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Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight
A Simple, Straightforward, Step-by-Step Plan for Fitness and Weight Loss. This program guides you into an active lifestyle with four different exercise schedules. Learn how to set smart goals, eat right, walk or run so you lose the weight forever.
Start Walking, Get Running, Lose Weight

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The writing industry is very big right now thanks to the expansion of the Internet. Now, if you can read and write at a basic elementary level, it doesn’t take much to start your own writing business. It is a much needed alternative to the current economic recession. The ‘Writing Riches 101’ is a writing guide that can help speed up the process and increase the chances of a writer making it online as an Internet writer.

‘Writing Riches 101’ was written by seasoned writer and researcher, ‘Sara Williams’. The guide focuses on helping freelance writers get their careers off the ground with little or no investment. The guide points the writer in the direction of success.

Most of the information in the writing guide is not easily found on the internet, thanks to the over expansion of writing mills that like to pay their writers per article. The writing guide shows writers how to triple that amount.


Writers will be able to get a list of submission sites that caters to freelance writers. Here, writers can submit their original content that relates to the topic of the site. As long as articles and content is original and completely un-biased, writers can receive upfront payment.

These payments are at least -0 per article. These type of writing jobs are not advertised on the Internet because most online publishers are afraid they will be bombarded by a bunch of unqualified writers and will never find a decent writer. ‘Writing Riches 101’ shares this information in the writing guide.

The guide also offers free copywriting training. This is extremely essential for writers who want to earn more money for their services. Webmasters and publishers are taking a strong interest in copywriters that can produce text geared towards selling a product or service. The ‘Writing Riches 101’ guide will show writers exactly how to become a copywriter in demand in little to no time.

Other elements included in the guide are a freelance writing system. Most writers make the bulk of their money with freelance sites. These sites can account for 1/3 of any writer’s income. It is when a client posts a writing project and the writer bids on it. ‘Writing Riches 101’ shows writers how to win a freelance bid almost every time. This proven writing system can make any writer at least 0-00 a day.

‘Writing Riches 101’ was created to help other writers earn a living online. It does the grunt work for freelance writers on all levels, increasing their chances of earning a six figure income from home.

To make your first 0 writing articles online and receive 4 FREE bonuses to jumpstart your writing career, visit Writing Riches 101-00 a Day

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Enjoy the Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur – Why I Started my Own Business.

Among the many advantages of becoming an entrepreneur, 5 were directly responsible of my jump from a secure job to my entrepreneurial adventure. Four of these advantages can be summed up in one word: Freedom. The fifth one is, according to me, the most important advantage of becoming an entrepreneur.

The first advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Financial freedom

The first and maybe most obvious reason why I started to dream about becoming an entrepreneur was money. You see, I grew up being told that I had to study long and hard to get a good, secure and well-paid job. So I ended up having a bachelor degree and a master degree, ready to receive the all the hard earned money I thought my academic degrees would get me. After all, I studied long and hard and accumulated huge student debts in the process, I would obviously be gratified with a really good salary, right? Wrong! As I got into the market, I soon realized that some friends with basic high school were paid nearly as much as I was! Even worse, they got out of school 6 or 7 years before me so they didn’t have debts and were able to accumulate a fair amount of money. I realized that basic demand vs. offer was much more important to get well paid than a master degree. This is when I began to read about all the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur. I didn’t take me too much time to realize that almost if not all the really rich people were entrepreneurs. Many had college degrees, many didn’t. The only important thing were their ability to identify market demands and to answer these demands with great value. If I could rapidly give the market enough value, in enough quantity, to answer its needs or wants, I would get rich. I would get out of debts much more quickly than by holding on to a secure job that would only get me a tiny raise every year. Getting rich quickly was the main advantage of becoming an entrepreneur that motivated me to quit my secure job. In fact, the only way to get more money by staying an employee would have been to get old! I could have changed the world, I wouldn’t have matter to my boss… the only way to earn more was to get older. The advantage of becoming an entrepreneur is that it doesn’t matter that you are 25, 40, or 60 years old or that you have a college degree or not. If you have a really brilliant idea, you will benefit from it.

