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The Sexy Mama’s Guide to Money – Money Savings Expert
An e-book with two editions, one aimed at mothers, the other aimed at women with no kids, providing easy to understand tips on increasing the amount of money in your life. The e-books use fictional characters as examples to explain how to apply the tips.
The Sexy Mama’s Guide to Money – Money Savings Expert

Manage Bullying – Answers For Parents
Anti-bully program with the credibility of 28 years of research, 4 published books, and over 1 million people trained. Parents will learn how to empower their kids to bully-proof themselves via a 11-module program with over 1 hour of video instruction.
Manage Bullying – Answers For Parents
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So what is this one asset that all of us already have at our disposal?

No, it’s not your double degree, MBA or PhD. from the best universities. And no, it’s not the inheritance the ‘lucky’ get from rich dad, rich uncle or rich grandma to kick-start their business.

No, this asset is so powerful that it will not just give you a 4% return like the bank or even a 20% return which you would expect from the stock market.

This asset has the potential to give you infinite returns. In fact, it can, if passionately developed, give you a 1000% return on your time investment.

This asset is your mind, also known as your intellectual asset!

When you invest time and money to expand your knowledge and skills, especially your financial education, it will return you millions of dollars in income streams for the rest of your life!

You see, when you decide to spend your cash on a possession like a brand new car, you only get to use that vehicle for 10-15 years and when the car gets too old, what do you do?

You scrap the thing. In the end you have nothing to show for all the money you poured into buying that latest model Ford.

But when you invest in yourself, in your mind and in your education, it’s an entirely different story. The moment you invest your time and money to learn new things, you will never lose it!

Because the moment you learn something, you can use and apply it again and again and again and you need never have to pay to use that knowledge ever again.

That knowledge will stay with you forever unlike your brand new car. So which one sounds like a better investment?

In the past, the majority of a company’s assets were made up of physical stuff like machinery, plant, equipment and land.

You would value a company by adding up the book value of all its fixed assets. Today, over 90% of a company’s value is in its intellectual assets! Look at Google, Microsoft, Nike, Berkshire Hathaway or Ebay.

They are worth billions of dollars and generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year and yet they hardly own much physical assets.

If you were to add up the total value of their factories, bank account, inventories and office equipment, it would make up less than 5% of what the company is worth.

In fact, Nike doesn’t even own many factories. The wealth of these companies lie in the ideas of the people working there.

The same thing goes for you! Over 90% of your wealth is not what you have in your wallet or in the bank, it is the ideas that you have in your head!

In the information age of today, one great idea can be worth a billion dollars. That was how a kid in blue jeans with no money, working out of his adopted parent’s garage could become a multi-millionaire at age 25 (Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers).

So, whatever your passion and purpose, start activating your greatest asset and learn precisely how to create, control, multiply and manage your wealth.

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program ‘7 Steps To Financial Freedom’ here.

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There are two ways to make money; One way is to have money work for you…

I love people and money is my servant. I use money.

It takes a different mindset to have money work for you than say working for someone else to earn money. Like doing a job and earning a wage takes a different part of the brain than making money work for you. Hence, the rules are different.

Therefore, if one gets addicted to a paycheck that one can count on every two weeks then it is hard to break that addiction or think one’s way out of this cycle. If one gets paid once a week via dividends in stock funds, one may like this vehicle very much and exploit it to its maximum level.

Riding a trend in a stock is like filling up a cup. Its like a wave too. And let’s just say you’re filling up a glass ful of coke and a smile. There is ice in the glass and you just opened a brand new coke bottle. One fills that cup up to the top and the different color fuzz falls over the top and starts going down the glass outside of the cup and dripping onto the marble or stone counter top or whatever. Welcome to riding a trend to the top before it turns on you and drags you down to the bottom hence turning into a loser instead of a winner whom would pour the coke halfway or more and watch the fuzz get up to the top of the glass and take a sip or take a profit.

