad room for his laptop and daily necessities. Or, give him a rich leather duffel or travel bag he can pack with the basics for a quick weekend business trip.

4. Winter Accessories

Help dad shake off the cold with a colorful new scarf, a new hat and a warm pair of gloves. Look for colorful fabrics, including cashmere, wool, fleece, supple leathers, and insulating natural and synthetic liners.

5. Tops

Surprise dad with a fun graphic t-shirt, a comfortable polo or sweatshirt, or a handsome, classic cotton or wool flannel button-up in his favorite color. Many online stores also carry clothing in big and tall sizes.

6. Bottoms

Hook dad up with some classic styling with relaxed and vintage jeans, neutral khakis and cargo pants. Some stores even offer on-site hemming services for the best possible fit. Another good idea is to get dad ready for summer with some new swim trunks or cargo shorts.

7. Organized Living

Leather cases help dad protect his cell phone and other personal gadgets from damage, while accessory boxes and cases keep his watches, jewelry and important documents organized and safe. A travel bag is just the right gift for holding all of dad’s shaving and personal care tools and accessories.


To find <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/3970438’]);” href=””>Eddie Bauer promo codes</a> or <a <rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/3970438’]);” href=””>Fossil promo codes</a>, visit

Tammy Grubb is a freelance writer for <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push([‘_trackPageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/3970438’]);” href=””></a>

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For all the video game consoles installed in American living rooms, nothing can replace a Dad and his boy in the front yard playing catch and no electronic beep carries the richness of a well-thrown ball smacking the leather of a catcher’s mitt.

Although psychologists wisely counsel that it is best to allow children to develop their own interests, there is nothing wrong with giving your son baseball-related gifts to introduce him to the sport and to kindle his interest. Most children realize quickly when an activity is important to their parents and will at least make an effort to become involved in it as well. (But remember — and this may hurt you to think about — if your son really does not develop a love of the game, don’t ruin it for the both of you by forcing it. Accept it and find something else the two of you can share.)

Some affordable baseball-related gifts that will appeal to your child include:

1. Baseball-themed clothing. Ball caps are a wardrobe standard with kids these days and are easily found at sporting goods stores. Get your boy a cap with the logo of your favorite team and use it as a pretext to start teaching him the logos of all the teams in the league and the names of their mascots. Make it a game. (T-shirts can serve the same purpose and if he gets really enthused, you can get him the whole uniform in his size.)

2. Collectibles. These items can include a pack of a baseball bats ,cards showing the players of a favored team, miniature baseball helmets, or the fun and popular bobble-head dolls of major baseball celebrities. These kinds of gifts are good because they can be stretched out over several birthdays and Christmases, building a complete collection for the child and creating the anticipation of receiving the next piece.

3. Memorabilia. Actual sports memorabilia is best reserved for older children who have already developed a keen interest in the game and an appreciation for its history. Many vintage baseball cards and signed game balls are quite expensive and require appropriate care. For the real enthusiast, however, they will become treasured personal items for years to come.

4. Tickets. Actually taking your son and perhaps one of his friends to a game creates an opportunity for a fun outing with “the guys.” The boys will enjoy the spectacle, watching the players and the crowd, and getting to eat food Mom wouldn’t let them have if she knew about it. (It’s also a great venue to start explaining the rules of the game in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.)

5. Baseball camp. Like memorabilia, this is a gift best reserved for a slightly older child with a well-developed interest in the game. These camps may be held locally and simply involve a number of hours during the day at a sports center or they may be “away” camps requiring the child to stay a number of days. Judge what your boy can best handle psychologically and don’t put him in a setting so far above his skills that he’ll feel unhappy and uncomfortable.

6. Equipment. In the final analysis, the best way to help a child cultivate an interest in baseball is to give him the tools of the trade. Start with the classics – Softball Bats, balls, and gloves. Yes, he’ll play with his friends, but you also want to be the one out there in the yard helping him develop his swing and his fast ball. There is no substitute for real play in learning to love a sport. (And remember, patience when he knocks that first ball through the kitchen window.)