The second advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Time freedom

This advantage really struck me after becoming an entrepreneur. If I needed to sleep a little more because I had a bad night (a little bit of insomnia is part of the disadvantages of becoming an entrepreneur), I could. If I needed to meet someone for my business, I would set the meeting outside of rush hours so I could get there in few minutes instead of an hour. I recently calculated that the mere fact of becoming an entrepreneur had the advantage of freeing almost 7 to 8 hours each week, only because of traffic! That’s a whole day of work every week that I can use to create more business profit, go to the gym, sleep more, or anything that will bring me more happiness or money. The last way that this advantage manifests itself is by allowing me to adapt my schedule to my wife’s schedule in order to be there for important moments. The same is true for family, friends, or simply for events I would never attend if I were still an employee having to get up at 6 every morning.This is a huge advantage for me, although I didn’t really thought about it before becoming an entrepreneur.

The third advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Freedom of location

If you develop a good business model and have good people in place to delegate important business tasks, freedom of location could also be one of the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur. It may take a little while to set it up, especially if you are into a “brick and mortar” business, but it is truly possible, and not that hard. Of course, you will have to be there in person from time to time, but with good people in place you will soon get paid even when you take a day off. You will even get paid when skiing for a week or two or when visiting a country with your family. To me, this advantage of becoming an entrepreneur also means that if my wife’s job gets transferred to another city, I can follow her and only come back to town from time to time.

The fourth advantage of becoming an entrepreneur: Freedom of choosing my projects

This advantage of becoming an entrepreneur was a real motivation to quit my job and do things on my own! Have you ever worked on a really, really boring, annoying, meaningless project that was nonetheless treated by your boss as if it were critically important? Me too! I mean, I have worked in so many places where all the minutiae and really absurd processes took at least half of my day. I think these were the moments where I felt the most urgent need to get out and become an entrepreneur. So many hours lost in debilitating processes. I honestly think that, on the long term, this kind of work could lead to issues like depression or other work related mental health issues. Think about it, being “forced” to do things that you know are unnecessary and for which you feel no gratification at all, and doing these things again and again and again. When you are becoming an entrepreneur, you have the advantage of being able to choose your projects and only work on those which are truly important or that you enjoy the most. Of course, becoming an entrepreneur necessitates that you accomplish some boring tasks. But even then, these tasks have a truly important meaning for you: they are the necessary steps for becoming an entrepreneur and living the life of your dreams! So they are relatively easy to accomplish because they mean something. The best thing is, as you are becoming a more efficient entrepreneur, you will be able to delegate these tasks to someone who like this kind of job, because everyone has their own talents and preferences.

The most important of all advantages of becoming an entrepreneur: Becoming a Master in life.

Above all the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur, I think this one is really the most important. After quitting a “secure” job that wasn’t really that gratifying or well-paid, you succeed by your own, doing something that you are passionate about. Soon, you realize that while everyone around you was safely staying on one side of a really dark forest… you had the vision and the courage to get into the dark forest, knowing that it would bring up many fears, insecurities, and maybe pain. You did it because you knew that sooner or later, you would get through and arrive on the best side of the dark forest, where you have more money, more time, and feel more joy and satisfaction. This is the true advantage of becoming an entrepreneur. Knowing that despite all the fears you had and all the fears people tried to push on you, you went and you succeeded. The next time you’ll face a challenge, you’ll know you’ll be able to succeed again. To me, this is the most amazing advantage of becoming an entrepreneur.

To learn more about the advantages of becoming an entrepreneur and, more importantly, to get free tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur, visit is a blog written specifically to help new entrepreneurs or self-employed to create the lifestyle of their dreams by mastering the inner game of success, wealth and freedom. You can subscribe to Grow Myself Rich for free to receive the upcoming series about overcoming the fears of the new entrepreneur.

I’m the editor at, a blog written specifically to help new entrepreneurs or self-employed to create the lifestyle of their dreams by mastering the inner game of success, wealth and freedom.

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How To Start Your Own Craft Business.
Comprehensive Guide Shows You How To Start, Run, And Market Your Own Successful Craft Business.
How To Start Your Own Craft Business.

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New Management Job? – ‘Hit the Ground Running’ with Fast Start
Promote this outstanding product to any leader or manager who is changing jobs (or even just thinking about it). Videos, Learning Plan, and Toolkit leads and supports managers through their critical first 90 days on the job. Lots of upsells!
New Management Job? – ‘Hit the Ground Running’ with Fast Start

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Check out these before you quit your job products:

Start your own buisness in 20mins and get everything you want Free
Probably the most powerful secret and most simple guide to getting cars, houses, jewelry, anything you want Free, w/out getting loans or grants-amazing! Every affiliate needs this secret so they can put cash in their pocket w/out having to sell anything!
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Job Interview Guides
Top seller with 1,000’s sold in 10 years. Job Interview Guides for both jobseekers and employers.
Job Interview Guides

Help People Get Jobs! Even In A Recession!
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I was in your situation for many years. Stuck in a job that I no longer liked and wanting desperately to start a business of my own. The problem for me was I had no idea what kind of business to start. All I knew is that I wanted to work for myself. The next logical step for me was to transition into freelance work. I thought I finally found freedom but after a couple of years, I realized how wrong I was.

