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Robert Kiyosaki – 4 Types of People.

Robert Kiyosaki – 4 Types of People.

This Book Will Help Millions of People World Wide
50% commission and high conversion rates for a product millions of people worldwide need. Irritable bowel syndrome is a pain for millions. This book can solve their problem today! It includes a 60 day money back guarantee plus free gift.
This Book Will Help Millions of People World Wide

E-book: Seven Trading Systems for the S&p Futures
Internet Marketing books(4) and videos(5) for music artist , models, entertainers, photographers, actors. Videos: Seo, Traffic Generation, Insider Traffic, Viral Video Marketing. Books: Email, Ppc, Social Media, Trent Partridge Music/Model Marketing Book
E-book: Seven Trading Systems for the S&p Futures

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An absolutely incredible journey!

We quite literally joined  TriUnity International  simply to purchase Acai Plus at the wholesale price. This one product has more than replaced the dozens of vita-min capsules & supple-ment tablets that we were taking every day, and that were also costing us many hundreds of dollars a month. Even after one whole year of taking this product, we continue to feel better each and every day!

Just how powerful is the TriUnity International compensation plan? When we started getting great results on the TriUnity products, we told a few people about them. These few people enrolled to try the products for themselves, and shared their results with many more, and this easily duplicatable process has now caused our team to grow into the thousands. In short… we feel healthy, have a steady TriUnity income (about ,000 a month now) that just seems to double every few months, and have developed many strong friendships that will last a lifetime! Thank you Greg Gunderson for bringing us all these awesome one-of-a-kind products, and the best compensation plan in the industry.

We have found a home with TriUnity…
See you at the finish line!
– Doug & Denise Hulse


In February 2007, Pricilla, my wife, and Denise Hulse (our daughter and upline Triple Diamond) were looking for supplements to replace what we had been taking for 7 years. We felt great, but the cost was becoming unaffordable. With the help of our son-in-law, Doug Hulse, he went on line and found Acai Plus! The ingredients were superior and the price was less than half. However, we did not want another distributorship. Doug showed us there were no fees other than the cost of the product!! We were excited and signed up with TriUnity. We love the products and would take them even if there was no business opportunity. As Pricilla and I grew an extremely part time business, in one year we now have over 2300 distributors! Each month our checks grew and grew. Denise and Doug talked to us this morning to share some extremely good news! Our check for February 2008 is over 00.00!!! I told Doug that can’t be, is there a mistake? Something must be wrong for our income to increase so rapidly! Pricilla cried because she has been praying for our finances to improve. She thanked God for this financial blessing and for Greg Gunderson’s belief in God for us all to prosper. We feel the same way, this truly is a way for anyone to prosper with Triunity’s pay plan for their distributors.

So come join us and be blessed! God Bless.
– Jonathan Gould and Pricilla Gould from New York



Doug & Denise Hulse are successful Triple Diamond distributors with TriUnity International.

TriUnity offers: Acai Plus: This is original product that TriUnity launched with. Acai Plus contains Acai, Goji, Mangosteen and over 100 nutritional ingredients in one bottle.

Feed My Brain: This product is based on many years of research of the effects that poor nutrition has on school age children. Feed My Brain is designed to increase the innate IQ of children and adults alike. FMB is available in an adult formula as well as the children’s chewable formula.

White Lightning energy drink: This product is the “healthy” alternative to the sugar and caffeine laced energy drinks commonly found in supermarket and convenience store coolers. I personally love the fact that White Lightning energy drink gives me a mild energy boost, as well as a mental clarity that lasts for hours. (with no crash)

Clear Heart: An Oral Chelation product containing EDTA. The Clear Heart product is what I personally consider a real life saver. Imagine, a product designed to help clear 20, 30, 40, or more years of plaque from hearts and arteries. That is why I am sold on this product, and will never go another day without it.

Also, an incredible home-business-opportunity is available with TriUnity that is helping avaerage people make unlimited income.

Please visit our website at  and give us a call if you have any questions at all!

Make it a GREAT DAY!

Doug Hulse is a successful Triple Diamond distributor with TriUnity International.

