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Rich Dad’s Real Estate Advantages: How to Pass on Your Wealth (Rich Dad’s Advisors)

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Expat Wealth Publications $ – Wealth Creation and Offshore Investing
Step-By-Step and Easy-To-Follow guides on wealth creation, asset protection, investing in gold, offshore banking, and international living.
Expat Wealth Publications $ – Wealth Creation and Offshore Investing

Beginners guide to fly fishing for coarse, carp, pike, sea & game fish
Beginner’s guide to fly fishing for coarse, carp, pike, sea and game fish. Introduces the techniques and tackle you need to start fly fishing on a budget. Includes jargon free advice on rods, reels, flies, casting, UK venues and more.
Beginners guide to fly fishing for coarse, carp, pike, sea & game fish

Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse
Best-selling author & co-author of Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies and Donald Trump’s 3 Master Secrets of Real Estate Success. Amazing course content and tools! 19 audios and 200+ pg workbook. The best apartment investing course on earth!
Create a Financial Fortress Investing in Apartments eCourse

I’ve been accused on more than occasion of using too many acronyms. And more often than not it’s a fair accusation!

You can blame it on a military father or too much time in the Big 5 Consulting ranks, but I could probably have an entire conversation in acronyms.Even if you aren’t talking to yours truly, there are so many acronyms flying around in Real Estate Investing it’s not easy to know which ones are important.Let’s spend some time discussing a wonderfully memorable and important acronym that can make you rich: CATP

CATP denotes the different kinds of benefits that you can receive from real estate.
C is for Cash flow.A is for Appreciation.T is for Tax Benefits.P is for Principal Reduction.
By owning and operating investment real estate you and your portfolio can realize one, if not all of these benefits.

Cash flow is the benefit you receive every month renting real estate of some type. Cash Flow is money that comes in every month.Assuming that your monthly cash flow is greater than your monthly expenses and debt service,the property will be cash flow positive.As a result, cash flow real estate investing is the safest way to ensure return on your investment.
Appreciation is the benefit you receive when you sell your investment property for greater than what you paid for it (plus any improvements or expenses.) If you sold a home anytime before 2007, you no doubt experienced the benefit of Appreciation.It is often where you will make some of the largest sums of money in real estate. That said,Appreciation is also the most volatile (i.e., risky and prone to market fluctuations) aspect of CATP. Many who have sold a home in the last year or so can attest to this first-hand.However several markets have bucked the trend and done quite well. We have had some good success in Texas, Oklahoma and Kentucky – just to name a few markets where we have had some nice Appreciation benefits in the recent past.

The Tax benefits of owning investment real estate are nothing less than outstanding. Imagine owning a dividend stock with very little volatility that pays a 15% tax free dividend. Real estate as an asset class gets all the normal deductions of any investment business with the added benefit of a paper loss called depreciation. I won’t go into too much detail on it, but you can learn more here. The net benefit is that depreciation as a paper loss can in many cases completely offset the cash flow from your investment property. In certain situations it can offset even more than your current cash flow and you can create a “depreciation bank” or use the excess depreciation to offset any other income.

Principal Reduction is the tried and true model of your tenant paying for your mortgage and principal payment every month.In essence, your tenant buys your property for you over time.Principal Reduction is more a function of loan term than anything else.You can accelerate Principal Reduction in your projects if you focus on loan assumptions of commercial property that are farther along in their amortization schedule.The only drawback to principal pay down is that you only recognize the benefit at liquidity events (i.e., sale, refinance, etc.).Each investment will receive some benefit from each of the four areas but you will find the blend differs on the types of investments you are making. For example you won’t normally find high cash flow on a percentage return basis in the same investment as high appreciation potential.

Let’s compare California and Kentucky to explore this concept further. It’s almost impossible to get a cash-flow positive rental in San Francisco unless you put 50% down (even then it’s marginal.) In many parts of Kentucky you can find great property where you receive 15% to 20% cash on cash returns. California will experience higher appreciation (>10%) and devaluation (>30%) where Kentucky will motor along at a steadyappreciation rate of 2% to 4% per year.

By looking at your investment projects through the CATP lens, you’ll get much better at analyzing the benefit and the blend within your real estate portfolio. If you have a lot of cash-flow property but not enough depreciation, you could look at obtaining commercial properties which spin off more depreciation because of their larger values. This is a great way to offset your taxable cash flow.

