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“It’s not what you earn, but what you keep; that makes you rich”. Time and again I have heard this. I have heard Robert Kiyosaki say it, Napoleon Hill say it, and also Jay Kubassek. In his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki mentions that even though his Poor Dad used to earn more money than his Rich Dad, he used to be poor because he was always riddled in bad debt, whereas his Rich Dad was never in bad debt. He says it was all due to the differing attitude towards money and lack of financial intelligence on the part of his Poor Dad.

Jim Rohn wisely put it, “The rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left”. If not anything else, let us focus on the how practically to put the former part into action. When asked on what is a simple practical way to get rich, Robert Kiyosaki suggested the following method. I have come to call it as the 70-10-10-10 principle. This whole exercise is based on the principle that ‘It’s the habits that make your rich, and not the amount’.

Buy yourself 3 piggy banks, and label each as ‘Savings’, ‘Investments’ and ‘Charity’. Every time you receive money, whether it is a regular paycheck, a gift, tips, lottery, etc., put 10% of the amount in each of the 3 piggy banks. For e.g. if you receive 00 every month as salary, then before you do anything else, put 0 in ‘savings’, 0 in ‘investments’ and 0 in ‘charity’. You have to manage the rest of the month, including paying all your bills, with the remaining 0. I know what you are thinking by now. Are you crazy John? What about all my credit card payments? I can hardly make ends meet; how do you think I can survive? And I have to give all that hard-earned money to charity? Are you kidding me? Calm down, now. You know what? If you are reacting in the mentioned fashion, then I can guess you are in heavy bad debt and are completely broke.

Having said that, if you just can’t manage to keep aside 30%, then try 3% to start with. Put at least 1% aside for each piggy bank and when you situation improves increase it steadily to hit the 10% mark. By all means, if you want to put in more than 30%, please feel free to do so. Good for you! Another way to approach this is to develop a daily habit of putting in money in each piggy bank. Robert Kiyosaki adopts this technique, and I adopt both the monthly as well as the daily. This is what you do. Everyday after you wake up the first thing you do, before going to the bathroom to wash your face or brush your teeth, is put coin in each piggy bank. It can be any currency, any amount. If is less for you, make it or . The focus is not on the amount, rather on the ‘habit’. You have to develop this habit, which once developed will lead you to infinite riches.

Now to the important question, what do we do with the money that we have kept aside? Here’s what. The money in the ‘savings’ is to be NEVER spent, EVER! Read the sentence again! This money is transferred to your children and your next generation. This acts as a psychological security knowing that you have enough money saved for a rainy day. This helps your mind to focus on abundance and not lack. This is serious stuff! The money in the ‘Investments’ is to be invested in business, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. The objective is to make money work for you. Please note that you can afford to lose this amount if suppose you lose the money in a sour investment. No problem! Learn from it and move on. You can use this money as your budget to run your home business (there is the answer to a commonly asked question). The money is the ‘Charity’ is what the name suggests. You have to give it all away. Read the last sentence again. Read it again. I repeat, “You HAVE to give it all away”. I would be very blunt with you when I say this, “This money does not belong to you. It belongs to the one up above who is watching you”. You should use this money to help the underprivileged. Ensure that whichever charity you support shows you how this money is going to be spent. You will feel good knowing how your gift is being used. I personally support two charities. One is called Alpha Pain Clinic ( based in Kerala, India. This charity has been set up to support terminally ill cancer patients. The other one is called Tiwala foundation ( based out of Philippines. They take care of basic education for orphans and homeless children.

The above method is a surefire way to get rich. It just works and before you know it the amount will keep mounting in each of these piggy banks. Stick to this habit for the first 21 days. After 21 days are over, do for another 21 days, and so on and so forth. Before you know it, you will be rich, have a bigger heart, will be known in your community as a generous and caring person, have a happier family, become more famous and come closer to your creator. Just don’t forget one thing; teach it to others please. Give them a chance to change their life.

God Bless


John Bino


“Empowering people to increase their value to society


John Bino is a entrepreneur and success coach specializing in helping fellow entrepreneurs and the community at large to realize their true potential. His mission is to help people become more valuable to their family and the marketplace.

For more information on John Bino or to contact him, go to either his blog or to his business website


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Did you know that you can have your own Social Networking website like Myspace or Facebook – and create multiple streams of income from these websites … while working from home?


Within months of launching their social networking websites, Myspace and Facebook were each valued over a hundred million dollars and are now each valued over a billion dollars after only a few years.  Experts agree, and proven by the success of Myspace, Facebook and other social networking websites like Youtube,  and Linkedin that having your own social networking website is one of the best business opportunities available today. 


