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A few dad rich products I can recommend:

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PaidSurveysOnline – Highest Converting Paid Opinion Site Since 2002!

Business Loans and Business Credit: Loans with no personal guarantee.
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Business Loans and Business Credit: Loans with no personal guarantee.

If you have registered for any survey companies, you will probably have noticed that there aren’t always as many surveys in your email in-box as you would like.  If you find that quality survey offers are not always consistent, you are not alone.  Hopefully, you weren’t scammed into thinking you would get rich doing it — you should  be taking surveys because you enjoy sharing your opinion and it’s great extra income.  You can make great extra cash if you are with the right survey companies   There are generally 5 reasons why you’re not getting them:  

First, you have to sign up for more than 2 or 3 in order to get any chance of a steady survey flow.   If you haven’t done that, go back to your favorite site of where to find the companies and sign up for more. Second, did you complete your profiles?  Most survey companies have profiles for you to fill out.  These profiles more accurately match you to surveys and define your demographic.  If you have not completed your profiles, a company may not be motivated or programmed to send some of them your way.  Complete your profiles and your survey opportunities may increase. Third, have you been honest in your answers?  If you give inconsistent answers and rush through surveys, you may find you stop getting them from some companies altogether.  They need real opinions, and if you do this frequently they’ll know that you’re not the type of person their looking for Fourth, be proactive — don’t just sit and wait.  Go to the company’s site and check for more surveys.  Sometimes their available before you get your email, and if your demographic fills up before you respond you’ll be out of luck.  Just like the old saying… the early bird gets the worm..  Make sure you’re the one who gets paid before they close the survey to your demographic. Fifth, you signed up for a mediocre company.  Occasionally you end up with some bad survey companies that are not worth your time.  Do not feel obligated to stay with any company that is sending you surveys that go through a lengthy pre-qualification process, only to kick you out 10 minutes into the survey and pay you nothing.  Stick with the ones that work for you and respond promptly.

If you have fulfilled each of the companies requirements and feel you are just missing out somehow, don’t forget that businesses are what fuel each survey company’s survey base.  They only send out surveys when their services are needed.  If you are familiar with business, you already know that they often work within quarterly goals.  So, if you haven’t noticed yet, you may soon notice that some survey offers will be more abundant at certain times in each quarter than in others.   If you are going through a lag period, you can expect it to pick up again soon.  You may also want to try registering for more companies if you haven’t registered for very many– and don’t discount the ones that give points for prizes/offers…  because they sometimes give decent bonuses for your surveys.

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The “Writing Riches 101” guide proves to be one of the most comprehensive guides to making money online. If you can read and write at a basic 8th grade level, then there is no reason why you should not be making 00 a day writing articles. The “Writing Riches 101” guide includes all of this information and more.

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Video Game Testing Jobs – Get paid to Test Video Games
Split Testing as of now. Affiliate Tools will be available soon.
Video Game Testing Jobs – Get paid to Test Video Games

The Insider’s Guide to Winning the Mortgage Game
In this comprehensive but incredibly easy-to-read book, licensed Mortgage Broker and “Mortgage Guru” Zack Ahsan takes you on a guided tour of what you need to know to Win the mortgage game. It’s essential reading for All would-be home buyers and sellers.
The Insider’s Guide to Winning the Mortgage Game

Rich Alchemist – You Get Paid Every Month!
The League of Enlightened Entrepreneurs! Underground Affluent Entrepreneur Club For Making Real Money! Phone Support, Video Tutorials, System Training, Blueprints, Tele-Seminars +More! Find out how we Get High Stick Rates! –
Rich Alchemist – You Get Paid Every Month!

For Canadian small business owners there’s a surefire way to improve your cash flow, reduce your outstanding receivables save trees and mailing costs and overcome the “cheque is in the mail” syndrome.

It’s called the e-mail money transfer. This method of payment is reliable, inexpensive and once you’ve trained your customers to use it, it’s an incredibly effective way to get your invoices paid fast.

If you do your banking on-line it’s available through all the major banks in Canada and some credit unions. This method of payment is not available internationally. If you don’t do your banking on-line then set it up – now! It will be well worth the time for you to do so.

Briefly, here’s how it works. You e-mail your invoice to your customer in whichever format you prefer (PDF, Word etc). Your customer receives it, goes to their on-line banking portal and creates an Interac money transfer for the amount of the invoice and e-mails the funds to your e-mail address. No money actually gets e-mailed, this step is more of a notification that funds are pending deposit into your account.

Usually, you receive the notification within 30 minutes or so of it being sent. You simply click on a link within the e-mail and then click on the logo of the financial institution and account that you want the funds deposited to and the money is now in your account.

Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if you could collect all your receivables this way? The reality of course is that this is unlikely to happen any time soon but if just half your customers paid you this way, then imagine the improvement in your cash flow!

A word of advise, if you have kids living away from home don’t let them know that you know how to e-mail money, otherwise you have no excuse when you get the “I need money” call. Be smart of work. Act dumb at home!



Martin Povey owns and is a business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses that need focus direction and creative solutions to build their business and achieve their goals. He can be contacted at: or 403-529-9259 or visit

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Can people seriously get paid to play video games? Or, is it just a big fat myth which happens to serve zero purpose? Truth be told, individuals can and are getting money to play & enjoy new video games each and every day. However, the term “play” usually will lose some of it’s meaning with regards to this kind of job.

Among the biggest myths with regards to playing games for pay is that it is all fun and games. You can plop down, relax, have fun with video games, and then receive a big fat check at the end of it all. Such a thing would really be an incredible career; but unfortunately, that’s not the way it works for game testers. Rather than taking part in a video game for fun, you will be TESTING it as part of your overall responsibility.

You didn’t misread anything, professional game testers aren’t paid sacks of money to have loads of fun & enjoyment playing awesome, new video games — they are paid to test and evaluate the newest video game titles for developers. That is all.

Certainly the most common response to the above is “what exactly is the difference between testing & playing?” Well, its rather simple really. When you play a videogame, you conquer a level and proceed onto the one after. When you test a game, you’ll beat an area and then RESTART that area and play it again & again. You won’t do this once, twice, or even three times. In truth, you will do this repeatedly right up until you’ve located all the game breaking glitches & bugs inside the level. This could mean playing a particular part of a video-game a few dozen times, if not MORE, to ensure that you’ve identified all of the game’s possible problems. Be honest with yourself, does that seem like a “fun job” to you? Probably NOT!

Don’t get the wrong impression here. Professional video game testers can and do have plenty of fun doing testing assignments — it’s just that the fun isn’t near the amount some gamers believe it is. Rather than drinking coke, eating junk food, and hanging out with friends trying to play great videogames, beta testers are essentially working to make video games more fun for the thousands and thousands of waiting gamers out there.

When you’re a gamer and want to earn money playing video games, then a job as a beta game tester is precisely what you need. Not only may it fulfill your cashflow desires, but you might even start an excellent career in the process!

Need more specific information about paid video game tester jobs? How about where you can find the best video game tester job openings? If so, then head on over to right now.

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