What Stakes Can I Quit My Job and Live Off Poker

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A few things you might want to take into account:
1. It’s a lot harder to make money playing poker when you HAVE to make money playing poker.
2. “I’m an on-line poker player.” is not an answer to the “What do you do?” question that will cause women to get all hot and bothered.
3. Multi-tabling is not a very enjoyable way to play poker. Most get sick of it.
4. If this doesn’t work out, you’re going to have to explain the resume gap to future employer.
5. This site is filled with degenerate gamblers. Most of the stories about how much money they’re making are lies.
6PTBB/100 = /100
6-8 tabling = 600 hands an hour = /hour
And then + Rakeback or FPP’s
That’s closer to me (However the 2.1PTBB/100 hand winrate that I’ve been working on at 200NL has lowered my actual hourly overall)…….
…..so yea it can be beat for that amount. Doesn’t mean you should quit your job….but it is possible to make a decent living at 100NL……But 1.) the variance factor means you should have some savings 2.) No pensions or 401K’s or whatever 3.) No Disability or paid sick days 4.) NO INSURANCE….you’ll need to find and pay for your own Health Insurance and get it for all your dependents too 5.) No guarantee the games don’t either disappear or toughen up to the point that you can’t make much money anymore. Also though hopefully you can improve and move up levels – But that will also take time and maybe lower your hourly rate for a while as you play a higher level with a lower winrate while working it out.
“Anyway, in two years, I’ll quit my standard job in a heartbeat to make the same amount playing poker.”

Poker is not steady income. You will have weeks where you play hours every day and you’re still a big loser. You simply don’t have that in a real job. Also, poker doesn’t come with insurance, retirement plans, etc.

Don’t leave a traditional job too quickly.

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