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I had been making gold for a couple of years already, using my personal methods, and had started to realise that I was doing really well with the auction house and really enjoying it. I was browsing online for patch information and looking for any ideas that I could use to get even richer, or to make my life easier in the Auction House. I came across a link to a free webinar video (that’s an internet seminar) run by Jonathan Kenins, the maker of Massive Gold Blueprint / Cataclysm Gold Blueprint, which had a whole list of items to buy now for resale after World of Warcraft Cataclysm – expansion pack, but it also explained some of the economic ideas behind why you should be buying them now, and that was really useful because I could then apply those principles to other items I could buy.


I decided to invest in the guide to make my gold gathering even better, and I also wanted to compare my methods with the Massive Gold Blueprint methods.

What do you get?

As soon as you purchase Massive Gold Blueprint, you get a short email with your membership details. This gives you access to the members area.

Members area

The private members area is large, with categorised lessons which are available as movies with in-game footage, and in other formats. They begin with setting up an army of alts. This is an optimal set up of alts, stationed at strategic locations, that become the backbone of the tested and re-tested system of “profit pipelines”. Another section deals with how to set up all your addons, including lots of tricks like scanning for under-priced items, buying items fast, and using the advanced search. I definitely learned a few of new tips for automating my gold process here!


The movies are arranged into sections, and you can easily move from one section to another. TheMassive Gold Blueprint method is really different from other ideas that I’ve heard about making gold, so you will need to watch some of them over again, sometimes pause them to tab back into world of warcraft and make some revisions to your add-ons or to search for stuff in the auction house or from vendors.

The movies can be downloaded, and so can the accompanying PDFs and MP3s. Apparently this was the first ever guide in movie format, so the guy who makes it is obviously experienced with making the movies. He churns them out every few weeks or so, whenever something new or interesting happens in WoW that directly affects gold making opportunities.

There is an enormous wealth of economic strategies, best practices, worst mistakes to avoid, and AH set-ups. Learn about different niche markets, especially the volatile market for trade goods. Also included is information on how to use cross-faction arbitrage, buying something cheaply, and transferring it through the neutral auction house to sell for a better price to the opposing faction.

I particularly enjoyed the in-game footage shot of collecting limited supply and rare items from vendors in the cities, my favourite being Booty Bay, which has so much opportunity that I sometimes find and run the movie again just so I don’t miss any – lots are hidden in nooks and crannies in the town.


The seasonal events guide offers ideas for making gold during Darkmoon Faire, Winter Veil, and Jonathan Kenins often releases news updates with WoW patches and members-only events.

What’s so different about it?
You get access to a members only forum, which is stuffed full of feedback from members, and their tips on how they have used the Blueprint method to get their gold. The promise of Massive Gold Blueprint, which is backed up by a no-questions asked guarantee, is that you can generate massive amounts of gold in the shortest possible time. It really focuses on cutting down the amount of time you have to spend on making gold, so you get to enjoy the rest of the game, and spending that gold!


The famous “Gold Speed Runs”

You also get to join the famous Gold Speed Runs, which are similar to power levelling competitions, racing to level 85, except for making gold. Challenging the other members, with live feedback over the members-only teamspeak gives you an absolutely unique insight into the different way that the Blueprint can be used. With real-time feedback from real players, the crazy-rich elite of WoW, this must be the most powerful way of learning and improving your strategies.



Socialising with the other rich MGP members are one reason that to keep coming back to MGP, reading the forums, and chatting on Team Speak. One member, an experienced programmer and spreadsheet fanatic has created an Auction House add on, only for MGP members which we are beta testing during 2011. It’s not an official part of MGP, but just one of the perks you get from joining the group of elite rich members. I’d better not tell you any more about it, it’s super secret!

Who is it for?

Massive Gold Blueprint is aimed at level ones who are just starting in making gold in world of warcraft. The basic principles can be followed by anyone, no need for professions, mounts, or even a working knowledge of WoW because the movies guide you around by the hand. That said, I think that the players who will get the most out of this are players who already have a few gold in their bank, and understand the basics of gold making, because the methods he teaches are so unique, they can be patched onto your current gold making methods and strategies, and compliment what you already do.


Good and Bad Points

Occasionally I found the lessons a little too detailed and simplistic, which was annoying because I had to fast forward. I left them running whilst I played Warcraft in another window, and tabbed back as soon as I heard something interesting. Good job his voice is pleasant to listen to, I know some of the free gold guides out on YouTube grate right on my nerves with their arrogant sales pitches.


At other times, there was so much packed into one movie I had to watch it several times to understand what he was trying to explain, especially with learning how to use his own very special system for AH researching and deciding which items to buy and resell. I also found the layout of the categories slightly stilted.


