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Many of us know that the world of online information regarding network marketing is jam packed full of tips, techniques and testimonials. But lets not forget about the many great books out there. Many of us still enjoy a great book sitting down relaxing on a chair at home flipping the pages while enjoying a cup of coffee.

What are some of the best books out there?

I highly recommend books by Robert Kiyosaki. Perhaps his most famous book is called “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. As the title states, the book is about how most of us learn the “poor Dad” philosophy that is taught to us by our middle class upbringing while children of rich fathers learn a whole different set of rules.

Among other lessons which are must-learns for network marketers, his book teaches us that it all starts with the right mindset that we must think like rich, successful people do in order to prosper and become successful people. Kiyosaki has also written several other books including “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing”, “Rich Kid Smart kid”, “Cashfow Quadrant” and the “Rich Dad’s Business School”. Kiyosaki’s books focus greatly on attitude which most successful marketers will say was the key to their success.

“How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends” is actually one of my personal favorites because it gives a great deal of attention to the art of listening which many the marketers online aren’t very good at. Good communication skills is something that all successful salespeople know how to do well.

“How to Build a Large Successful Multi-Level Marketing Organization” by Don Failla is on top of many marketers’ lists and something they require their downline to read.

The last book to mention in this article is called “Network Marketing for Dummies” by Zig Ziglar is sort of a combination between the motivational aspect and the more strategic ones, but it has some mixed reviews. Many are on the positive side though.

For more info. on network marketing books, tips and reviews check out my blog.

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The amount of 11.4 million yuan.

This figure to Liu Qiang East convinced, will be completed in 2009 Jingdong Mall 4 billion yuan sales target.

Established since 2004 to 2008, Jingdong Mall’s sales were 10 million yuan, 30 million yuan, 80 million yuan, 3.6 billion yuan and 1.32 billion yuan. Qiang East is expected that by 2010, that number would be 10000000000.

The past 4 years, Jingdong 340% average compound growth rate. Even in the rich “fast company” Internet domain, which is still a stunning pace. Compared to the traditional channels of business,

States United States

From creation to sales exceeded 10 billion yuan, with 15 years.

1999 8848, Dangdang, outstanding since the birth of China’s B2C wave through several rounds of ups and downs, has not seen in sales of more than 2 billion or even billions of the company. On the other side, the U.S. Amazon sales in 2008 reached 19.27 billion U.S. dollars.

Jingdong Mall demonstrates another possibility.

At the same time, and the average annual compound growth rate of 340% match is very, 4 years, Jingdong almost zero profit. Jingdong Liu Qiang Dong and his constantly being questioned and tortured: a high-speed expansion is not profitable company, can go far?


In the East seems to Liu Qiang, B2C is the essence of doing retail, B2C is a channel provider. 100 years of channel evolution, from country markets to department stores, to chain stores, the rise of a new business model, there is constant innovation in the two curves and enhance:

1. Supply chain efficiency. Continuously improve the inventory and cash flow, which in the retail industry benevolent.

Dominant global chain Wal-Mart, the world has its own satellite system, the rate of turnover is 30 days. States United States


Be 47 days -60 days -10 days Amazon is 7 days.

2. Cost control. High margin on the retail sector in terms of no significance.

If a circulation enterprises, high margin requirements, can only prove that it’s operating costs are too high. This business has no value in the industry chain.

“Department store’s gross margin as high as 50%, but only 15% of Wal-Mart can make money because it costs less and efficient. Do retail, Competition is the operational efficiency and cost control. If everyone in the pursuit of 40%, 50% of the gross margin, the business model will not evolve. “Liu Qiang Dong said.

Qiang East grasp of supply chain efficiency and cost control of the two curves, so did Jingdong Mall: A powerful


Digestive system every day of the 1500 Order; online sales of product categories, more than 30,000 kinds of products cheaper prices than offline stores 10% ~ 20%; inventory turns were 12 days, with the current supplier Spot Results, Gome, Suning’s inventory turns were for 47 days -60 days, accounts of 112 days; cost rate than GOME, Suning is 7%, gross margins remained at 5%, the industrial chain suppliers, terminal customers more value.