I found myself working longer hours and worse, I was doing the job of 4 different people. I still had to meet tight deadlines, chase down payments for invoices, and I couldn’t just take off anytime I wanted because there were always something needed right away.

What Kind of Business to Start?

Business opportunities are everywhere but they all have their set of challenges. The primary one being start-up cash. Franchises are popular but most cost in the hundreds of thousands to start. Not only that, but you have to pay royalties and there are no guarantees that the business will succeed. Next you will need to consider if the business is something you like. Otherwise, it could very well feel like another job in the long run.

Also consider the risks. Do you have to invest a ton of money? Is there a market for what you are attempting to sell? Can you work from home? These are important things to consider. When starting out, you want to make sure you’re in a good niche and that your overhead costs will be low.

Direct selling or network marketing is very popular for those who want a business but have no idea how to get started. There are tons of companies out there but they all vary greatly in terms of product and compensation plans. Doing your research is essential when trying to choose a network marketing company.

Before quitting your job, be sure to assess the risks and speak with a professional like an accountant or lawyer to help you with business related details.

Would you like to learn about the business I started from home that allows me to earn residual income and create time freedom to spend my time how I want? You can do it too. Grab your copy of my FREE guide to see how simple the process really is.

Click here and claim your copy.

I’m an Independent Beachbody Coach and enjoy helping others discover a love for health and fitness as well as starting their own home based fitness business.

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If you’re tired of being just another cog, and you crave a sense of personal fulfillment and long-term passion, then it might be time to take the plunge. Here are seven signs you should quit your job and start your own business.

1. You’re Extremely Confident

To be a truly successful entrepreneur, there can never be any doubt in your mind that you will accomplish your goals, even if you must occasionally alter your plans or refine your targets. Your success is as much a matter of your belief in yourself as it is of the skills you will develop on your journey.

Even though your attitude is focused on winning, you should not be emotionally attached to the outcome of any one transaction or activity. In order to achieve success, you need to be flexible enough to evolve.

There are hardly any successful businesspeople, athletes, community leaders, or artists who do not feel certain of their ability to adapt and succeed. Winning is a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you decide to be a success, you can be.

2. You’re a Machine

Those who work harder and longer will be more productive overall. That doesn’t mean working “harder” is more advantageous than working “smarter.” You actually need to work harder with more raw human-hours AND work smarter by using evolving best practices to maximize your financial gain.

Fledgling businesspeople often don’t realize how close they are to a major success. In most cases, success is just around the corner with a few years of hard work applied properly to their industry. Overall, hard work might not be the only barrier separating the rich from the poor, but it certainly enhances any other advantages the average professional brings to the economic table. Lawyers, doctors and other high-end professionals, for example, make more money than most partly because they’ve put in more hours in school and at work. Successful people are those who are focused on proactively performing clear goals, at the highest level, for the most hours, over the longest duration.

3. You Don’t Blame Others for Your Problems

If you’re the type of person who avoids blaming external forces or people for your problems, then entrepreneurship is right for you. Most problems in life and in business are in your own best interest to solve, irrespective of how they emerge. Blaming the economy will never help you, nor will blaming the government, a political party, your mom, your teachers, your competitors, your genetic code, your community, or your boss.

Nobody and nothing can stop you from getting your fair market share if you maintain a long-term focused effort. Therefore, if you hate your job or aren’t earning enough and you think there is an external force to blame, then at the very least, you should be proactively working to change that force every day, as opposed to complaining about it. Better still, change your attitude! Once you’ve stopped blaming others for your problems, you’re ready to venture out on your own.

4. You Pay Close Attention to Detail and Can Focus

Attention to detail is one of the most essential qualities that you can develop while you become a leader. Anything that isn’t done completely and correctly will have to be reworked, thereby wasting time and money. If you are not detail-oriented, you are likely to initiate cascading problems that could put you out of business before you have a chance to recover.

Indeed, lacking a detail orientation in accounting could land you in tax court. Lacking that detail orientation in law could land your client in jail, and if you are a doctor, you could accidentally kill someone. Lacking a detail orientation when reviewing references could leave you with an employee who embarrasses you and drains your profits. Failure to pay attention to detail with security could get your store robbed or could facilitate the theft of credit card numbers from your e-commerce web site.