You can start your own social networking website and target specific groups of people and monetize the site in several ways.  This is very inexpensive to do and can be completely managed from home.  All you need is internet access.   Could YOU own a site like this?  Of course, why not?  For only a few dollars you can have an entire social networking website within a few minutes.  Just visit for details.

So why do I recommend that you have your own social networking site?  Because it’s very low cost, easy to manage, can be done from home, easy to monetize, and all you need to do is get people to join the site.  You can have a free site that sells ads; a membership payment site that you charge others to join; or a site that you use to sell products.  There are many other ways to monetize social networking sites, but these are the 3 most common ways.

 Let’s talk a little about the difference in these monetization options.

Ads Sales – Advertisers are always trying to find new places to advertise their products.  Clearly, online advertising is putting newspapers and magazines out of business everywhere.  It’s less expensive, has a quicker turn-around time, and more targeted than the way your dad used to advertise.  You don’t need to have a Myspace with over a hundred million members to sell ads.  All you need is a very targeted niche site.  So let’s assume that you’re a stay-at-home mom and you want to build a network of moms.  And let’s say that you can attract a lot of the moms in your town.  All of a sudden you can now go to the grocery store, the bakery, the day care, the gym, the dentist and all the places you normally go and offer them the opportunity to advertise on your site.  You can set whatever price you like for your ads.  The main idea here, however, is that you have a targeted audience of moms in your town that people will want to reach.  This concept is the same for virtually any affinity group, professions, interest etc.  Here are some ideas:  social networking site for painters, musicians, firemen, police, teachers, snowboarders, travellers etc.  There is virtually no limit here.  Try to find something that you have a genuine interest in and imagine that others will to.  Your main job will be to attract these individuals to your site and create value or opportunities for them.

Membership Income – Some sites will have to be free while others will be able to charge a membership fee.  This depends on the value of the content of the site.  Example: a hangout for teens will probably be free.  However, a site that focus on teaching someone how to invest, how to speak French, or how to add some value to their life may charge some fee that the site visitors will gladly pay.  Why?  Because the cost savings and value added by the site to the member is apparent.  Here are some examples:  A site where you help employers recruit top talent; a site where you help people navigate through the financial crisis with proven investment strategies; a site where you provide strategies for lasting relationships; a site where you help someone find that perfect mate.  These sites will need to be credible and will need to provide the value advertised but once established, these sites could become very good cash machines.  This is a great way to make money because you can often charge a subscription fee for these sites, payable monthly, yearly etc.  The fee will be based on the value you provide.  However, you only need 1,000 members paying per month to make ,000 per month with this method.  That’s a six figure salary from working at home.  Not a bad start!

Selling online – What’s great about this method is that you already have your members online and you know what they like – if you have an affinity niche social networking site.  So let’s say that you have a site that targets football fans and you have an online store with the site.  Guess what you sell? That’s right football memorabilia and other related ‘stuff’.  T-shirts, calendars, balls, game tickets etc.  This could be on a local level – the college team U of M (University of Money), a national team, or just football fans overall.  But where do you get this stuff to sell?  You can partner with the local merchant, take photos of the items, upload the photos and description, collect the orders with your site, and have the merchant fulfil the orders.  Basically, members would be able to order the products on your site, your automatic notification system will email the orders to the merchant, and the merchant ships the products to the customer.    You take a percentage of the sales, thank you sir, for doing practically nothing, manufacturing nothing, warehousing nothing.  Another option is to use or  These guys now sell practically anything you can imagine – and they do all the warehousing and fulfilment as well.  However, the main idea here is that you get a piece of every sale for simply having a site that you can attract a group of people who likes to do what you like to do anyway.

Cashflow – It must be obvious by now where I’m going with this.  But here it is.  You can actually do all the above with your social networking site at the same time to create multiple streams of income with recurring cashflow.  You can have a targeted niche social networking website that you: collect recurring membership fees; you sell ads on the site to businesses and individuals; and you can have an online store for your members to buy products – all on the same site.  Of course, once you have the site and the audience you can also offer ‘premium services’ to your members.  Ching, ching … more streams of income.

So this is only a small sample of what you can do today to make money online with your own social networking website, without even leaving your house.

To learn more about creating your own social networking site please visit

Rohan Hall is the Founder/CEO of rSitez, Inc. (, a technology firm that creates social networking software for entrepreneurs and organizations. He has spent 24 years building global technology solutions for various fortune 500 companies including Hewlett Packard, Lockheed/Martin, Sierra Pacific Resources, PeopleSoft/Oracle, Honda and others in the United States, Europe and Asia. He is the author of Stop Working, a business book that teaches entrepreneurs how to become wealthy. He has been featured in INC magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, and various other media.

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