Baseball is much more than a bat and ball sport pitting two teams of nine players against one another. In the American version, at least, it’s been around since 1838, and forms a vital element of the national fabric. When you hear the phrase “as American as baseball and apple pie,” it’s not an exaggeration. By choosing the right baseball gifts for your son, you can introduce him to this tradition, share it with him, and build great memories for you both to cherish. is a premium website selling Slowpitch Softball Bats, Fastpitch Softball Bats, wood baseball bats, gloves, apparels and accessories. Find products from top brands including Easton, Miken, Nike, Louisville, DeMarini and others.

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Then it is time to educate yourself about your money. The economy is already plunging into more debt than we can handle as Americans. And there is more junk on the news and Internet with people pushing their product or service down our throats. It is very easy to get confused about the schemes on the Internet. So don’t spend your money on the lofty ideas of others that may or may not work. Do your due diligence and research those companies before you spend your money. A great resource is a book by Robert T. Kiyosaki called ‘Increase Your Financial IQ’. In this book, Mr. Kiyosaki tells you how to get smarter with your money. He teaches you about making more money, protecting your money and leveraging your money. According to the book, “Many of our global economic problems started in 1971 when President Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard. Throughout history, when a government went off the gold standard, an age of turbulence began.”

So that means if our money is not backed by gold it is worth nothing more than a piece of paper as an IOU. The book goes on to say, “Gold and Silver: Money made by God. The U.S. Dollar, yen, and Euro are examples of man-made money. When man-made money replaces real money, turbulence always follows. In turbulent times, your Financial IQ is more valuable than gold.” You must know why the banks are stealing your money. You must realize the home you are living in is not an asset. And that investing in the stock market is more risky than investing in real estate. We need to get wise about our money to avoid spending it on schemes and ideas that don’t work. That requires increasing your Financial IQ. This book is a great place to start and also Rich Dads’ Prophecy for your next step. We don’t want to let the government to tell us how to spend the money we earn. And we don’t want to just hand it over to them thinking they will take care of us. They are not going to so it’s up to us to take control of our money. Starting today. God Bless.


Isabella Fiorentino

Learn From Top Earner Isabella Fiorentino

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Forget boring old mugs and t-shirts with “no.1 dad!” hastily scribbled across, todays dad is tech savvy and media hungry, and more than anything, he’s a gamer.


You want to show him you love him and you want to avoid that look of masked utter disappointment that flashes across his face when he unwraps yet another bundle of socks or car magazines, so listen up, and listen good to our great gift ideas for WoW-mad dads!




Unless you really, really know his tastes in clothing, you might want to steer clear of World of Warcraft shirts and jackets.


The quality of WoW-related merchandise varies wildly, some looks great, and is beautifully understated in its design, while others proclaim proudly from the rooftops, “Yes, I play World of Warcraft, and I love it”. You’ll need to know what kind of fan your dad or husband is before getting some WoW-clothing, as he might not appreciate the boys knowing about his super-secret hobby when he sets of to have a beer at poker night.


That said, accessories like rings, trinkets and other types of er, man-jewelry are probably really safe, especially since such items are usually understated enough anyway that you can’t really go wrong. Nothing says “For the Horde!” like a pair of classy ogre-ish earrings (I kid).


A Dwarvish pendant here, some Alliance runes there, you’d be surprised just how naturally a lot of the patterns and motifs found in the artwork of WoW’s various factions fit into a nice piece of jewelry like a manly silver ring or pendant.


If you’re having trouble finding exactly what you’d like, consider screen capping a motif from the game and having a jeweler or metalsmith inscribe it for you, you’ll have a beautiful, unique gift with instant geek street cred. It’s worth noting that the same applies to clothing, if you’re looking for something unique and obscure, find a pattern or motif, and have it silk-screened onto a tee.


Books, comics and magazines:


Is your dad a bookworm? You might want to consider a World of Warcraft novel then. From newer titles like Arthas: Rise of the Lich King, and World of Warcraft: Stormrage, all the way back to classics like Cycle of Hatred, it’s apparent that World of Warcraft and its various expansions have a surprisingly rich literary history. Sure, it’s not Tolkien, but the books are sufficiently well written, entertaining, and are steeped in the mythology and history of Azeroth in a way that’s only hinted at in the game itself.