If you can pay attention to details, that’s half the battle. The other half is to stay focused. Don’t get lost with intangible plans and tasks. Instead, stay focused on tangible long-term goals, while understanding what’s truly happening around you minute-by-minute, and how you can positively affect it.

If you find that you’re able to pay close attention to detail and can focus on those details, then why are you letting another company benefit from your abilities? You’re on your way toward independence.

5. You Have Created a Winning Plan

The most successful businesspeople keep their eye on a clear business plan all the time. They begin by choosing their business wisely.

When choosing the type of company you want to operate, selecting an industry or service in which you have experience only makes sense. Choose an area where you have work or educational experience. Picking a field that you are passionate about would be your initial “Best Bet” as opposed to investing your time in something where you have no personal affinity. Peter Lynch of Fidelity Magellan Fund put forth the mantra, “Invest in what you know or what is near to you.” He was right.

Once you decide what kind of business to start, the next step is to create a written business plan. Pro-forma financial statements estimating the company’s future success should be based on realistic assumptions that are explained in notations and attached to your plan. Rather than writing a full-blown “business plan,” you could instead write a “business model” in a few short pages. There are standard boilerplate forms for business plans available online, which are acceptable for simple plans and small investors; however, larger investors will prefer a thorough and clearly worded original document with detailed justifications for your assumptions, something that summarizes specific research that you have done in your industry. Once you have your business plan, you’re well on your way to beginning to implement it.

6. You Have Already Secured Financing or Have Potential Investors

After you have determined what type of business you want to pursue and have written a business plan, you need to consider how to secure some basic financing.

When attempting to raise capital for your first company, you might start by asking your friends and family. However, think it through first: your friends and family might feel obligated to lend you money, and that might interfere with your relationship down the road. If you decide against involving friends and family, or if they refuse you, then try angel capital groups in your community. When going this route, you must have a professional business plan that is conceptually profitable for investors. Perhaps you’ll consider using unsecured debt, like credit cards, to get your business up and running. Either way, you’ll need a financial plan before you’re ready to start a business.

7. You Can Overcome Your Fears and Are Willing to Take Risks

There will always be some people in your life who will try to discourage you from quitting your secure position when you want to start out on your own. The truth of the matter is that starting your own business is a big risk. But what is the worst thing that could happen? If you’re smart, you won’t let yourself get to the point of homelessness and destitution before you realize your plan has not worked, and if things don’t go your way, then you could put yourself back on the job market. In the worst-case scenario, you still will have learned many valuable lessons that can be properly applied to your future.

You can’t be scared to be a capitalist in a capitalist society. It’s not wrong to profit or make money from your business peers and your community. Ultimately, within the flows of the economy, they, too, make a profit from you, your family, and your peers. Everyone deserves to make an honest buck. Profits create a virtuous cycle if you work with virtuous individuals during the process in a free and fair market economy. Thus, there is no reason to avoid or fear capitalism. Just dig in!

If these seven signs apply to you, you will then need to take the next big step and quit your current job and get busy building your own business.

And remember, it is critical that you attempt to keep good relations with your former bosses and co-workers. Odds are you will run across them again as customers, suppliers, new co-workers, neighbors, references, or industry competitors. So you should always end relationships on positive terms and keep in touch with all contacts that may benefit you or your new company in the future.

Mike Mann is the author of ”Make Millions and Make Change! Secrets to Business and Personal Success.” He is the founder and chairman of (a 501c3 nonprofit). Connect with him online at or

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 You have read so many promotions of people making tons of money online and they were able to quit their jobs to work full time. Ask those people where are they now. The true fact is if you want your online business to make a full time income them you must put in full-time hours of promoting, marketing, customer service and updating your websites.

This is exactly what the successful internet marketers do everyday, so do not get caught up by those Paypal or Clickbank snapshots showing earnings of ,000 in a single week. There is no such thing as ‘set it and forget it’ income online; because unless you are constantly marketing your business and tracking your customers you will soon see your online income decrease faster than a snowball rolling down a mountain.

 Quitting your job to work an online busines is not an wise option in this unstable economy. I did this same thing several years ago after my internet business started making over ,000 in one month. After I left my good paying job the business income started to decrease slightly over time until all of my savings in all 4 bank accounts ran out. Needless to say I had to find another job before I lose my home.

As Mike just said, do not rely on an online business to be your primary income because your family may be homeless. 

Keep your job and let the online business become your secondary income to pay off extra bills, buy gifts for others, put money in savings, or take a trip or two. This takes the pressure off depending soley on an income source that evereyone knows can be way up today, and then way down tomorrow.