If you’re receiving a ROE (Return on Equity) of less then 10% in your real estate portfolio, what could you do to free up some principal to increase your rate of return? If you have a blend of properties across several asset classes, how do you know if you’re getting the best return on that portfolio?  If you’re just getting started in Real Estate investing,where do you want to focus? What type of benefit could help you most now?

37th Parallel can help you get the right answers to all of these questions.If you want to learn more about CATP, and how to apply it’s principles to your Real Estate Portfolio, please Contact Us today!

Chad A.Dotyis the founder of 37th Parallel,an investment property specialist firm.He is constantly looking for new ways to help his clients and to develop new ways to introduce people to his passions –real estate,wealth building,and entrepreneurship.With a background in management consulting,portfolio management,and business development,Chad brings a comprehensive set of business management skills.

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If You Want To Skyrocket Your Success With Business And Improve Your Overall Life…You Need To Have A Look At The ‘SECRETS WAYS TO ACHIEVE WEALTH’.
You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the success they desire in their business and overall life? It’s because they don’t know that affluent individuals abide by rules and consequently they’re successful financially, yet most individuals don’t even know about these principles, not to mention live by them.
This eBook completel

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Health & Wealth Magnetism! – Using The Law Of Attraction To Create Health & Wealth!

Using The Law Of Attraction To Create Health & Wealth!

Target Market/Demand: Anyone who desires to break out of the rat race and live a life filled with time and financial freedom!.

Product Summary: Today, people are working more and more for less and less. The best way to live your life is to live it free and without the stress of time pressure and financial constraints. This book will show you how to live free of these constraints and attract a healthy life of financial freedom!

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Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and Wealth Building

STEP 2: Achieve Financial Freedom – Choosing Your Escape

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? For most people,
this is constantly on their mind. If you are reading
CashFlow Avenue’s 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and
Wealth Building, chances you are looking for ways to get
out of the rat race and to achieve financial freedom.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

With your Financial Goals firmly defined in Step 1, you
would now have to choose your “escape” investment
vehicle. There are plenty of investment vehicles in the
world. Let’s name a few most common form of investment -
fixed deposits, gold, bonds, real estate, stocks, stock
options, mutual funds, starting a business on your own, etc.

From experience, you might probably be able to tell that
every one of the above contains risk, except for fixed
deposits. Profit, simply defined, is your reward for
placing taking risk on your assets.

On surface, fixed deposits, look the safest form of
investment but are probably the most risky because
inflation rates are consistently higher that what the bank
would pay you – slowly eating away your purchasing power in
years to come. So, in truth, while your bank account is
growing in numbers, you are actually becoming poorer. If
there is no inflation (which will never happen in the long
run), fixed deposits are still not the best escape vehicle
because it takes just too long to appreciate. Who would
want to wait 30 years before they can be rich?

Without getting involved into too much detail, let’s jump
straight into action. When choosing an escape vehicle, you
probably would want to set a few criterions to screen out
what will and will not work for you. The ideal escape
vehicle or business should provide:

Liquidity – allows you to cash out within a few days.

Leverage on Your Capital – using only your capital can be
slow. Select a vehicle that provides leverage that
magnifies only returns but not losses.

Fast Results – should see return on investment within the 1
st month.

Easy to Set Up – should take no longer than 1 month to

Predictable Monthly Return on Investment (ROI) – be able to
forecast accurately your monthly

Low Risk – consistent and provides a high percentage for

Profit with Time – with each tick of the clock, you should
be making money.

Utilizes The Power of Compound Interest – snowball your
returns to accelerate your wealth building process.

After running these criterions over the choices of
investment available, most vehicles don’t make the cut. Of
all, only 2 investment vehicles would make the cut. 

Stay tuned for Step 3 for the Best Escape Vehicle.

CASHFLOW AVENUE is established to provide Low-Risk Options
Trading Recommendations to the common traders in their
pursuit of financial freedom and a better lifestyle.