If dad’s more of a visual kinda guy that grew up on the pages of Marvel and DC, there’s a pretty cool ongoing series of books titled World of Warcraft: Alliance that’s worth picking up, as well as a number of trade paperback style graphic novels that are well written and well drawn.




What games can you really get someone who’s obsessed with World of Warcraft? Warcraft III, that’s what!


If your dad hasn’t had the pleasure of playing this delightfully polished precursor to Blizzard’s magnum opus, then he’s in for a wonderful surprise.


A whole bunch of WoW-fans are new to the franchise, and only started with World of Warcraft itself, there’s a lot of back story and history to be had in this amazing real time strategy game. The graphics are very similar, and there’s that familiar Blizzard sense of humor and winking of the eye as well. Despite being eight years old, Warcraft III still holds up really well, and makes a great companion to the popular MMO that succeeded it.


Oh, and expansions, expansions, expansions. Does he only have WoW Classic? Consider getting him Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King then. Both games can be found at pretty cheap prices, and offer literally hundreds of hours of extra gameplay, new quests, items, characters and areas to explore. Just… don’t be surprised if he’s glued to the computer screen for weeks on end.


Figurines, action figures, sculpts… just don’t call them dolls:


If you’re a WoW player yourself, you’ll know who all the cool characters are and you’ll know whether your dad is Horde, Ally, or both. If he has a preference, get a character from that particular faction’s side!


There are tons of amazing World of Warcraft statues, you’ll have to plunk down a fair bit of change for a nice one, but what’s a bit of WoW gold between family?


If you’d like something extra special though, head on over to, and get his main immortalized by having a 3D sculpt of his character created. Sure figureprints cost an arm and a leg, but the fact of the matter is, despite what they might say, no WoW fan can resist a custom made figureprint, just wait till you see that smile spread across his face, it’ll all be worth it.


Should you get PC hardware?


Like clothing, this is a potential booby trap. A lot of hardcore WoW-heads are pretty into their builds and configs, and frankly, it’s a bit like mucking about with a mechanics car, or worse, getting a new one without consulting him first.


Unless you’re willing to spend silly money on getting him a PC that’s so absolutely far beyond anything he could possibly imagine, you’re best advised steering clear here, especially if you aren’t a tech head yourself.


There’s always a better video card, better processor, and more RAM, and it’s very easy for non-tech heads to fall into the trap of getting a “GS” style card with gimped memory or fewer features and functions, just because it looked like bargain doesn’t make it so.


Alternatively, if he doesn’t have a laptop and mainly plays WoW on his desktop, you might want to consider getting him a gaming laptop, especially one of the nice ones with World of Warcraft branding if he likes that kind of thing, either way, he’ll just be happy that he can now play WoW on the go.


But I need something like, right now!


Second to last resort, you can’t find a single thing you think would make the grade, solution? Get some game time by getting your pal a nifty gift card or two. What better gift for a WoW fan than… well, more World of Warcraft?


If you absolutely can’t figure out what to get your pal, then  consider sending him some WoW gold in the mail. It might seem tacky, but the truth is everyone loves cash, and with a bit of WoW gold he might just get that epic mount he’s had an eye on for so long.

Chris Coker is a freelance writer and avid gamer. He has written on all aspects of the MMO industry, focusing on his latest favorite, Star Trek Online. Check out some of his posts where he dishes out everything from ship interiors to energy credits to good old-fashioned grinding.

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When I was told that you had to be young to be able to learn and absorb something new, I believed it, because it was my father speaking. I now know that it was very well meant, to encourage me to get my education while still young — advice which I only partly heeded. However, it is just not true that you cannot take on new projects much later in life, so I will describe how some ideas, which might be new to you, can help develop some income, when your long term career is coming to an end — or in fact has already done so.