36-year-old Liu Qiang East is not the master of China’s earliest Internet play. Until 2004, he never went to Dangdang, do not know excellence, never heard of 8848, the only contact with only QQ. Liu Qiang East started the business in 1998, did agents, held a chain, the final bet everything in B2C. “He’s practical, really, attention to detail, there is a certain temperament to do retail.” Today, the capital, President Xu Liu Qiang, described her first impression of the East, “Jingdong the most important value is that it engaged in a channel change , it is a subversion of traditional channels. ”

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Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing Here is my Success University Blog. (Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing) “Network Marketing” http “Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing” (Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing) Rich Dad – Welcome to Rich Dad!It’s become even clearer to me that what Robert talks about and teaches is more important than ever. Financial education is crucial to this country at this Robert Kiyosaki – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRobert Toru Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is an investor, businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad thisRobert Kiyosaki Why the Rich Get RicherBest-selling author Robert Kiyosaki explains why many commonly held truths about managing money are obsolete. In their place, he offers financial so Robert Kiyosaki Why the Rich Get RicherRobert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” is an investor, entrepreneur, and educator whose perspectives on money and investing fly in the face of Register for FREE Rich Dad Workshop | Rich Dad Education Learn Robert Kiyosaki does not participate in these events. The educational training program provided hereunder is not designed or intended John T. Reed’s analysis of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad The US Marine Corps’s official Web site is bragging about Robert Kiyosaki and touting him as an exemplary Marine in spite of the What the Rich Teach Their Kids about Money Google Books Resultby Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Robert Toru Kiyosaki (born April 8, 1947) is an investor, businessman, self-help author, motivational speaker and inventor. Kiyosaki is best known for his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of motivational books and other material. He has written 15 books which have combined sales of over 26 million copies. Although beginning as a self-publisher, he was subsequently published by Warner Books, a division of Hachette Book Group USA, currently his new books appear under the Rich Dad Press imprint. Three of his books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant, and Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, have been on the top 10 best-seller lists simultaneously on The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the New York Times. The book Rich Kid Smart Kid was published in 2001, with the intent to help parents teach their children financial concepts. He has created three “Cashflow” board and software games for adults and children and has a series of “Rich Dad” audio cassettes and disks. He also publishes a monthly newsletter.

It was just a matter of time before multimillionaires begin shining their eyes for this amazing business referred to as network marketing.  So it wasn’t a big surprise when people like Robert Kiyosaki of the rich dad fame and Mr Trump started to capitalize on and recommend the industry.  In actual fact Mr Kiyosaki has now called it the business of the 21st century in his brand new publication that is now out there at leading book stores.

I have been incredibly fortunate to develop the eyes for trends and before I made some cash of my very own.  I wouldn’t say it’s a skill.  Just upright favored.  That is certainly my story and I’m sticking to it.

What Mr Kiyosaki is doing is exactly what rich individuals do.  They are continually ready and when there exists a brand new trend they will jump in front of the curve.  Many people might see them as being lucky as soon as they begin mining the profits of the seed widely.  Those folks can see that job certainty is a thing of the past and many folks will certainly start looking for alternate options.  The most inexpensive with the biggest financial independence potential is network marketing.

Some yrs ago when I became quite involved in audio production, I assembled a three piece recording studio.  I recorded at least 3 albums on those techniques in my, then, studio apartment.  A lot of my buddies tried so much to persuade me that I needed a major studio using huge boards to be ready to perform anything professional.  I begged to differ mainly because I recognized where technology appeared to be going, and I guess I was among the first few to recognize for a fact that I could record professionally right inside my bathroom inside the projects on the tenth floor.

It really is very natural for many people to push away change.  Most times, they push away change and also just settle in their comfort zone.  Sometimes, they wake up if their back is against the wall.  These days, a lot of people’s back are against the wall.  Folks are getting laid off simply because our planet just can’t afford to keep spoon feeding people.  You are going to have to get yours.

Right now I have to break the bubbles.  Lots of people, like multimillionaire Mr Robert Kiyosaki are actually shinning their face on the network marketing enterprise.  It was okay to wait before but no longer.  You’re reading this, right?  There is a 95% chance you would be stubborn.  You will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if you don’t find a good team within a good network marketing program and acquire a position.

Robert Kiyosaki is a self made millionaire, inventor, author, and entrepreneur and has been labelled as the personal finance “guru”. He is most well known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which has sold millions of copies around the globe and has woken up people to the importance of managing your money.

When asked what Robert would do differently if he had to start all over again, Robert Kiyosaki stated that he would have started a network marketing business. Because network marketing is a business system and provides leverage, Robert states that a network marketing business is one of the best ways a person can develop great wealth providing they do what is required.

Robert Kiyosaki also recommends this type of business because of the training and mentoring that most companies provide to their representatives. Moreover, network marketing companies do not fire you if you are not producing numbers right off the bat. You can take as long as you want to build your business and your company will work with you to make it happen.