Working for money is the opposite of having money work for you. It is a different game and a different brain. The paycheck is the coke filling up to the top of the glass. The problem with earning money this way is that it is taxed first, the fuzz at the top or owners earn much more money than employees and this is especially true in very large corporations who tell our government what to do. I saw people protesting in the streets today complaining about this problem but would you rather have the glass break ? No, I didn’t think so. When working for money, performance in school is similar to the concept of it is wrong to make mistakes.

Investing is a fine art and speculation an even finer art. Billionaires share their strategies with the world and PHD’s as well. Mistakes are part of the game. You win a few, you lose a few, but you keep on keeping on. Ideally, you do not want to be addicted to a loser for very long. Herein lies the concept of cutting losses at say negative eight percent. One can be wrong and admit one is wrong and quickly move on to a winner if their position drops to a negative eight percent.

Working for money, when one is wrong, one could get fired. It happened to me. The management fired me because they did not sign off on a sheet to let me go on a vacation to save their behinds. Thanks Grandma, This shall make you proud, me not cursing. God bless the rich, super rich, and wealthy that know how to invest and learn from either their or others’ mistakes because mistakes are costly.

The point is that there are small mistakes and large mistakes. To err is to be a man or woman and to be a superman or superwoman, one must not err and seek perfection. One could do this with a twelve step program, for example. How does the sea relate to the superman? The waves come to shore and the tide rises and falls depending on what the moon is up to. The ebb and flow makes some sand wet but solid and some sand fluid and in flux. The wave itself has its own tide and when it breaks its similar to cause and effect or a chain reaction for it continues to break as it walks the line. Sometimes, the wave is so big that it starts to break from opposite sides. This is where reflexivity enters the picture.

At that job I was fired from, I had dreams of killing my boss. This was not the monkey manager that talked like a parrot or the nymph Echo but another manager, a neurotic narcisisus. This man was salesman 2010 back in 2000. He maneuvered his way through to being the boss thanks to me being fired by the atypical playboy White Devil manager whom is neither the monkey or the robot salesman 2010. Zeus and Hercules would hobknob on their private jets and talk about the business. I did not witness Zeus and Herculues for they were, perhaps, 2,000,000 year old men who spokoe through emissaries.

The way to take the guesswork out of investing is simple. The way a multi-millionaire explained it to me during Passover went something like this: Follow a guru. LOL. That is what his rags to riches Dad taught him. He’s right because institutional investors manage trillions of dollars and these gurus sometimes know what they are up to. These institutional investors are not market makers or even billionaires doing LBO’s. Rather, these folks are like managers managing the pyramid making sure all the money flows up to the eye of Horus which, as we all know, is seperated from the base of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill.

So working for money is to work for Horus. A God who just floats around up in the sky and when feeling the need, protects us, serves us, loves us, cares for us, but is warlike. This is similar to competing departments in a business, or colleagues jockeying for position in the corporate world, and construction companies vying for contracts from the government, or entrepreneurs trying to get venture captial from vulture errr venture capitalists.

It has been said that the only way one can make a living trading, speculating, or investing in the market is to sell the products. What about service? That is what guru’s do. They serve their people. What do billionaires and market makers do ? LBO’s ? Perhaps these rich folks are the elite who know how to make a buck in the market, hold on to it through tax law manipulation and other forms of “work.”

Moreover, we all know that working for money puts us right smack in the middle of the pyramid. After all, we do have families to support. We must communicate and have cashflow. We must have a product or service and we must be legally in tune with the trends that are constantly changing as our grand litigators bring us toward utopia.

Investing is sane if the investor has a higher power otherwise it is insanity in the form of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results or not knowing the difference between right or wrong. Therefore, one can make covenents with this higher power. We can not see this higher power with our eyes but it is more of an inspiration, reflex, unconscious feeling, and so forth. It is infinite power and is the source from which all things come because remember, the universe is expanding.

When I was fired, perhaps, instead of the money flowing up to the top of the pyramid toward Horus, the money flow stopped as my labor did not exist in the corporation’s eyes. Hence, a charge was made against me. Luckily, there were no judges and lawyers involved which usually is the case with a charge and money flowing in the opposite direction that is Horus, the eye in the sky floating around like trillions of dollars right above our heads because, after all, we can not see money and we especially can not see fiat money. They do not want us to be able to see it. That is why the deal is so important.