Making money in retirement can be natural and simple, for someone who has marketable skills and wishes to continue using them. It can be easy to find a way which fits in with a senior citizen’s life style and so top-up your earning capacity.

What about those of us who have no such abilities, or who simply do not wish to continue doing what we have done for the last 30 or 40 years? Many of us need or want to earn some extra money and I would like to show that there really are opportunities to do so, with the right information and some effort.

I am suggesting learning to join the people who are using the internet to generate business and so develop a new source of income. There are so very many ways to try, but I am going to highlight two possible ways to get started.

When you do not wish to battle away and learn through trial and error, it is wise to find a teacher or mentor and follow what they have done to achieve success. There are literally thousands of people who claim to be able to show us how to make millions, with almost no work at all. As in all other areas of get rich quick scams, most simply take your money leave you wondering why they do not work.

With some common sense, research and due diligence, it is possible to find someone you can relate to and learn from. The really important thing to remember, is to use only freely available or extremely inexpensive information, before deciding to invest real money, in any business opportunity.

This applies in all other aspects of business, so why not in the online world? The great thing is that nowadays, any teacher or mentor who is worth his salt, will provide you with good amounts of valuable information, without asking you for money. Only once you have realised the worth of their offerings, should you expect to pay to take things further.

It really is possible to start and run a business online (as long as you have access to a computer and the internet), using only free resources. To take it to higher levels of profitability will probably require some investment, but it is best if this comes from profits already earned by proven methods.

I promised two ideas and the first is to choose the mentor and obtain their system, usually fairly simple and straight forward (this does not mean easy), follow the system, until it is time to invest and move on to something more complicated. There are many of these, and most teach ways to get started marketing or selling products or information. Please do not let the word selling put you off; it is completely impersonal and does not in any way involve you talking to people, or trying to interest your friends and family etc. in buying from you. Selling and marketing on the internet involves you using your keyboard and mouse, not your phone!

My second suggestion is to go in the same direction, but with a course of ongoing instruction, where the information is supplied on a weekly or monthly basis, providing step by step instructions to set up your business. The great thing about this model, is that where there is a monthly cost — usually quite modest — there is no obligation to continue. Once you have enough information, you simply cease investing.

Another interesting aspect of this for me, is that all worthwhile courses and information packs offer a money back guarantee. If it does not work for you, you do not pay. I think this is a great way to learn and I have taken advantage a couple of times, when the information just did not do it for me.

The internet offers tremendous opportunities to earn at home, so I believe it could be the next great adventure for many of us who are just not ready for conventional retirement.

I have a recommendation below for each of my ideas, so please follow up and see what you think.

I believe the internet offers tremendous opportunities for everyone, but particularly retired people. For a system to start a business quickly, got to

For a free E course and ongoing instruction, go to

I want everyone to have the chance to take advantage of online earning opportunities.

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A kid’s eyes shine bright while opening his present. When he sees that his presents are clothes, his bright eyes suddenly turn dim. Kids are not known for hiding their disappointment. But give them a toy as a gift, and you’ll see a display of appreciation that could warm the cockles of any gift-giver. It seems that instinctively, kids prefer something that will engage his mind, not just something that will make him look good.

But not all toys or gifts are equal. There are those that engages him for a long time, and those that amuse him for just a few hours, and then forgotten.

Educational gifts get your child’s attention for a longer time, as they feed his or her stimulation-hungry.

More importantly, the impact of the best educational gifts lasts a lifetime. These gifts give him a head start in reading, math and science. They develop his love for learning, the most important attitude to make your kid grow up smart. A great educational gift even triggers what will be your kid’s lifelong passion.

Because of the internet, you do not have to waste time and energy going through the mall looking for the best educational gifts. You could shop right in your bedroom in your pajamas!

The following are the top 10 educational toy and other unique educational gift ideas that you can find on the internet:

1. Educational Toys

The best toys and gifts are those that make your child learn while he is having fun. This way, learning happens while he plays. And the more he plays, the more he learns! Make sure that the toy you give is appropriate for his age and gender, and that it is safe. Avoid toys that can only be played with one or two ways. The more activities a kid can do with a toy, the better it is. For younger kids, find one that can be opened, closed, twisted, pulled, dragged, formed, changed, preferably all at the same time. For older kids, the best toys are those that stimulate the imagination.