Article from Eric Taylor reveals who can and how to get out of the Rat Race in Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cash Flow 101 and 202. It’s easier than most people realize, but it’s vital to listen to the rich like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. http
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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“Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it”- William Penn Patrick
You know  I am often saddened when I hear the almost visceral reaction that so many people and political pundits have concerning wealth.
I mean, they all have the right to be mad at some level. Many an injustice has been done not only in this country but all over the world in the name of greed or building someone’s individual wealth.
Then again, think about it. Don’t poor people do bad stuff too? I’d bed good money that the guys who stole my jeep during a time when I was unemployed years ago and stole the radio from it before leaving it on the side of the road were not rich.
So is evil something that is inherit to having or money? Or is it just inherit to someone having an evil nature?
My point is to never allow anyone to have you buy into the popularized and secularized notion that wealth is somehow “bad” and that therefore, those who have or even seek it are somehow “bad” by default. It just isn’t true.
Here’s a secret: more money only makes you more of who you are anyway!
So what that means is that the multi-millionaire white collar money launderers and the guys who stole my radio are actually one in the same. One is just MUCH better funded and has access to higher end exploitation. And neither of them has a THING to do with you!
Therefore, what i want you to do is to pick up the pace of working towards your dream. Make your money and become even MORE of the wonderful person that you already are.
Pay off that debt. Purchase that dream home cash money. Give a big fat check to your church or charity. Take that vacation. Retire your spouse from that oppressive job. And never, ever let anybody make you feel bad or guilty about your accomplishment, because nobody is GIVING you a thing, you are EARNING it with the sweat of your own sweat, tears, and sacrifice.

The Mult-Million Dollar Mindset will show you how to discover ways to become rich, how to start a business, and how to join the wealth builders. It was created by Lawrence L. Cole, America’s Ambassador on Influence

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It seems that millions of people have dabbled into various home based business programs and spent money and time for a couple of years working themselves to death to succeed but have failed miserably and are frustrated and may have given up on their dreams of creating true wealth and financial security from a home based business.

Are you one of these people?

If yes, read on to discover an eye-opening “SECRET” which may rock your world and finally give you the little known “SECRET GOLDEN KEY” to unlock vast internet wealth and make all your dreams to come true.

Most people got fade up from doing 9-5 jobs and all the stress and hassles involved and decided to try their luck in doing home based business opportunity programs which they operate from home to generate auto-pilot cash flow.

However, most of these people are ordinary folks who have no computer programming or business marketing or webmaster or web designing or website promotion skills.

Therefore to get their home based business programs off the ground, they had to spend a lot of time and money to seek and find website designers, web hosting companies, website marketing information and had to read hundreds of e-zines, e-books as well as attend 00 hot seminars conducted by snake oil internet marketing wannabe gurus.

Yes, there are millions of people who are making large amounts of money doing home business programs and even affiliate programs.

Ironically, they include these so-called internet marketing gurus.

However, the problem is that they do not tell you the whole truth about the “secret” to get rich doing home based business program, because they don’t want you to know the WHOLE SECRET and begin to compete with them!

They do not tell you the WHOLE TRUTH about how to generate website traffics.

If you cannot generate massive website traffics, you will not get website visitors or sales and you will fail.

There are very powerful little known secrets on how to generate massive website traffics for any home based business program.

However, the so called gurus and webmasters do not share all the secrets.

They sell only half truths to you for .99.

Half truths are very dangerous because they complicate matters and waste your valuable time and resources.

Some home business marketers have been told by the internet marketing gurus to buy traffics from traffic companies, to do banner advertising, to do opt-in e-mail marketing or joint ventures.

Most of these internet marketing strategies have been dead and invalid for a few years now. They do not work anymore.

There are millions of fake traffic companies selling 1000 traffics for , 50,000 traffics for , 1,000,000 traffics for 0.

So, you spent your hard earned money to buy the traffics.

And you are told it would take about a month for them to deliver all the traffics and a report and proof will be sent to you after the traffics were sent.

So you waited for a month, but at the end, you did not get even one sale, even though the traffic company claimed they had sent 1,000,000 traffics to your website and also gave you a proof for it.

What you did not realize was that, yes, they sent 1,000,000 hits to your website, but they were computer generated, and not real human beings!

That was the reason why you did not generate even one sale.

You have been conned and ripped off!

So, you felt angry, scammed and frustrated.

Therefore, you decided to try to get traffics from the search engines.

So, you squandered 00 to attend seminars by the so-called website marketing gurus and spent a lot of time reading all their hare-brained silly e-books and listening to their tapes and watching their videos.

From all these you probably learned how to optimize your website, do link exchange and submit your website to search engines.

But what happened after you did all these?

To your horror, you discovered that the major search engines would not even index your website for at least 6 months!

This is what is called being sandboxed.