Holding investments forever is the way of the mega rich.

They wanted me back as the manager shuffled back and forth and therefore was promoted because of my back being fired. ¬†Hence, I had an idea of how I could best serve them and provide the maximum value to their organization and they said “NO.” ¬†Hence, I chose freedom not bondage. ¬†Now the question is posed correctly. ¬†Shall I choose liberty or death ? ¬†Liberty, quite simply, is asking someone to do something before you do it; ¬†Freedom is the ability to not have to ask before one does something and therefore that someone either benefits or suffers the consequences of one’s action or inaction.

What do you choose?  

Troy Coulon began….

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New: Online Money Guide, 101 ways to make money online
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New: Online Money Guide, 101 ways to make money online

Personal finance is hard enough as it is. It’s absolutely daunting to doing the whole thing by ourselves, especially if we’re not very well-versed in keeping logs of earnings and expenses, calculating our own net worth, reducing debts, and managing our finances by ourselves. We could all use a little input from experts, especially when it gets really confusing and we don’t know where to start. Here are several finance book recommends:

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a great material for looking up information about personal finance. There are hundreds if not thousands of people who are inspired to get their finances straight all because of the Total Money Makeover book.

The book also tackles debt reduction by giving great advice on how best to approach this problem and gradually take shed off the ball and chains to their finances. It is especially for those who are just starting out.

The unique thing about Dave Ramsey’s book is that it includes Christian thinking and values, as well as bible teachings that he relates to money. If you’re the person who isn’t bothered by religious thinking seeping inside a finance book then this book is for you. There are Dave Ramsey fans accumulated over the years, sticking by to what they learned from the publications to help them get over their financial difficulties.

Five Years to Financial Freedom by Morris Kaplan

The book is unlike any other because it presents a somewhat clearer and more defined rule on how to fix your finances over time.

It helps you answer the questions you ask when you find yourself in a financial constraint. It tackles how people spend more than they earn, how to change jobs, how money affects your relationships. This book helps you realize several aspects of your life that money plays a part of.

It doesn’t promise that you’ll get rich overnight, but what it does is give you a huge resource of information on how to clear all bad debts, paying for mortgage, start investing, branching out, looking into tax benefits and saving money.

The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton

Some people have noticed that this book is one of the most well-loved finance books of all time. The Wealthy Barber provides sensible advice, deep insights into finances how it affects our lives. It is incredibly easy to take in as the book is written like a story or a short, light novel.

The book is always recommended for those who are venturing out in understanding personal money management, because even if you don’t have much background on finance and accounting, it will not be difficult for you to understand.

The Wealthy barber guides the reader to implement the steps in managing their money by thinking of what we truly want in life and how we can get it. It also has a great chapter on getting rid of materialistic thinking, getting spending under our control and minimizing our debts.

For the Young, Broke and Fabulous by Suze Orman

Suze “Suzy” Orman is a famous household name. You can see her in the news, hear her name on the radio, and her face is plastered on countless publications. She is famous for her personal finance books that are sold worldwide and known for her straight-talking and no-nonsense approach to money and debt.

The book “For the Young, Broke and Fabulous” has garnered a lot of following because the message hits the younger generation, targeting their lifestyle and giving out advice on getting started in the workforce, making the best out of your first few years on the corporate ladder, and following your dreams without sacrificing your future. Suze Orman discusses how the young generation has so much potential in them and how they can save, eliminate debt, and have enough to experience life at its fullest.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

The book has changed thousands of its reader’s outlook on how they lead their life. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is all about acquiring financial knowledge and know-how. It illustrates to us how our perspectives about what it takes to be successful in our own rights. It provides practical guidelines including how to build wealth and buy assets, avoid debt and liabilities, planning for the future while living your life today, and how to go rich by living within your means.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad is full of amazing insights about money in general. Learning about your next step, and knowing the difference between an asset and a liability.

Dave is computer programmer and loves saving money by using coupons and promotional codes. He offers many of these coupon codes on his web site

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