Robert Kiyosaki states that one of the other major benefits of a network marketing business is that the business enables you to overcome your fears and deal with being rejected. Rejection can be an extremely powerful and discouraging emotion however, if you learn the skills that you company will provide you, you can overcome this emotion and move on to accomplish your goals.

In his book “Cashflow Quadrant”, Robert discusses in great deal the benefits of being a business owner. He states that the tax laws are written in favour of those who own a business and the people that develop systems are able to work a lot less, earn a lot more, and have a lot more fun. Network marketing is a business system that if you properly develop the systems required, you can do exactly what is listed above.

If you are interested in finding out more information on how to grow a network marketing business, make sure you visit the resource box below and click on the link for more information.

See you at the top,
Michael Stead

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Network marketing is known to have a notorious reputation despite its immense success. It received a major credibility boost when a world famous financial expert like Robert Kiyosaki came out in support it.

So what did Robert Kiyosaki find in this industry that made him say that if he were to start all over again, he would start a network marketing business. In my opinion the best person to answer this question is Robert Kiyosaki himself. Actually he did answer it (wonderfully) in his network marketing book called “Business School – For People Who Like Helping People”.

Robert Kiyosaki has his own unique way of explaining stuff. People who hold a job (employees) form the first quadrant. Job security is of paramount importance to them. Self employed people form the second quadrant. Business owners fall into the third quadrant category and investors in the fourth quadrant category.

Now if you want financial freedom, then you must be a part of either third quadrant or fourth quadrant. The reason is simple: only those who make money work for them can be financially free and only the business owners and the investors do that. True wealth is not created by working hard, it is created by making use of leverage to get things done in an effective manner.

Now what if an average Joe wants to become financially free? Let’s say he has a very limited capital. Enter network marketing.

In network marketing, a person has a realistic chance of building serious wealth by investing just a fraction of the cost that it would take to start a traditional business. Creating wealth is not the same as having a huge income. True wealth is about earning money in a leveraged manner (you get paid for work done by other people). That is the secret of the rich. The rich own companies which employ people. They work for a steady salary. The rich reap the rewards of their work (profits) thus fueling further growth of the company.

You see, its like a cycle. A system is set to produce money through the efforts of others. When the money is made, some of it is taken for personal use while the rest invested back to make even more money. That’s how true wealth is created. I know this may seem like a very simplistic explanation but I guess you get the idea.

With all being said, I must also add this. A lot of people think about network marketing only as an opportunity to earn some money. Yes it is a great vehicle for creating a residual income but there is something more to it. And it is my personal belief that this is the most important reason as to why one should start a network marketing business.

What is it? Its education.

The real education that one gets from being a part of the network marketing industry is nothing short of life transforming. The real education is not some team meeting where people are simply motivated to recruit others into the business.

The real education comes experience. It comes from learning skills (marketing and communication skills). It comes from understanding what works and what doesn’t work when you try implementing what you have learnt. It comes from the real interactions that you hold with your uplines, downlines, crosslines, etc.

The real education is what enables a person to truly believe in himself. It is what enables a person to go reaching for his dreams, whatever it may be. It is what enables him to develop his sales skills which is pretty much needed everywhere (though many won’t realise it, if you want to become good at selling, then you need sales and communication skills).

Robert Kiyosaki saw value in the education being imparted in this industry. He always says that education imparts skills and skills helps a person to carve a niche for himself in any endeavour that he chooses to undertake. That is why network marketing gets a big thumbs up from robert kiyosaki.

Visit this robert kiyosaki network marketing page if you are interested in learning how to get build your network marketing business by attracting eager prospects. Robert kiyosaki network marketing articles.

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I remember when I first got involved in network marketing over 12 years ago, I would attend weekly meetings, Super Saturday’s and International Conventions where the “Top Producers” and “Company Heroes” were highlighted and their lifestyles were shown on huge screens for all to see.

Leaving events like this, I would be so motivated it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to strike up a conversation with the first person I bumped into walking out of the event, get their phone number and ultimately call them about my business.

The challenge with that approach is that 9 out of 10 people don’t have the personality to do that.  But using “The 3 Foot Rule” is one of the methods of prospecting taught at most companies, way back then and even today.  Unfortunately, teaching this method actually sets up 9 out of 10 people for failure.