Your website was placed on probation for at least 6 months.

So, there was no way to get any traffic.

Your website had not been included in their databases.

So, since there was nothing you could do about that, you decided to wait.

You waited and waited for 6 months.

Then luckily, finally in about 8 months it was indexed.

Therefore, you started expecting traffics and hits from the search engines so you could finally start making sales and earning income.

But what happened when you checked your keywords positions in the major search engines?

You became shocked to discover that the largest corporations dominated all your keywords and your website was no where to be found in the top 100 websites in the search results!

Holy mackerel, you moaned.

No wonder you were not getting any traffics or hits or making any sales!

Ouch. That hurts.

It was then about 1 yr since you started your efforts to earn income from a home based business program.

At that point, you were angry, frustrated and disappointed.

Who would blame you?

Nobody enjoys failure.

So you decided to fight on by hiring a website search engine optimization company (SEO or SEM) to do all the work for you so you could get to the top 10 positions in your keywords and begin to generate traffics and sales.

You plunked down ,500 for the SEO company to work their magic for you, in addition to agreeing to pay another 0-0 monthly for them to maintain your keyword positions.

They told you that you should not expect any result for at least 3 months-6 months and you had to agree because you had no choice.

If the SEO company you hired was a genuine one and they did their work right, yes, in 3-6 months, you would finally started getting traffics and sales.

Yahoo! You exclaimed out of excitement.

At last, you finally made it.

You felt happy and wanted to scream and tell the whole world.

Sales were coming in.

You were then able to start paying some of your bills, especially your rent or mortgage, insurance, medical and car loan as well as other payments.

But after 3 months when the major search engines updated their databases, your keyword positions disappeared and suddenly your website traffics as well as your sales screeched to zero!

You were back to where you began! Zero!

No traffic and no sales, in addition to having spent ,500 and additional maintenance fee of 0-0 monthly for about 3 months.

When you phoned the SEO company, they told you that it was not their fault and they would keep charging you 0-0 monthly as you agreed and that you must have patience because after the next search engine update, your website keyword positions could go back up to the top 10 positions again.

You do not have to go through this. Enough is enough.

This is not how those who are getting rich online are making it.

There is a better way to get rich online without selling your soul to the devil.

And what is great about it is that there is no website required, no product/services to promote, no search engine optimization needed because there is nothing to sell, so you do not need any traffics or to squander your hard earned money paying website search engine optimization companies ,500 plus 0-0 monthly.

This little known but extremely potent and powerful millionaire’s secret of creating, preserving and propagating wealth is 100% legal, easy and fun to do.

All you will be required to do will be to open a special “INTERNET FINANCIAL ACCOUNT”, click your mouse and enter a “SPECIAL CODE NUMBER”, then click your mouse a second time and you make money.

The amount of money you make may vary from 0 every hr to ,500 daily and even 0,000 monthly.

And you can make fast cash all day, 7 days and 365 days from the comfort of your home or office and from any country in the world.

There is no limitation on how much money that you can make.

It is the fastest and greatest “SECRET” to creating infinite wealth on the internet without doing any work.

Read my lips: no work. Nada. Zip.

This is hot stuff and that may be the reason why you may not have heard about it because the millionaires and the “power elites” who have been using it to create vast wealth without doing any work have hushed it up and jealously hidden it and kept it away from the public.

Can you blame them?

If you wake up tomorrow and discover that there is a goldmine or treasure in the ground under your home, will you place a full page ad in New York Times newspaper to tell the whole world?

However, for a little goodwill fee, you can learn about this mind boggling millionaire’s (0,000 monthly for life) fast wealth creating “SECRET”.

Anything great that is worth its weight in GOLD costs money.

If you’re frustrated and you are “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired” because of your failure to get rich from home based business programs, then you must get this jealously guarded (0,000 monthly for life) fast wealth creation “SECRET” and use it to create abundant wealth, financial security, success, and happiness which you richly deserve.

You can discover how to get rich from this jealously guarded (0,000 monthly for life) “SECRET” of the “Money and Power” Elites, the multi-national and multi-billion dollars corporations, largest banks and governments of the world, the “Movers & Shakers” of International Banking & Finance, Business moguls & Tycoons, CEOs of major Corporations, secret societies and the privileged blue bloodlines of the Wealthiest Families of Europe and the Americas.

