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Different people have different opinions about whether should give kids a smart mobile phone. Cell phones become important gadgets for parents to stay connected with kids when they are hustling between basketball practice and violin lessons, or hanging out with their friends. It is necessary for parents to control their kids’ cell phone use, especially when the phone is a smart phone. Don’t ignore the ability of your youngsters – they might be a curious and likely much savvier user of technology than you may realize. If you want to prevent your kids from running up your phone bill very quickly, what should you do?

A data plan is usually required for the data used on smart phones like iPhone and Blackberry. Such kind of fee depends on the date amount you use, usually ranging from about to and up. If you don’t want you phone bill increases, you may need to price texting packages. You kids might spend a lot of money on picture and video texting if you don’t set any limitation as most kids like such kind of communication.


Internet access should be restricted or disabled if your kids have less self discipline. All the smart cell phones are web enabled. Make sure you have chosen an appropriate plan for your kids or a place which block access to adult contents on the internet like dates and drugs. In order to get the job done, you need to say everything clear to your carrier. Carriers like AT & T and Verizon require users to pay for their phones which are capable of connecting to the Internet, if they barely use that kind of service.

Smart phones, just like computers, are fragile when they are attacked by viruses, Trojans, and worms. You need and should set up your kids’ phone carefully and make them understand that phones are vulnerable when they offer too much access. Make sure your kids know how to protect confidential personal information and avoid explicit sites.

Check your phone bill carefully each month is necessary for confirming that you aren’t getting dinged with additional charges for functions you didn’t realize were being used. Once you ignore the restriction on your kids’ cell phone use, your kids might be doing extra chores for the rest of his natural life! If this happened to you, you need to negotiate with the cell phone carrier and discuss how to control your kids cell phone use.

One last thing you need to do is to communicate with your kids. Make sure they understand why you do so many things for their cell phone use.

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Do you have parental internet monitoring software at home?  If not, do you know what sites your kids visit or who they talk to online?  Are you sure that an online sexual predator has not befriended them?

Although these are scary questions to confront, the honest truth is that in this day and age we, as parents, have to be vigilant in the protection of our kids online.

I fondly remember being a kid and spending hours outside playing with friends with minimal adult supervision.  Times were different then, and sure, there were sexual predators and pedophiles, but they were not nearly as prevalent then as they are now.

And now they have a new and powerful weapon – the Internet.  The Internet makes it so easy for this scum to get to your kids.  Here are 3 tips to keep them safe online:

Monitor their activity – see what sites they visit.  Do they go to chat rooms or social media sites like Myspace and Facebook?  Who are their friends on those sites? Block sites you don’t want them to visit – with a good parental internet monitoring software you can actually block sites you don’t want them going to, or even allow them to only go to certain sites.  And if they attempt to visit these sites, a good monitoring software will alert you. Limit their time online – although it’s easy to do, don’t let them spend hours upon hours online.  A lot of unsupervised time online can spell trouble for a wandering minded child.

Bottom line is it is imperative to keep an eye on your children online.  With the prevalence of porn and sexual predator activity online, it is even more essential that we know what sites they visit and who they talk to.  Kids are kids, and as smart as you think they are, they are still naive young kids.  They can eventually get themselves in a lot of trouble online without the proper supervision.  

And since you cannot watch them 24/7, a good parental internet monitoring software will be your watchful second set of eyes.

Don’t let your child become another victim, get a good parental internet monitoring software to protect them at

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Imagine you’ve been experiencing pain in your lower back and want to get your back professionally adjusted.  You’ve never seen a chiropractor before, and have no idea where to start looking.  Later that week, while driving to work, you happen to see a custom business sign for a family chiropractic office.  You jot their name down and immediately Google it when you arrive at work.  Ten minutes later you are on the phone arranging your first appointment with that organization.


Now imagine you and your family are going on vacation.  You’ve packed up the SUV and are making the drive from Charleston, South Carolina up to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina.  About two hours into the trip, you find yourself driving through the city center of a small town where your antsy children are complaining of hunger and begging to stop at their favorite chain restaurant.


Unfortunately for the kids, their restaurant of choice is nowhere in sight, though there definitely was one in that town.  But a block down the road you see a custom business sign for a quaint little bistro that you ultimately end up dining at.


Now maybe the first time you took your kids to their favorite chain restaurant was because you and your spouse saw a clever commercial on TV.  Maybe it’s their favorite because of the games and prizes they offer in the back of the dining area.  And you yourself love it because of the excellent customer service you receive every visit.  But all of the advertising and superb customer service in the world wasn’t enough to bring you to their restaurant that particular day.  Ultimately, it was the custom sign that sealed the deal and had you handing over the cash.


The street is where customers are.

Business messages displayed on custom signs along the street reach people who are close enough to actually make a purchase.  Street advertising helps people remember the products or service you sell, and people usually buy from businesses they have heard of before.


Since custom signs are oriented to your trade area, reaching out only to the people who are in your surrounding communities, custom signs do not waste your resources by making you pay for wasted advertising coverage.


So as a business owner who wants more bang for their buck, a custom sign along the street in front of your business is the way to go!

To learn more about custom signs, Ms. Klein invites you to check out, where “Flawless Sign Recipes are Guaranteed.”  TheSignChef is constantly developing free-to-use sign design software, custom sign decision-making tools, and How-To videos to make your sign buying experience efficient and your new custom signs effective.

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As parents, we all want our kids to be smart and healthy, that’s no surprise. But with all the distractions now-a-days like Xbox and computer games, it can be hard to keep your children happy and entertained, while still having them learn something while they’re doing it. But there is a very fun and simple thing you can do to keeps your kids happy and educated at the same time.

Crossword puzzles are a great place to start. Crosswords are a big hit among adults and most people think kids just don’t like them. That’s not the truth though, because most crosswords are made for adults so the clues and words are unfamiliar to younger kids. A great and easy way to solve this problem is to make your own crossword puzzles for your kids.

Of course it’s not easy to spend a ton of time actually making your own crossword puzzle, it takes time and skill. But there are websites you can visit to do this for you instantly. All you do is enter in words, and clues to solve those words, and it makes the entire crossword puzzle for you.

You can put in words that your kids know and love, such as their favorite cartoon characters, their favorite color, their favorite food, etc. But don’t make them all easy, you still want to challenge your child so put in 3-5 words that maybe they don’t know and they’ll have to do a little work to figure out. This will make them spend more time with the puzzle while still keeping their brain going.

The great thing about using words your kids know and love is it will keep them involved. They won’t lose interested because of big words or because it’s not fun, because each time they solve a word and they recognize it as something they like, they’ll want to keep solving the rest of the crossword puzzle.

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