2. Hobby and Science Toys

Brilliant engineers, inventors and mechanics get their beginnings from tinkering with toys when they were kids. Chemists begin by mixing stuff and biologists play with their ant farms.

Hobby Toys help your kid discover his lifetime passion by offering hundreds of educational toys that catches his interest. Examples are science projects, electronic kits, Lego Mindstorms and robot projects, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physics sets.

3. Nature Toys and Pets

Nature toys make your child explore the wonder and mystery of the world around him. These can make him eternally curious and thus be a lifelong learner. Examples are microscopes, telescopes, planetariums, and globes.

Pets are also great gifts. An aquarium can teach your kid about aquatic life, and kittens and puppies can be a great way to introduce your kid to love for animals. Seeds will fascinate your kid when he sees it grow into a plant. Who knows, your kid’s appreciation of nature may be key to his being able to help save the planet in the future.

4. Personalized Gifts

Studies show that children learn when their activities are personalized. When they are a character on a book they read, they are fascinated and their minds open up. Personalized books, music, and toys also improve your child’s self-confidence and positive view of himself.

Babies and kids will love hearing their OWN name sung in songs, printed in books, built with trains, or just hanging on the wall.

5. Computer Software and Games

The best educational software and fun and entertaining and helps your kid achieve success in school. They help build math, reading, and critical skills, as well as instill confidence, joy and excitement around learning. With the best educational software, your kid will beg to learn!

The best computer games are those that teaches him strategy and problem-solving, and not merely “fragging” the enemy. Although “fragging” the enemy is said to develop hand-eye coordination, some psychologist are concerned that the violent nature of these games can desensitize your child to hurt in others.

6. Magazine Subscriptions

Aside from books, magazines can be a great way to start kids off on a life-long passion for reading. Since magazines feature what is current and up-to-date, it is always interesting to your kid.

7. Puzzles and Board Games

Puzzles and games exercise the brain. And like any part of the body, the more exercise your kid’s brain gets, the more powerful and tougher it becomes when faced with challenges. The best puzzles and board games teach your kid how to plan, decide, think and think through a difficulty. Board games, when played with friends or family, enhance social skills. He learns about taking turns, following rules and cooperating with teammates or opponents.

8. Musical Instruments

Many studies have proven that learning music has a profound effect on your kid’s brain. Music is shown to increase IQ, improve school grades, and prepare your kid to learn the advanced concepts of math and science.

Most kids are interested in learning to play guitar, the drums, and the keyboard, although they may also want to take up the violin and brass instruments.

9. Educational Videos

Educational videos have proven beneficial to preschool and above kids. (Videos for kids aged 2 and below are more harmful than helpful) Kids who watch informative and educational shows as preschoolers tend to watch more informative and educational shows when they get older. They use TV effectively as a complement to school learning. On the other hand, kids who watch more entertainment program watch fewer informative programs as they get older.

There are educational movies on the internet where kids of the “You Tube” generation not only watch, but also interact for a great learning experience.

10. Books.

This list will not be complete without books! Books are and will always be your kid’s brain’s best friend. Among other benefits, reading builds the language neural connections in your kid’s brain and expands his chain of knowledge.

Chacha Tumbokon studied Psychology and Early Childhood Development. Her expertise, experience and interest inspired her to create a website about smart kids where she shares all kinds of information on raising smart kids based on key findings on brain research and child psychology.

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John-Paul Pigeon and Robert Kiyosaki talk about finance
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Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids.
Provides Fun Ideas And Cool Creations For Kids To Make With Playdough, As Well As For The Grown Ups In Their Lives.
Creative Playdough Ideas For Kids.

Easy Kids Halloween Crafts
Kids Halloween crafts ideas and instruction. Ideal for school or home. Kids, parents and teachers will love these simple but effective ideas. Make all of your own Halloween decorations for home or for the classroom.
Easy Kids Halloween Crafts