With the millions of dollars which you could potentially make from this 0,000 monthly for life, millionaire’s “SECRET”, you’ll be free like a bird to buy a mansion, with the most lavish and expensive furnishings, jewelry, antiques, electronics, a 50ft yacht, dream luxury cars, pick your choice: Lexus X470, ,000 Jaguar 2007 S type, Silver Porsche Carrera, 0,000 Ferrari Testarossa, Mercedes 2007 Model S Class, 2007 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph, Bentley Mulsanne S, 0,000 Bentley Arnage Silver Tempest or a flaming red Lamborghini Jalpa!

You can make all your dreams in life to come true, without any hard work!

May these insights into home based business opportunity, online income opportunity, internet wealth secret, internet millionaire secret, shortcut to online wealth, home business internet money making, earn income online, residual auto-pilot cash flow program, website traffics, website sales, affiliate program, website marketing, website search engine optimization, SEO, SEM major search engines, website internet marketing gurus, help you make millions of dollars and to achieve your life’s ambitions and dreams.

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This article is copyrighted and you may publish this article at your website, in your e-zine (newsletter, blogs) or send it to a friend as long as you retain the author’s resource box, including the website address, and refrain from altering the content or using it in any re-direction manipulation scheme.

If you do not agree to these conditions, please do not copy and use this article.

Anyone who violates this condition will be subject to legal action and payment of damages for violation of our copyrights.

Thank you.

Ikey Benney

I-key is the creator of 0,000 monthly for life automated home based business autopilot cash flow program Discover the jealously guarded “WEALTH SECRET” of the rich and powerful. No work involved.
home based business, internet income program:

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Discover How And Why You Can And Should Get Organized And Achieve Your Goals!
The statement ‘haste makes waste’ stands true even today, and more often than not, some of us tend to feel frustrated when we cannot live up to our ideals and the standards we set for ourselves all the time. There are many strategies that one can employ and various means through which you can plough yourself to achieving the goal.
Discover The Law Of Success And Power Of Thoughts. Learn About The Affects That W

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The Wealth Creator Source is a series of powerful interviews with some of the most influential and well known people from around the world.  If making real changes in your life is important to you as it is to me, then The Wealth Creator Source is the perfect place to get started.  

Once a month, when you go to you’re mailbox, instead of all the bills and junk mail that fills it, you will receive an interview by Raymond Aaron on a CD, which is truly, educational, motivating and inspiring. These interviews cover a wide range of topics that all of us are exposed to or will be exposed to at some point in our lives. Some of these interviews are related to entrepreneurs, money and wealth, success, health and wellness, leadership, Internet marketing, spiritual and personal growth, motivation, and investing, to name more then just a few.

Most of the men and women being interviewed, are not only financially wealthy, but also, spiritually wealthy.  Jack Canfield, author of the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series, is always a tremendous interview.  If you didn’t learn something about how to improve yourself after listening to Jack Canfield , you were not listening.  Other people interviewed by Raymond were, Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and many other books. Dr. John Gray, John Assaraf, Janet Attwood and Chris Attwood. Brian Tracy, who has written over 40 books.  Dr. Albert Lowry, who has made millions in real estate.  Yvonne Oswald, who teaches the deep meaning of words that we use, and the harm that we can be doing to our children, without even realizing it. These are but a few of the people, that Raymond interviews, every month.

When you listen to these interviews, you will find yourself learning new ideas, beliefs and truths, that will  make you not only a better person in the physical world, but will also help you develop spiritually. You will learn how to improve your health through new techniques and technologies.  Raymond’s interviews will help you come to the understanding that where you are in life right now, good or bad, is because of the decisions and choices that you have made in your life. You will find guidance in how to make changes in every aspect of your life that will have a profound positive effect, not only on you, but on your loved ones as well.   Some people believe that they are limited to what they can achieve in life, when in fact, we are all capable of accomplishing incredible achievements.  The problem is, that nobody ever taught us how, until now.

Raymond Aaron is a master interviewer, who always extracts the best information and content out of his quests, seemingly, without effort. When you’re done listening to the interviews, you will feel motivated and energized to strive towards you’re goals and ambitions. You will come to realize, that if change is to happen, it must start from within, that nobody is going to do it for you, and that only you can make the changes happen.

Hans Kristian Anderson has been receiving The Wealth Creator Source for the past 2 years. If making real change in you’re life is what you are after, then The Wealth Creator Source is for you. Please visit

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