Archives For Views Most of us are familiar with the bestselling book by Robert Kiyosaki, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” But most of us don’t know that Keith Cunningham is Rich Dad. Keith’s own riches to rags to riches story is incredible He had amassed 0 million in real estate, only to lose all of it (ALL of it) during a real estate crash, declaring bankruptcy in 1991. Keith has since re-amassed millions by buying and growing businesses and teaching business seminars. His company is Keys to the Vault and he has written a book by the same name.

Robert Kiyosaki is a world renowned author of numerous best selling financial education books (The Rich Dad Series). In his books, he talks about the importance of financial education and how it impacts a person’s life. The popularity of his books keeps rising as time goes by.

Robert Kiyosaki is a firm believer of the fact that for becoming financially free, one must learn how to make money work for them. For this to happen, a solid foundation in financial education is necessary. He always says that the rich people do not always work hard. They use the concept of leverage to get work done without them actually doing it.

However the poor and the middle class do not understand this and they slog all their lives for their livelihood. The rich own businesses and employ people which results in leverage for them. The poor and the middle class work for the rich. That’s the way the whole thing works. Now in order to make money work for you, everyone cannot start a business and that is exactly why he recommends network marketing as an option.

Robert Kiyosaki became so fascinated with the network marketing (multi level marketing) industry that he went on to write a book about it. Network marketing, as a concept is quite powerful and here are a few reasons for that:

Network Marketing has a low entry point as compared to other businesses. So this presents ample opportunities for all.

The education being imparted has the potential to change one’s life. This is one part which impressed Robert Kiyosaki more than anything else. The ability to think like an entrepreneur, the ability to build, sustain and grow huge organizations is something that a normal person has no knowledge of. Learning these skills helps a person to not only succeed in this industry but in other ventures too.

The network marketing business allows anyone to create a life long residual income by building an organization. Thus it presents a common man, the opportunity of leverage and residual income.

Flexibility is a huge issue. Many people don’t have the resources to start a full time business. If they have to start anything, it has to be part time. Robert Kiyosaki recommends network marketing because it can be done in part time too. In fact majority of the people in network marketing start it out part time and then go on to take it up as their full time careers.

With all being said, for succeeding in network marketing, one must develop their skills. This is where an overwhelming majority falter. They think this is some kind of get rich scheme using which they can get rich quickly. Unfortunately it’s not. This is the reason why only a tiny minority succeeds as they are the ones who put in the required effort to succeed. At the end of the day, one must invest in themselves and master the required skills to succeed in any business and network marketing (multi level marketing) is no different.

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