MGP was first written and recorded in 2008/2009, and it does feel a little like an old house that has had several extensions built, each adding more value to the original old house, but changing its style and creating a higgle-dee-piggle first impression. With a new reorganisation, the masses of information and lessons could be much easier and faster to access.


That said, I was still impressed by the content of the movies, and the masses of detailed ingame footage and explanatory presentation that accompanied them. Jonathan is not infallible. He recently did a members-only video to suggest we buy a particular new pattern, as it might sell for huge profits. I thought I was so lucky to snag them for 10g each, until I realised that there were so many of them, that it would be impossible to sell them for more than 50g each, so I only really gained a few gold. I was glad to be able to talk to the other members in the MGP forum and teamspeak as we were discovering together the new items and possibilities in Cataclysm.


Even though MGP was first released back in 2009, Jonathan Kenins has continually updated the guide, and now includes an entirely new section for World of Warcraft Cataclysm, There is the Bust-and-Boom plan, Crafting Crush Plan, and the Gold Rush plan. They suit different types of players, I personally went for the Bust and Boom plan, and I’m now selling some trade goods at over 400% the price I paid for each piece, thanks to careful planning, and a pre-cataclysm heads-up from Jonathan.


The extra resourves section has some free bonuses, direct add-on links, PDFs and cheat sheets you can print and refer to whilst playing.



Massive Gold Blueprint is an absolutely stunning method of creating thousands and thousands of gold in a relatively short time frame. Membership is stuffed to bursting with tips, strategies, economic understanding, and detailed information on using add-ons and current events to your advantage in World of Warcraft. It’s like a secret treasure trove: browsing through, each item reveals an even better treasure. It’s bursting at the seems, constantly growing, supported and updated by Jonathan Kenins. Membership of MGP will teach you to become one of the super rich in WoW with little effort, using methods that work on any server, for any level of player. Results are backed with a no questions guarantee. If you want access to the over-flowing wealth of information, it is worth investing in Massive Gold Blueprint membership.

The Gold Queen is the pen name of a World of Warcraft Gold blog writer. She works as a World of Warcraft gold Personal Trainer and Coach, and writes regular articles, tips and strategies at She has a degree in Business and is a member of International Webmaster’s Association, of the Writer’s Bureau, and of a top raiding guild on a WoW European Server. The Gold Queen finds it difficult to count all her gold and fast moving Auction House transactions but believes her best week grossed over 500,000g.

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Have you ever thought what it takes to make tons of gold in World of Warcraft? Well, you might be surprised but the only thing you need is 1 hour per day. You might have already heard about WoW gold making guides written by professional players. These guides will show you how to achieve such results. In this article I will tell you about one of the best guides which is proven to be very effective – Warcraft Riches which is also known as Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide.

The guide was released a couple of years ago by a professional player Derek who used to be a gold farmer. When gold selling was forbidden by Blizzard he decided to create his own gold making guide and reveal his gold making strategies and techniques. As a result – Derek’s Gold Mastery guide was released. The guide is always up-to-date, Derek always adds new strategies to his guid and that’s why, unlike many other guides, Warcraft Riches will never be outdated.

The other thing I like in Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide is that it is based on many gold making techniques such as auction house trading, mining, crafting, grinding etc. You can choose the method you like and use it to make tons of gold.

If you want not to have gold in World of Warcraft, if you don’t want to wear epic gear, you won’t need to use Warcraft riches guide. However if you really want to make enough gold to buy the best weapons and armor – you found what you were looking for.

Preview of Uly4’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Governador Valadares, Brazil Entry Title: “Tourmaline of all colours, Aquamarine, Crystal …” Entry: “Day 4 Governador Valadares, MG, Brazil August 24, 2009 08:30 pm ( local time ) Day 4 (August 24– Monday) : Drive through Galileia and close to Conselheiro Pena to visit several mines. Another spectacular day. What made it even more wonderful is the surprise. Our tour, due to its own nature has the surprise, the unexpected to astonish us all. The point is that the mining activity is very dynamic and mines pop up everywhere and all the time, and with the same speed other mines shut down. Some mines are there for many years, but they can be boring or be deactivated and we want to see what is hot, actual. In the meantime I have many strong contacts down there, and each contact (becoming a local guide) would take us to different spots. Our plan for our stay in Governador Valadares was that light, as we had had many mining activities already. We planned to go to a close mine where most of similar tours take their guests and then come back to see dealers in the afternoon of the same day. But that didn’t happen. Our friends and guides knowing my nature for presenting the “real Mccoy”, and also knowing that the mine we intended to go had been temporarily deactivated, invited us for a little longer
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Derek’s Gold Mastery tour guide, is single of the top WoW Gold Guides to arrange turn into to be had on the internet. Derek states with the aim of he can help at all World of Warcraft player by the side of whatever level cattle farm close to if not added than 150 gold an hour in the sphere of World of Warcraft. While this statement does appear to be located pie in the sphere of the sky in place of round about of us, the Warcraft Riches tour guide does an fantastic duty of only if step-by-step ways to cattle farm skillful amounts of WoW gold.Near are a only some other humankind of Warcraft Gold Guides on the web and they may well perform well to take a look by the side of how the Warcraft Riches tour guide develops the drawing of humankind of Warcraft gold making into a rebuff peril and uncomplicated to be keen on tour guide volume.booster speed leveling package make You level up faster, Its automatic prompts, to report to you the fastest most effective upgrade routes and how to get more gold!

