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Every stage of childhood is a treasure for life time. Kids playrooms allow children to explore the vibrant side of growing up, inspiring them to play, learn and grow in a safe environment. As adults who has lived these vital years of growing up, we realize the importance of beautifully conceptualized and designed furniture—be it kids bed, children’s high chairs, wood rocking chairs, or soft accessories like kids rugs, we do try to add character to our kids space in ways that will help them grow into strong and happy individuals.

Kids bedrooms makes up one such creative domain that can be transformed into an exciting room with a touch of innovation. Soft furnishing like kids rugs, fun lamps, bunk/ metal beds, floor cushions and creative room colors and murals can all add to stir up your child’s imagination in a great way. For storage conscious parents, you can opt for single/ twin kids beds with storage and some come with the choice of trundle or storage for you to choose from.

Then there is furniture like rocking chairs and child-friendly wardrobes that allow a sense of freedom and instill the value of independence and individuality in a child. Playroom is a place that should reflect a sense of possibilities and fun for a child. Simple Kids area rugs can liven up the entire room. It is important to have a sprightly playroom that accommodates a Childs toys and furnishing, and also encourages imagination. On practical terms, choose furniture diligently, for kids are known to grow overnight, and later you will have a playroom full of furniture you do not know what to do with. So invest in versatile components and smart furniture units that allow them to be transformed into something viable for grown-up kids. For drawing and painting, you could use paper scrolls to avoid the mess.

And these days you get the most sensible storage furniture like kid benches and chairs that allow you to keep the playroom neat and tidy, which is a practical problem most parents face. Wipe clean tables, chest of drawers and cabinets all can be used for the desired clutter-free zones. Choosing vibrant playroom furniture, chests, cabinets, bean bags, stools and soft furnishings like Kids rugs and throws can help you in styling your kids room as per his/her unique taste. You can have kid-friendly lighting for all occasions and use book cases, shelving and bookends for young readers. For older kids and toddlers, you can find workstations that come with writing desks and cabinets. On beds, there are always the twin beds and bunk beds that save space, while trundle beds save space and look tidy too.

There is furniture for almost every imaginable function, Yet as parents, it is practical that we look into specific needs and demands of a room before making a decision. Some points for consideration include the available dimensions, existing furniture units and a real-time budget. At times, parents need to empty some space to add new furniture, especially when the baby grows old and the furniture loses its relevance. A thoughtful selection of furniture should solve this problem. Young parents can look out for smart furniture units that fulfill the present demands, and future demands too. The best example is a crib that can be easily transformed into a toddler bed with the use of a conversion kit. For more design details, you can visit the kids section at Spacify

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Why Kids Must Cheat in School

When G.W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind law on January 8, 2002,

he set the standard for test scores deciding the future for schools and students.

Produce good test numbers or no government money. Deliver or perish was the message from Washington, D.C.

Superintendents of school met with Principals, who held Town Halls with their Teachers, who gave an earful to students each-and-every-day. If you do not at least pass, and at most, ace these government sponsored exams – you aint graduating high school, going to college, or ever have a life in these United States.

Teachers motivate their students by using threats of failure. Stress and anxiety is the

direct cause for massive cheating on exams, home work, and reports. Students want

to get into name (prestigious) universities, not community colleges, in order to

get hired by Fortune 500 companies for Big Bucks. It’s all about Dinero, right?

How Much Cheating

On 8.11.09 the American Psychological Association held their annual meeting at

Toronto, Canada. Professor Eric Anderman, Ohio State University delivered his paper on school cheating in the U.S.

“Cheating among students is widespread and growing. Eighty (80%) percent of high achievers in high school, in our national study, accepted cheating as SOP (standard operating procedure). Stress and anxiety is the primary cause.”

Seventy-five percent of college students in another national survey agreed cheating was as American as Apple Pie. Most found it the cool thing to do. It saved study time, produced higher grades, and opened the door to a better career.