What I have learned is that selling products online is a business that will never fade away. This means that there are more and more people looking for products to buy that they cannot find in the stores. Doing a product dropshipping business is easy to get set up, easy to manage and all you have to do is promote your website.

When my business income went down after I quit my job I decided to try the dropshipping thing and found that there was more money to be made than just from selling products.

Also there is another free article about how to set up your own webpage to sell products online at

When you do it yourself you save a lot of money upfront.



Deek Ennis is the Founder and CEO of Buildstar Wholesale Resouces. Since 2003 we have helped over 100,000 businesses fulfill their wholesale and dropship product sourcing needs and save money with free worldwide shipping on over 5 million wholesale products. Website


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Does malnutrition affect only the body or even the brain? When is the crucial stages in child’s brain development? These are the questions that are often asked and questions by us especially the first time mother or expecting to be a mother. It has been discovered that the crucial stage of brain growth development is at the time when the brain is at its peak of development. This occurs near the middle of the pregnancy period and ends between a child’s second and third birthday.

After giving birth most mothers tend to count the toes, fingers, eyes and ears of their newborn, but it took several years before the mother will discover that her son or daughter is mentally fit, genius or dull child. Child’s brain should be the top concern of the mothers, because it is the hardest things to detect during and after pregnancy.

Before the women discovered that she is pregnant the brain cell division and development is already taking place in her womb. Thus, proper nutrition should begin even before the pregnancy. Good nutrients should be available not only during pregnancy but also before pregnancy. That is why most of the doctors advice to women to take vitamins if she has the plan in getting pregnant.

The development of baby’s brain happen only at a certain time in his life. Moreover, if the nutrients are not provide during the full growth of the brain, the opportunity of making your child to be smart are lost forever. Then, these important vitamins and minerals needed by the baby should be provided by her mother during pregnancy to avoid slow learning of child after birth. Good nutrition is important, since brain growth–like the growth of the rest of the fetus’ body–is influenced by the quality of a pregnant woman’s diet.


Iron is the most essential in the body and in brain cells, it prevents imbalances of enzymes and neurotransmitters in the brain. Without enough iron, the body can’t make enough red blood cell. The red blood cells is in charge to deliver oxygen to all its cells and through out the body so that tissues and organs can function well. Babies with low levels of iron may grow up with brain deficiencies. Iron and calcium is needed by a fast growing fetus.


It is essential for the formation of hormones that regulates the brain metabolism. Iodine is vital for good thyroid function, which in turn is essential for health. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy and early infancy can result in mental retardation and severe motor impairments.


It makes the building of cell tissues in the brain possible. Folate and folic acid are forms of a water-soluble B vitamin. Folate occurs naturally in food. Folic acid is the synthetic form of this vitamin that is found in supplements and fortified foods. Green leafy vegetables, dry beans and peas, and many other types of vegetables and fruits are good sources of folate. In addition, fortified foods are a major source of folic acid. It is not unusual to find foods such as cereals fortified with 100 percent of the RDA for folate. Folate helps produce and maintain new cells. This is especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth such as infancy and pregnancy. Folate is needed to make DNA and RNA, the building blocks of cells. It also helps prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer. It is strongly needed at the start of the pregnancy to avoid serious birth defect. It is needed for the closing of the fetus neural tube.


An amino acid called taurine has also role in the development of the brain and the retina of the eyes of an infant. This is found in the human body. It was discovered that the fetal brain of the unborn children constrained a large amount of taurine transferred from the mother to the fetus by way of the placenta, taurine is also found in human milk or breast milk. Research studies have indicated that taurine helps the human brain growth spurt and promotes normal eyes retina function and this may be a diet very essential for some infants.

Seventy percent of person’s cell formation happens in the womb. As a mother, you have the power to ensure that your baby gets what he needs at the stage when he needs it most. The right amount of EFA’s, iron, iodine, and folate as early as possible in your pregnancy will pave the way to a bright future for your child. Its a chance of a lifetime.

A portion of the brain that controls motor coordination seems to be the part affected by a child who is malnourished at this stage. This may cause some motor imbalance in the child and more often diagnosed by doctors as minimal cerebral dysfunction or clumsy child.

Thus, it is important for a pregnant women and mothers to eat healthy diet, in order to lessen your worries whether your child a healthy baby or will have a health defects.

Darlyn T. Osanastre makes an effort to overcome the negative aspects and happenings in her life by looking for inspirations while at the same time she is willing to share those inspirations with others. Author of Touched by an Angel with Love blog

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