The author of the Warcraft Riches tour guide is Derek and has been in performance humankind of Warcraft since the start of WoW and has learned the top ways to cattle farm copious amounts of Warcraft gold. Many of these cunning tips he pulled out up by watching the online World of Warcraft gold famers who basically live and breathe in the sphere of the World of Warcraft servers. These WoW gold farmers are very adept by the side of collecting gold. Subsequently, they setup websites and retail inedible the gold they farmed to other World of Warcraft players in place of a tidy profit. In place of many of these gold makers, especially the Chinese ones, this is their real duty.By observing how these World of Warcraft gold farmers organize, Derek was able to discover invaluable in a row on how to in haste cattle farm vast amounts of gold in the sphere of World of Warcraft. Derek’s Gold Mastery tour guide has been take out up into less significant uncomplicated to be keen on sections. This allows the bookworm to elect which method they absence to be manipulate of to cattle farm exactly at all amount of gold in the sphere of World of Warcraft.Derek’s tour guide goes through every World of Warcraft profession and describes exactly how to gain and manipulate the quickest methods in the sphere of levelling every of the profession skills. Derek’s Warcraft Riches tour guide additionally lays available how to manipulate every profession to cattle farm the maximum quantity of gold immaginable.Various tour guide books with the aim of Derek includes in the same way as part of the Warcraft Riches deal include a tour guide to the mart dwelling, a section to enhance your fishing skills, and a Grinding tour guide. All of these less significant guides program you in the sphere of an uncomplicated to be keen on method exactly how to cattle farm the nearly everyone gold on the cards in the sphere of World of Warcraft. Round about other World of Warcraft Gold Making Guides on the internet just provide in a row on single attribute of the humankind of Warcraft saving. Derek’s WoW tour guide is a unique World of Warcraft gold farming tour guide with the aim of gives you a wealth of in a row on how to cattle farm World of Warcraft gold through many unusual channels.Also, for the reason that a clear World of Warcraft gold farming guide alleges 200 or else added gold an hour, this does not mean with the aim of the way in the sphere of which the gold is farmed willpower be located fun in place of the grower.Derek’s WoW tour guide presents us with a variety of unusual ways to cattle farm in place of gold in the sphere of World of Warcraft so even if round about of them appear to be located excluding than exciting, near are plethora of other choices to be had to make best use of your gold making labors in the sphere of WoW.Derek even has a capture on tape re-evaluation of the Warcraft Riches tour guide in the same way as well in the same way as round about secret gold farming tips.



Mastery Guide





If you have been browsing the internet for WoW gold making guides you must have come across Dereks guide, also known as Warcraft Riches. It is fortunate that guides like the Warcraft Riches guide provide legitimate tips on how to make WoW gold. Thanks to resources like this guide, secret gold making tactics are made available and can be used over and over again without any fear of a WoW account being banned.

The author of the Warcraft Riches guide is a professional player – Derek, hence why it is sometimes called Derek´s Gold Mastery Guide. Derek and has been playing World of Warcraft since the start of WoW and has learned the best ways to farm copious amounts of Warcraft gold. Unlike many other guides, warcraft riches contain many gold making methods so you can choose the method you like. If you prefer grinding – you will find the many “golden” locations, if you prefer AH, you will find many unique gold making strategies which will help you to generate thousands of gold trading in the Auction House. There are also many other gold making methods described in warcraft riches, however I found those two methods the most profitable and I recommend you to concentrate on them.

Derek claims that it is possible to make more than 200 gold per hour using the guide. While this statement does appear to be pie in the sky for some of us, the Warcraft Riches guide does an fantastic job of providing step-by-step ways to farm great amounts of WoW gold. So, if you want to start generating significant amounts of gold in the game, warcraft riches is what you need.