The other challenge I faced was not being equipped to talk to people who were already successful business owners.  I was taught to “just go through the numbers” and “you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person”.  And while I agree with this mentality, the reality is that your business would take off like a rocket ship if you sponsored highly successful people who may already be making six-figures a year or even own their own business.  Why? Because they usually have a ton of credibility and clout, already know what it takes to build a business and don’t have an “employee mindset”.  It’s important to know how to professionally explain network marketing to entrepreneurs because VERY FEW of them actually understand it.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way by getting MASSIVE rejection whenever I would contact a friend, family member or someone I met in public.  Even if they set-up an appointment with me, the chips were already stacked against me before I opened my mouth because they were misinformed and resistant to the industry.

Does “The 3 Foot Rule” and “Just talk to people because you can’t say the wrong thing…” work?

Yes… but only for about 5% of network marketers active in the industry.  What about the 95%? If they’re ill-equipped with the tools to position themselves in front of people who actually are open to what they’re offering, and ill-equipped to deal with highly successful leads, why would you expect them to succeed?

Back during the Gold Rush, guess who got rich?  It wasn’t the people trying to find gold.  It was the people selling the picks and shovels.

If you want to have a huge edge in network marketing today, you have to first learn how to sell picks and shovels (Ex. valuable content and information) and then support that effort with digging for gold (Ex. recruiting).

These are the “new” rules of the game.

Back when I got started in this industry 12 years ago, the internet wasn’t really a big deal and reps were shielded from buying tapes outside of the tapes sold within the company by company leaders (Yes, I’m old school… I said TAPES!).  Today, selling information on the front-end about succeeding in network marketing is a BIG business which can provide immediate cashflow and a means to monetize the “NOs” you” get while building your business.

The rules of the game are changing.

Trust me, your downline retention will go through the roof when your reps now make money (through funded proposals and affiliate products) when someone tells them “NO”.  And that’s a beautiful thing.

Jaime Soriano wrote this as a resource for people looking into Prepaid Legal Services. To learn how you can sponsor 20-50 reps into your business each month, visit:


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Robert Kiyosaki explains from his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, why Network marketing is a great idea. If you want more info, please contact me http Matt Ferguson
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Anyone who ever doubts the power of network marketing would be well advised to spend some of their time consuming the content of Robert Kiyosaki’s books You will for sure be inspired and motivated.

Whilst being very successful in the world of business himself he has written many books on succeeding in business and self help. His book Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the most famous books in our industry. For any that haven’t read it yet, please do asap!.

He has written 15 books so far and sold over a whopping 26 million copies! In his younger days he served in the Vietnam war as a helicopter gunship pilot and was awarded the Air Medal.

Creating wealth by investing, property and direct marketing are Robert’s focus in most of his teachings. As he has been very successful himself in all these areas he is well qualified to teach us. By creating your own residual and passive wealth through direct marketing you are making a wise decision. You are taking the decision to be responsible for your own financial future and that of your family. It is highly unlikely that you will EVER get rich from working for someone else and remaining in an employee mindset.

It’s quite sad that so many people are quite happy to tip toe through life seeking that safe & secure job, when they could be creating a life of wealth and freedom for themselves.

The business of Network Marketing has revolutionised free enterprise and opens the door for many more people to create for themselves a stable financial future. The investment required with a network marketing business is accessible to most people, whereas with a traditional business venture you would normally without question be looking at investing thousands and thousands of dollars. There have been more millionaires created within the network marketing industry than in any other.

Many people across the world are very interested in the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing principles but he has come under criticism for his material being mostly anecdotal, and not containing any actual ‘how to’ information. Whilst that’s true, you still can get an incredible amount of benefit from his material. Whatever business you choose to get involved with you need to get the ground work done first, and one of the most important things you can do is get your mindset right!

So once your mind is in the right place and your ready to get started, what will you need for your business? Two very important aspects of any MLM business are enough leads and enough cash flow. Without leads your business obviously will never go anywhere, and sadly this is the number one problems that Network Marketers face. There is also the fact that the average life span of a distributor seems to be around ninety days, if they haven’t made any money by then, then they are out the door. This can be a real killer when it comes to building a team.

Its comforting to know that with the right marketing skills and system, both of these problems can be solved for you and your team. Myself and many other Network Marketers are using the internet to build our business.

If you were generating 30 or more leads each day to your business plus earning an affiliate income almost daily, would that help improve your situation?

If you want to obtain greater results from your MLM business, make sure that you fully grasp the Robert Kiyosaki Network Marketing attitude that is discussed in this video (click the website link to watch)

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