Over 50% of high school graduates do not attend college based on disinterest, poor

educational skills, and financial challenges. The high school dropout rate is about

30%; minority kids make up 75% of dropouts.  It is a tough societal game.

Who is Willie Sutton

The Hall of Fame American bank robber was Willie Sutton. Born in Greenpoint,

Brooklyn in 1901, he successful defeated over 100 U.S. bank security systems.


The Federal government estimates he earned million dollars in his career,

and spent half his adult life behind bars.

Mr. Sutton died November 2, 1980, age 79, of old age, a legend in his own

time. Willie never injured anyone during his thirty-year exploits, and was considered a Robin Hood by the Depression public.

Willie S always went to work with a pistol and a Thompson submachine gun, neither of which were loaded.

The wits said, “Willie Sutton stole from the rich, (not the poor like the bankers) and quietly kept it for his old age.” On March 20, 1960, he achieved MVP status by being listed on America’s Most Wanted by the FBI.

Why Did He Rob Banks

“It is a cliché and urban myth that Willie answered – “because that is where they keep the money!” He said that response was too self-evident, and corny.

“Because I enjoyed it. I loved it. I was more alive when I was inside a bank, robbing it, than any other time of my life. It was like a Chinese meal, about a week later, I

felt the need to repeat the experience. It was never the Big Bucks; the money was just chips in poker game.”

Listen to this: Willie said there was three (3) reasons he enjoyed his occupation.

a)      Autonomy – I was self-employed, and controlled my own destiny.

b)      Mastery – each success proved I was an expert, and had mastered my trade. I had 10,000 hours of experience in my profession, and could

pass on my knowledge base to interested initiates.

c)      Purpose – my field of endeavor permitted me to create my own working

conditions, hours, and executive compensation. What I accomplished was

He was once asked by a reporter from Time Magazine, “Why not an ordinary job?”

“When you go to work at Time, is there excitement that stirs your blood, and makes

you feel alive and kicking? When I went to work my senses were on overdrive, and

drove me like a Caddy at 110 mph. One other thing made it all worthwhile, I out-earned those high school and college graduates, and all those professionals.

You may have forgotten, I finished school at 8th grade.”

In his last years Willie Sutton was a consultant to banks on preventing robberies.

Many of them were on his list of 100 missions. He did a famous tv commercial for

American Express. “I won’t leave home without it.” He needed proof he was really

the infamous arch villain – Willie Suttton.

He is buried in the family plot in Brooklyn, N.Y. He coined a byline (motto) he used

in public – “Go where the money is, and go there often.” Not too dumb advice for entrepreneurs.


When I asked my two-sons about the cheating in school, they looked at me like I had

two-heads. “Everyone cheats at school, Dad. It is the cool thing to do.”

Let that roll around your neocortex for a while. Are we being judgmental? Sure.

Perhaps it explains the Wall Street fiasco, the Sub-Par Mortgages, and nice guy,

Bernie Madoff – who blamed the investors for giving him their Billion. The

only problem is learning the role of victim after being Robin Hood so long.

Consider the three standards of motivation: We remember it as AMP – like the electricity.

a)      Autonomy – self-governing – being your own boss.

b)      Mastery – turning yourself into an expert.

c)      Purpose – doing something greater and beyond yourself with your life.


Are you exclusively motivated by money and bonuses? How about Autonomy –

Mastery – and Purpose in life? Do you remember anything from the scores of

tests you have taken in your lifetime?

Cheating is not the way, but neither is test-taking.

Would it improve your competitive standing at school and your career to read

three (3) text books, articles and reports, in the time your peers can hardly finish

one? How about doubling your long-term memory? Ask us how – now.

copyright © 2009

H. Bernard Wechsler


Author of Speed Reading For Professionals, published by Barron’s.
Business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading,
graduating 2 million, including the White House staffs of four
U.S. Presidents.

Interviewed by Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.

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