Mailbag Monday 7 is here i hope you all enjoy it.
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Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide, is one of the latest World of Warcraft Gold Guides to become available recently. This guide states that it can help any WoW player at any level farm close to if not more than 150 gold an hour in World of Warcraft. While this statement does appear to be unbelieveable, the Warcraft Riches guide does an excellent job of providing step-by-step ways to farm plenty of World of Warcraft gold. Many other World of Warcraft Gold Guides would do well to take notes on how the Warcraft Riches guide illustrates the art of World of Warcraft gold making into no risk and easy to follow steps.

The author of the Warcraft Riches guide is Derek, hence why it is sometimes called Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide. Derek has been playing World of Warcraft since the beginning and has learned the best ways to farm gold in Wow. Many of these secret tips he picked up by watching the online World of Warcraft gold famers who inhabit the World of Warcraft servers. These World of Warcraft gold farmers are very efficient in collecting gold. They then create websites and sell the gold they farmed to other World of Warcraft players for a price. For many of these gold makers, this is their real job. By watching these World of Warcraft gold farmers operate, Derek was able to learn valuable tips on how to quickly farm large amounts of gold in World of Warcraft. Click Here!

Derek’s Gold Mastery guide is broken up into many smaller sections. This allows the reader to choose which method they want to make use of to farm obscene amounts of gold in World of Warcraft. One of the sections is the World of Warcraft Guide to Leveling Professions. This guide goes through each World of Warcraft profession and illustrates the fastest method to level each of the profession skills. The Warcraft Riches Profession Guide also lays out how to utilize each profession to farm the most gold possible. Click Here!

Other guides included as part of the Warcraft Riches guide include a guide to the Auction House, a section to improve fishing, and a General/Grinding guide. All of these guides give easy to follow steps on how to farm the most gold possible in World of Warcraft. Some World of Warcraft Gold Making Guides only provide information on one aspect of the World of Warcraft economy. Derek’s Gold Mastery guide is the rare World of Warcraft gold farming guide that gives an abundance of information on how to farm World of Warcraft gold through many different means. Whether it’s the Auction House, Professions, or Grinding, the Warcraft Riches guide has ways to make considerable amounts of gold through all of them. Some of the hidden tips can even be combined to really see the World of Warcraft gold farming skyrocket. Click Here!

When looking for a good World of Warcraft gold guide, take into account what parts of World of Warcraft are enjoyable. If grinding is fun, then ways to farm gold via monster killing should be considered. Just because a World of Warcraft gold farming guide makes promises of 200 or more gold an hour does not mean that the manner in which the gold is farmed will be fun. Derek’s Gold Mastery guide offers many different methods of World of Warcraft gold making so even if some of them appear boring, there are plenty of other options available to maximize your gold making efforts in World of Warcraft.

Want to see a video review of the Warcraft RichesGuide as well as great gold farming tips directly from the guide? Visit Warcraft Riches to learn more. Check it out now at =>

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Easy fast ways to becoming rich fast in runescape,PLZ SUBSCRIBE i need more i thank u all for viewing!

If perhaps you have done an internet search recently for the best WoW Gold Guides, I would bet that you have come across the Warcraft Riches Guide written by Derek Beachler. Warcraft Riches is currently the most popular guide out there today, and it’s been that way for a while now.

The Warcraft Riches WoW Guide claims that it provides all of the best techniques so you can get back in the game and start earning tons of gold in Warcraft.  I know that while I was looking at different guides, trying to figure out which one would be the best buy for my money, I wished I could find an honest review.  Well, now that I’ve tried out this guide, I wanted to give you my totally unsolicited feedback about the good stuff as well as the bad.

I must say that I appreciated how Derek constructed Warcraft Riches. It’s a .pdf file, like the majority of Warcraft Gold Guides, but what really sets it apart is that it features an individual .pdf file for each segment. When you’ve got the amount of info that this guide has, the way it’s organized is extremely important.

Oh!  I should mention that some very nice add-ons are given to you free when you get Warcraft Riches too. The Fishing Guide was probably one of my favorite parts from the entire guide. What I really liked about it was that there were a lot of maps and diagrams provided with it, which really helps me a lot. On the other hand, the Profession Leveling Guide that comes with Warcraft Riches is something I personally didn’t need, but I can see how it could help other people level-up their professions.

Overall, the Warcraft Riches guide did what it promised, it helped me earn a lot more gold than I was making on my own and I made it a lot faster than I had been able to before.   I would suggest this guide to anyone who would like to step-up their WoW game to the next level and to people who just need to make some gold fast to buy their epic flying mount or whatever they need in the game.

If you are serious about lvl-ing quicker than ever then do yourself a favor and check out Derek’s Warcraft Riches Guide.

Amanda is an all round freelance writer who loves playing world of warcraft and has a comprehensive website that reviews various aspects of world of warcraft.

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