He can be reached using the contact information on his website at:

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This article will confront the notion that making big money in a home based business or in affiliate marketing is going to happen for you overnight. It just doesn’t happen that way even if the late night TV shows or searching online and finding sales pages that show screenshots of 000 a day without having to do anything except send an email. The internet is flooded with crazy claims about how you can make money easily, and quickly, without having to do any work. Let’s keep this thing in the proper perspective. You can make a full time income working from home either online or through marketing to super targeted niches that want to buy your products or services, but it takes hard work, and a commitment of at least an hour per day. You shouldn’t be afraid to start your business, just be prepared for the ups and downs.

As a small business owner when you make your first sale you will have such an awesome feeling of pride. You’ll know that you did that; your efforts got that customer to your website, and it’s just begun. Work and work some more and, the effects will begin to snowball. Before you know it, you’re on your way to having an income that will let you quit your job and tell your boss good bye forever.

There are a few basic points you should to be made aware of while doing your research into the niche markets that you may want to promote. I suggest either niche affiliate marketing or home based party plans because it’s easier to start with minimal amounts of investment up front. Many Fortune 500 companies use home based business owners that market online to drive traffic to their sites and you get paid to do it.

They key is to pinpoint your niche market. What do you want to promote, what market do you want to focus your efforts in? What are you good at? What do you know, that you’re passionate about?  Remember, some niches are easier to break into, than others and it is even better if you can find and target a super small niche, called a micro niche that you can easily dominate and get sales from. You want to market products, and services that you believe in, however make sure there’s a strong market for your chosen niche.

Choose a dependable affiliate program or home party company that offers you the specific niche market you desire. A few good places to start are with or commission junction. Do your homework, and you will be sure to find some of the top home based businesses on the internet, ones that offer residual, and multiple income streams. Make certain that you find reputable companies that assist their affiliates through training.

Get your very own domain for at and if you find a micro niche that you understand well you can easily provide content and links to your products you are promoting. One of the best ways to get people to your site is to get involved in the forums that serve the micro niches you are promoting. By sharing in the forums and learning what the hot buttons are for your community you can easily start getting loads of traffic to your site by adding value and using your website as a link back in your forum signature.

I can’t emphasize how important it is for you to start small in a micro niche and become a big fish in a little pond instead of trying to compete with everyone. We recommend Micro Niche Finder Software which you can visit here:

PM Anderson is a freelance author that writes on new business ventures.

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Have you ever learnt to ride a bicycle or have seen anyone learning how to ride a bicycle? It seems difficult first but when a person learns it after making various mistakes, slipping and may be, with certain injuries, riding a bicycle becomes a joy.

Likewise, becoming rich seems difficult first (as their cash flow patterns are different) but once learnt, its a joy ride….

Becoming rich need a new set of mind-set altogether.

Let’s try to understand cash flow pattern of rich people, before we see how rich people make money:

Cash flow pattern of poor: He / she earns income, pay taxes and spends from whatever is left

For Middle class, cash flow pattern: Earns income, pay taxes, pays liabilities (mortgage, lease), expenses….

Rich class: Earning comes from assets, company pays taxes and pays for expenses of the person, rich person has money to spend on other assets!!!!

To be rich, a person needs to improve : CASH FLOWS.

Hence, to be rich, a person needs to create assets which generate enough cash to meet expenses….

How can a person create income generating assets?


Here is a seven steps plan suggested in the CASH FLOW QUADRANT:
1. It’s time to mind your own business
2. Take control of your cash flow
3. Know the difference between Risk and Risky
4. Decide what kind of investor you want to be
5. Seek mentors
6. Make disappointment your strength
7. The power of faith.

For author’s bio, you can visit

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Rich Dad’s Success Stories: Real Life Success Stories from Real Life People

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Rich Dad’s the Business School for People Who Like Helping People

In this Second Edition of his best-selling The Business School For People Who Like Helping People book, Robert T. Kiyosaki updates and expands on his original eight “hidden values” of a network marketing business (other than making money!).

Robert explains that building a network marketing business…
…is the quickest way to build a “B” quadrant business.
…is a revolutionary way to achieve wealth.
…makes it possible for anyone to acquire great wealth.
…is open to anyone who has drive, d

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More Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki Products

Rich People Aren’t Born, They’re Built
Exclusive Only Available for CB Marketplace. Expect high conversion due to strong premium content and celebrity branded experts such as Zig Zigler and Chris Widener. No restrictions on the use of keywords so you can use the names in your campaign.
Rich People Aren’t Born, They’re Built

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Different Quadrants, Different People

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Which Quadrant Do You Generate Income From?

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